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POSTED BY agreen (7 yrs ago)
I have had some swelling of the feet, other symptoms indicating food allergy and would like to get a allergy test done.

Has anyone had a food allergy test done? How expensive/reliable is it? Any recommendations for where I can go?

When I was a child I had the back test done but I think that's rather hit or miss, I'm looking for something a bit more current such as a blood test. thanks.


hknutritionist (7 yrs ago)
The gold standard test for food allergies is still the skin prick test. If you think you have food allergies get the tests done again, things do change over time.

There is a testing company in HK that offers blood testing for food allergies, however it is expensive (2-3K) and to be honest from a scientific perspective it is questionable if it is accurate and actually identifies allergies, reasons being;

1. It only checks total IgG reaction, including IgG antibodies which natually occur in your blood stream and are part of your natural defense system. So in otherwords what reads as an allergen in the test is actually indicating your healthy immune system.

2. Often people with food sensitivities have or can suffer "leaky gut syndrome" when this occurs foods and proteins are not absorbed probably and a out of wack immune system reacts by sending out more IgG antibodies to these foreign bodies. This is not all bad your body is protecting itself, but again this extra IgG floating around when you have this test is likely to lead to an inaccurate representation of what is actually going on.

3. Part of this blood test recommends foods to eliminate or reduce intake of. Eliminating foods from ones diet is very serious as the long term consequences on your health is vast.

Hope this helps

Jumpinbean (7 yrs ago) based company. redwood natural health centre does offer it.

RAST testing - skin prick test is more accurate on environmental allergies than food allergies.

But I do agree with's not 100% effective...but neither is that RAST test.

Hope that helps...

beans1985 (7 yrs ago)
I know the clinic I go to have Food allergy testing. I personally have not done it yet as I do not find the need but people have been advising me to do it as it is very helpful and will benefit me during my old age. Better call one of their clinics and ask about the cost. I go to OT&P central clinic 25213181. Good Luck!

huikaka10 (7 yrs ago)
Actually, there is only one allergist in Hong Kong, Dr. Adrian Wu, you may find his website at

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