Allergy caused by apple & potato!!



POSTED BY raymondhui (7 yrs ago)
I fed my baby with apple & a mashed potato for dinner yesterday. Later today, I noted she was rubbing her face and her face got slighted red, like rash. My baby is already on medications, so I hope the rashes will go away.

Anyway, does anybody has experience with this kind of allergy? And anyone know any ways can uproot it? Or does it mean that she should avoid the contact from it forever?


mingfulei (7 yrs ago)
Wish this information can help you

Susie1 (7 yrs ago)
Could it be that your baby is teething? they sometimes get red cheeks and rub their mouth because of the pain of teeth coming through. If he/she is teething, cool a teething ring in the fridge (not freezer), the coolness will help with the pain and swelling in the gums.

It may not necessarily be an allergy to the foods you gave him/her, just lay off from that particular food for a few weeks, then try it again when your baby is otherwise OK, if the cheeks get a red rash straight afterwards , then speak to your doctor.

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