POSTED BY hapyyman (7 yrs ago)
Can anyone explain the latest technology for Circumcision? What is the advantages over traditional operation. Thanks.


Hugie (7 yrs ago)
makes my eyes water thinking about! sorry, have no idea!

bigwhale (7 yrs ago)
Have a look at this website which covers the pros and cons of circumcision. If you are still undecided, let me know and I will convince you not to have it done.

JYeung (7 yrs ago)
suggest visiting your local doctor for advice?

MJ1 (7 yrs ago)
Regardless, it still gonna frickin hurt...

Hecules (7 yrs ago)
You should be able to get it done by the Rabbi at the Abel Leah synagogue in mid-Levels.

JYeung (7 yrs ago)
my son had his done, yes very painful!

Ed (7 yrs ago)
Good thread on this:

surf231 (7 yrs ago)
My son had it done, as well as pain. Not even a cry.

Matilda Hospital

aliendavid (7 yrs ago)
The butcher at the local wet market does it after hours, he gives out great tasting fruit popsicles after he is done.

donafcay (7 yrs ago)
My son has done it. He went under general anesthesia.

harrypatcher (7 yrs ago)
circumcision is healthy most of us in USA have it done , well i have done mine when i was just born (thanks to dad and doc Andrew) the pain is nothing , i suggest as guy get it done...its hygenic

greatwhiteshark (7 yrs ago)
Funny thing how people who have this done when they are adults tell us this is a horribly painful procedure.

What, babies don't feel pain?

Circumcision is torture and it is barbaric.

How can you put your baby through this?

harrypatcher (7 yrs ago)
hi great white , pls get urself educated on this matter, before typing...the greater pain is when it is not done.

surf231 (7 yrs ago)
Funny, most of my friends here in HK have had it done which include local HK, Australians and Scottish. I think for many reasons it is popular around the globe.

This argument is like the animal rights people going off on getting an indoor cat de-clawed when they being neutered. I guess one can say giving a shot to a baby is mean. There are no benefits to indoor cats having claws and no benefits to a penis with a blanket covering it

mbbcat (7 yrs ago)
If you care at all for your child why would you mutilate them without their consent ? & if they are children they are not old enough to give consent

just to conform to outdated ideas & keep up with your peers ?

adele78 (7 yrs ago)
Anyone who argues preventative health and hygiene reasons for circumcision should have their baby sent for an appendectomy at the same time. The rates of appendicitis are are about 300 times higher then the rates of complications caused by a tight foreskin. Let's be honest, unless you are doing it for religion, it's a cosmetic procedure, but not one you're making for yourself, one you are making for your son which will affect him for the rest of his life. Let him make the decision himself when he's old enough to know the permanence and significance.

donafcay (7 yrs ago)
We, as parents, makes decisions for our child that will affect them for the rest of their lives all the time. We decide what their religion be, what language they will speak, their education, their diet, customs and tradition. It is no different with circumcision whether it is for health reason or religion.

matches (7 yrs ago)
youtube it. There is a heartrenching plea from a young Australian man, citing circumcision for ruining any hope of a normal life. It seems they took too much skin when he was a baby, there are plenty of comments added..

Justin Credible (Part Deux) (7 yrs ago)
I am not sure if I would liken "choosing your child's religion" to "circumcision".

I mean, I was brought up Catholic and that was pretty tough as it were, I was finally able to choose for myself and get the hell out of church when I was 17. Can someone explain how one can go about reattaching foreskin when you are 17, long after your folks already had it lopped off for you before you knew how to say "No thanks"?

You don't have to be an animal rights activist, for eons men were wandering the planet with foreskins intact, the whole ritual of lopping it off is one that started off as a means of sacrifice and then probably stuck around as a rite of passage and then...well, as people became more and more capable of "reason" they came up with the whole "oh, its to keep the whistle clean" thing so they wouldn't have to look stupid for having done it all along!

*SMH* Wouldn't do it to my kid, no way. No one in my family is circumcised and I haven't seen my dad, brother, uncles, grandfathers (and on and on) get hospitalized for an infected knob...ever! Lol. So for those parents who continue to get sucked into that theory, well, hey...what can you do, eh?

donafcay (7 yrs ago)
Whether you like it or not you are what you are based on what your parents decided for you when you were a child. Some of it cannot be undone.

AiZhongWen (7 yrs ago)
Funny you can get banged up in jail for taking a photo of your kid's dick, but if you chop it off, it's OK...

Ausman (7 yrs ago)
You make the choice, you had the child, just make an educated choice, there is enough literature available that most people could understand.

I had it done at birth as it was the way it was done in Western society all those years ago. I had a son, we decided not to do it, based on an educated decision, only to have to have it done for medical reasons some while later, this, I would not wish on any human, it brought tears to my eyes.

