The Narcissist in Your Life



Posted by Ed 5 days ago
Do you feel as though there are self-absorbed narcissists everywhere you look—right next door, in the office, in your bed even?

How to understand and spot those mirror-loving braggarts.


Ed 5 days ago
How Narcissistic Are You?
By Glenn Geher Ph.D.

Understanding the psychometrics that underlie narcissism.

Think about your own behavior and personality in light of the following questions. If it helps, use a 1-7 scale, with 1 being "Definitely not characteristic of me at all" and 7 being "Yup, that's me alright!"

Ed 5 days ago
A Failure to Deliver
By Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

Who is the real “crazy ex” when a narcissist’s relationship falls apart?

Narcissists who are especially effective at winning the affection and praise of others may also leave a trail of broken relationships behind them once they’ve been found out.

A narcissist wants new conquests to believe that it was he or she who had been the "victim" or the "wounded party" in any previous break-ups. They will lavishly embellish their own good qualities as they enthusiastically vilify their exes.

Ed 5 days ago
A Self-Absorbed First Impression

Some people's strong starts may be due to perceptions of high self-esteem.

Narcissists can be arrogant, self-involved, and demanding, qualities that may ultimately encourage those around them to stay away. Yet research has found that many people like these individuals when they first meet them. It’s only once they become better acquainted that these positive first impressions start to sour.

Ed 5 days ago
Listening to Echoism
By Craig Malkin Ph.D.

Echoists insist that they not be treated as special. Their partners too often comply.

Understanding this trait may help explain why some people find themselves stuck in relationships with narcissists. It also points the way to recovery.

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