Anyone has Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis? Cash offered for review of draft texts.



POSTED BY zeni (9 mths ago)
Looking for a few patients with Crohn's disease (CD) and also patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) in Hong Kong to review a draft survey before it's finalized for use.

This is a linguistic validation project commissioned by an overseas translation company. Each participant will be given cash remuneration at $380+.

This is *not* a research study or marketing/promotion project. Participants do not need to answer the questions in the survey. All feedback will be anonymized.

If you are:
(1) a patient in Hong Kong,
(2) can read and speak Cantonese,
(3) and has one of these 2 inflammatory bowel diseases,

then you are eligible.

----> please call 5482-8471 (direct line in Hong Kong), or leave a note here or leave a message in the Facebook link below, with (a) your name, (b) phone number (where you can be reached to schedule the review), and (c) which relevant disease do you have.

Info of this project are also available on this Facebook Page:

Please share this info to anyone who may be interested.

Thanks much! And may I wish you a nice week!


zeni (8 mths ago)

The review of the draft by patients with *Crohn's disease* will end very soon. We can still take 1 more participant. $380 cash remuneration as a token of thanks for the participant's time.

The review of the draft by patients with *ulcerative colitis* will start soon --- please contact me quickly to sign up. $460 cash remuneration as a token of thanks for the participants' time.

If you know anyone who may be interested to offer a patient's perspective --- to review the draft texts of a Chinese questionnaire, and give comments/suggestions to improve them, please contact me at 5482-8471.


zeni (8 mths ago)

Currently looking for 3 patients with Ulcerative colitis. Please contact 5482-8471 or if you'd like to participate.

The Crohn's project has been closed.


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