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POSTED BY hkg2008 (9 yrs ago)
i have never wore glasses and keep ignoring it I know I am short sited. But my Astigmatism on each eye went up to -1.50 in two months time. I am getting headache from last few days. does anyone know cheap but good eye doctor who can check my eyes and advise me.


link7881 (9 yrs ago)
Hi there hkg2008. I am sorry to hear your situation. I am a doctor and you may want to check this link and find eye specialists to help you with your eye problem. Good luck.


andy.meau (9 yrs ago)
Hi hkg2008, I'm a Registered Optometrist (Part1) in HK and I just came across your post, but I suggest that you do 2 things. First, you need to have your prescription rechecked. It's unusual for astigmatism to increase by such an amount in adulthood. Second, you need to find an optometrist with a corneal topographer to rule out any corneal pathology associated with increased astigmatism. The earlier you find out what's going on, the better the long term management.

Hope this helps.

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