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POSTED BY DMFT (9 yrs ago)
Hi there,

I would recommend you to try to book an appointment with Dr. Ma Tsun. He works in Jardine House in Central and Repulse Bay Hotel. However, it takes quite a while to book the first consultation.

Here are his numbers:

central: 2526 1061

repulse bay: 2812 2358


hongkongunderdog (9 yrs ago)
There is a website listing all the orthodontists in Hong Kong, the web address is:

www.hkso.org (Hong kong Society of Orthodontists)

All the office address, phone nunber anbd emails are listed. You can find the area close to you and inquire about treatments.

Hope this helps.

Tulipe (9 yrs ago)
I am also looking for an orthodontist for my son. He's 10 years old and will need braces.

I do have the listing mentionned by hongkongunderdog but would not like to choose at random.

Can someone recommend an orthodontist from personal experience? Thanks!

hongkongunderdog (9 yrs ago)
Dear Tulipe:

May be you can ask other parents for recommendations. However, you may want to go to see two orthodontists instead of one. Its always good to make an informed decision.

Does the training training background of the orthodontist (US, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Australia) make any difference to you?

Tulipe (9 yrs ago)
Hi hongkongunderdog,

Sorry for late reply, have been away for a while.

Unfortunately (for me!), I do not know other parents whose kids have been to an orthodontist.

As for training background, it would not be a determining factor although I would prefer an orthodontist trained in UK.

Tulipe (9 yrs ago)
Hi Mercedes,

Have you seen anybody meanwhile for your daughter? Would you mind to share your experience? Thanks!

hongkongunderdog (9 yrs ago)
Dear Tulipe:

you can find out the training of the orthodontist in the Hong Kong Dental Council website. the wed address is: www.dchk.org.hk

Click "specialists" and then click "orthodontics"

It will give you a listing of all the orthodontists in HK and their training background. You can find out who are trained in UK.

hope this helps.

bears (9 yrs ago)
For both my children we used Dr Louise Wong who we found to be competent and also have wonderful manner with the children. We were recommended to her by one of the parents at the school, I think she treats alot of ESF children. I know she works in alot of places including as a lecturer in Prince Philip dental school but we saw her at one of her practices in Central in HIng Wai Buildiing 4th floor Pacific dental care with her husband, I don't have the number at hand I'm afriad, but its just above Coach building.

hkwatchdog1 (8 yrs ago)
I've heard good things about Dr. Louise Wong and Dr. Boisson in Prince's Building. Do not go to Alec Tam. He is terrible and only cares about money and not his patients.

hongkongunderdog (8 yrs ago)
I still feel the best way is to see two or more orthodontists for consultation and get a feel about the doctor and their staffs. This way you can make an educated descision on treatment.

JessicaChinChin (6 yrs ago)
Also, do not go to William Mok... not only does he have a really awful bedside manner, but his advice in my specific case was terrible and made no sense (I consulted with other orthodontists and what they said pretty much confirmed what I thought).

Will update with recommendations for good orthodontists when I've finished my treatment!

fukshugut (6 yrs ago)
Concur that Dr Louise Wong is a good orthodontist- she's patient, gentle and more importantly honest with a fantastic office in kowloon. Our 13 yr old went to see her as another orthodontist we went to didn't really have any time to explain anything to us, (he's also mentioned somewhere in this thread).the only real fact we got was that it would cost $$$$. Went to see Dr Louise for a 2nd opinion based on my friends recommendation- what a difference- she spent time talking to us and answered all our questions. Her nurse, Angela was brilliant showing my daughter how to brush- anyway, that was 2 years ago and she's finished with her braces- now its my sons turn- nothing but praise for them!

hongkongunderdog (6 yrs ago)
word of mouth is the best referral

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