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This world wide listing of Orthomolecular practitioners has only one entry for Hong Kong –- TOTUS Healthcare Centre. If TOTUS Healthcare doesn't provide the specific service you seek, they may know of someone who does.

Keep in mind that intravenous therapy is time-consuming, expensive, and of limited availability to many people. It is also associated with occasional but significant side effects (for example, inflamed veins or infection at the site), and it is often uncomfortable or even painful during administration.

For those reasons, you should also seek out those vitamin/minerals that have been encapsulated using liposome technology. “The oral administration of liposome encapsulated nutrients and drugs has many defined and unequivocal advantages over their intravenous administration.”*

*Curing the Incurable by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD pg 436


scrugby (5 yrs ago)
Also keep in mind that the efficacy of intravenous vitamins is largely psychosomatic - the placebo effect is the main factor in this kind of "treatment."

No major credible scientific journal has found evidence that mass ingestion/injection of large quantities of Vitamin C or similar vitamins will prevent, cure, or inoculate an individual against a disease - there are, however, a range of self-published books and non-peer reviewed journals which promote bad science and harmful information on this subject.

You're probably better off going the traditional Chinese medicine route as at least some of those treatments have been found (in repeatable, peer-reviewed studies) to have actual positive health impacts.

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