Your the parents, you choose.

joga (7 yrs ago)
I was recently discussing this with my uncle who is and anesthesiologists in Australia. He mentioned only around 10% of boys born in Australia this century were circumcised. So in the locker rooms of this generation if there are 10 boys only 1 will be circumcised.

Justin Credible (Part Deux) (7 yrs ago)
dreamerseven, lol. If you only knew the truth, you'd laugh so hard and it won't be at me.

And by saying something like "chicks love a clean whistle" not only are you making all men who are still wandering the earth with foreskins intact feel like they are dirty and inadequate, you are also assuming they don't know how to keep themselves clean! Very strange, really, if you think about it. And think of all the women married to or happily dating and copulating with foreskinned men, are they somehow not falling into the category of chicks who love clean whistles?

Maybe the correct thing to say is that you like men without their foreskins, which is totally cool with me. No need to get mixed up or bitter about it all. ;)

Ringo23 (7 yrs ago)
"And by saying something like "chicks love a clean whistle" not only are you making all men who are still wandering the earth with foreskins intact feel like they are dirty and inadequate, you are also assuming they don't know how to keep themselves clean!"

No, we just think there is more missing than half his tackle...

scrugby (7 yrs ago)
Circumcision was brought back into vogue by American Puritans during the 18th and 19th centuries, the practice having fallen out of favor among Europeans for almost 1700 years prior (the Catholic church went so far as to issue a proclamation against Circumcision in the 13th century). The reason that the Puritans brought back the practice was ostensibly to stop teenage boys from playing with themselves - Masturbation, under archaic world views, was considered "self abuse," an obviously laughable premise.

If there is a medical condition which warrants the removal of a child's foreskin, then that should be done. Otherwise, leave it alone. Male Circumcision is no different from Female Genital Mutilation - bundles of nerve endings go walk about purely for the sake of misguided societal norms. Don't do it unless it is a medical necessity.

Justin Credible (Part Deux) (7 yrs ago)
Agree with scrugby. Unless there is a medical necessity (which there can be, I had a friend in college who tore the damn thing, not on purpose of course!) best to leave it to nature.

adele78 (7 yrs ago)
Very well put scrugby. 30% of the potential skin surface area can be removed with a circumcision. That's a helluva lot of nerve endings.

dreamerseven....yes, we girls like a guy who isn't stinky and scanky, but if your personal hygiene efforts are so poor that you neglect to keep those parts clean, you're likely to not keep your toenails clipped, nails clean, teeth flossed....and those areas of poor personal care are likely to affect your potential pulling power.

And for the record fellas, we girls love to talk....and the general consensus I've found is that the majority prefer natural. My circles are generally an interesting and eclectic bunch of rather educated women, so if you poll the less bright, you might get some different results.

putput (7 yrs ago)
Donafcay and Harrypatcher or anyone circumcised or have had their child circumcised, was it for medical and/or hygiene reasons?

Ed (5 yrs ago)
Circumcision, the ultimate parenting dilemma

Xerxes (5 yrs ago)
Genital mutilation is barbaric and has no place in a civilized society. It's a religion based theocratic ritual that started in an iliterate bronze-aged tribal culture in the middle of Palestine. For any thread above to agree with this immoral practice shows credulity and evil intentions upon his human counterparts.

Ed (5 yrs ago)
No anesthesia... hmmm... shouldn't anyone who did that be charged with torture and child abuse?

As the article states, the foreskin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body... I suspect right up there with the finger tips...

Ever had stitches in your finger tip? I did... I got clipped by a bike in KL years ago slashing open my thumb tip... went to the doc... he said it's very difficult to effectively freeze a finger tip and said this is gonna hurt... 3 shots of anesthetic ... and the needle went in... the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. - absolute agony.. I told him to stop at 3 ... 'doesn't have to be pretty'

That was my experience with stitches... can't imagine the agony of slicing off a fingertip...

If it's no big deal then why not wait till a baby turns 16 and let him make the decision then?

Ed (5 yrs ago)
Germany plans circumcision law

scorpio01 (5 yrs ago)
nothing to be surprised

another Govt trying to enter in its citizen's trousers...

Ed (4 yrs ago)
The Circumcision Wars: What's a Parent to Do?

Ed (3 yrs ago)
Circumcision is about consent, not just foreskin

When parents disagree on the procedure, the son should be able to make up his own mind when he comes of age

On May 22, anti-circumcision advocates across America lost their battle over a 4-year-old boy’s foreskin when a Florida judge ruled that his jailed mother, Heather Hironimus, would remain incarcerated unless she signed a medical consent form allowing her former partner, Dennis Nebus, to circumcise their son. Georganne Chapin, the executive director of Intact America, an anti-circumcision advocacy group, said of the move:

It was pure bullying. It was pure coercion, pure revolting misogyny on the part of this judge to give the choice between jail indefinitely or supposedly agreeing to sign a form allowing somebody to cut off a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy part of her child’s body.


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