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POSTED BY mils (9 yrs ago)
Anyone had this done? How long will the pain go on afterwards? I had it done yesterday and am in agony!


DMFT (9 yrs ago)
it depends on what stage of the root canal you are at. anyways there will be some sensitivity after the treatment, but should slowly subside. if pain persist, or gets increasingly intense, i suggest you go back to your dentist.

ceeh (9 yrs ago)
Nothing wrong with the Dentists here in Hong Kong.

I've had root cancal wrok done here and at home and work practice is the same.

As DMFT says, it depends on what stage the work is at. You may have a nerve exposed. Ring you dentist and explain what is happening. He/she may want to see you or give you pain killers until the work is finished.

Nigel-p (9 yrs ago)
I have had two root canals done on my front teeth and just recently had veneers fitted also, I was luck as both of the teeth were dead. So I had no injections or even any pain, I was warned that it would be very painful if they were alive. I have had all of my work done in HK

alcheng (9 yrs ago)
Dentists worldwide have good and bad ones. That's why you need to see someone who was highly recommended to make sure they're good.

If it's hurting as bad as you say, you definitely need to call your dentist and inform him/her! There maybe some nerve still left from the procedure and this needs to be fully removed. Usually you'll feel a little pain afterwards, but that's what the meds are for (pain killers & antibiotics).

GZ2005 (9 yrs ago)
I just did mine root canal about 10 weeks ago. I can totally understand the feelings. It is unbelievable how much pain I can get from it.

My regular dentist is a U. Penn graduated and has +20 years of experience who I also know him for over 20 years. When I visited him about my terrible pain, after a brief review on my old records and my teeth, he immediately point out what was happening. My dentist quickly removed part of the pulp tissues (as much issues as he could remove for me) to reduce my pain. He sent me off for a specialist. Let me tell you why I need a specialst. My teeth has the following.

- Major fracture. Even I can actually see it with my own eye on the mirror.

- 4 legs (regualar people has three legs)

- all 4 legs are curved backwards (regular leg are straight down) and makes it very difficult to remove the teeth or to clean out the roots.

- it is the most inner teeth and located way back in my mouth. I have to open my mouth big time to allow certain access by the dentist.

The specialist is amazing good. I mean he is more than good. He has all the fancy and specialized equipments to help him does the job right and during the two visits (first vist was over 1 hour, second visit was over 3 hours), I had no pain and no discomfort at all. Maybe my teeth was in the stage that it was giving me pain no more.

The special has two skillful felmale assitants to work on my teeth during the whole time in a big room located in Central. After that, I returned to my regular dentist to cap my teeth. Yes. I had pain killer, I had antibiotics. All these little pills help.

All I can say is I am very lucky to have someone professional to take care of my pain. There is one catch. Please stay calm when you see the bill. You need your credit card with you as I think normal people won't carry that amount of cash walking around.

The story is we need to know our dentist and they are professional. The hard part is how to screen and scan who is the good one since we are not knowledgeable to know who is doing a good job.

The same reasoning can be applied to our Legal Advisor, General Physician, Tax Advisor, Finacial Advisor, Chinese Medicine Doctor, Physical Trainer, and a banker.

GZ2005 (9 yrs ago)
I am not sure what is wrong with the setting but I am base in Hong Kong.

ausabroad (9 yrs ago)
I had a massive fear of dentists but two months ago. finally, my tooth ache got so bad that I pushed myself to go. and can say my fear is gone. went to a dentist at north point, had a root canal treatment and the only pain I felt throughout the entire 4 appointments was the injection. she was a brilliant dentist and although quite expensive (all up about $6000) it was worth it

saga (9 yrs ago)
GZ2005, which specialist did you use?


alexismith (9 yrs ago)
I had my root canal in Seoul Korea, quite expensive and never feel pain at all...

NWNW (9 yrs ago)
I have done my root canal about 2weeks ago. I didn't have any pain. My doctor is Dr. Daniel Choy at Bayley&Jackson in Jardine House. He is great! 2526-1061

fushingbayloo (9 yrs ago)
When I lived in HK the first time (1990-97) I saw a NZ general dentist in Central who I thought was good. Then I moved back to the US and saw US trained dentists and I can say from personal experience that I was so surprised at the much higher standards of care from the US trained dentists. For example, my NZ dentists years ago actually dropped instruments on the floor and then picked them up and used them on me!! It didn't shock me then b/c my threshold and expectation of HKG dentists was so low, but never again.

We moved back to HKG again this year and now I will only see a US trained dentist in town. I have had root canals, 2 implants placed, cavities, cleanings, I'm no novice when it comes to dental care. As a consumer in HKG, you have to check credentials. You can always check your consulate website for dental recommendations - that's what we do now.

Good luck!!

ausabroad (9 yrs ago)
How much did it cost for the implants placed?

Didnt get to my second root canal quick enough and the tooth is now gone :(

Just wondering if anyone knows how much I will expect to pay...

fushingbayloo (9 yrs ago)
ausabroad -- In HKG a good dentist that is experienced in implants charges around HK$20K-$30K, depending on the complexity of the case (i.e. if you need bone grafting or not, etc). I did not need bone grafts, but I did require 2 gum grafts b/c 1 of my implants is in a front tooth and my gum recessed a lot from all the work that had been done in trying to save it.

I love my implants! I had them done in 2001 and have had no issues (but I do take good care of them by flossing, etc). They are great, and my crowns are perfect. I highly recommend implants over any type of bridge, but again, I don't know the details of your situation. Only a qualified dentists (US trained) can tell you exactly what is best for you.

Whitemischief (9 yrs ago)
Root canal work should be undertaken by an Endodontist, not just a reular dentist, there are only a couple of these guys in HKG, however go to the right guy in the first place and let him get it right first time. Nothing worse than having to get botched dentistry resolved. It is not a cheap affair, however treat your mouth like an expensive car, would you let the guy at the corner gas station repair your Ferrari?

Watch the Bangkok crew as well, all you may save is a few bucks on your treatment and get a free weekend in Patpong, but when the problems begin and the bridgework goes T*TS UP, beware it can cost a tidy sum to get it fixed by a professional!

fushingbayloo (9 yrs ago)
Whitemischief is absolutely right!

I know an excellent endodonist and an experienced, US Board Certified implant doc if you need a recommendation. Message me for details.

uzziet (6 yrs ago)
Hi can someone please suggest a good root canal dentist that they have personally gone to and who is not ridic expensive..thanks

Based in HK

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