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POSTED BY docboat (12 yrs ago)
Prices vary in HK. As in London. Try looking around - local dentists are very good and the prices are reasonable. More upmarket, you might want to get a quote from Dr. Eric Carter in Century Sq (D'Aguilar Street)


ladyfrog (12 yrs ago)
I go to Dr James WOO in Central. He's very good, not really cheap but OK. He did his studies in the States and he's fluent in english.

He's on 70 Queen's Road. His phone : 2869 6986

gordon pape (12 yrs ago)
Its normal for HK. The price for this service varies from 600 to 1200 USD in North America and is about the same in England. Hong Kong dentists like to charge more.

I think there are two reasons for this, first HK dentists artificially maintain high prices through formal and informal organisation and 2, people seem to be willing to pay.

If you do not want to pay over pay, I would check this website out:

It is a luxury dental clinic in HCMC Vietnam with, a very good Canadian dentist. Your flight will take 1 hour and cost about 300 usd the appointment will take about 2 hours (1 appointment) and the cost will be somewhere between 200 and 300 USD. Go to a spa afterwards. Spend your money on a vacation for yourself not your dentist.

If you

Matilda (12 yrs ago)
As far as I can find out: For a molar root canal : $6000-10000 depending on no. of canals and if re-treatment of previous root canal. Micro- endodontcis ( use of microscope )

For restorative work probably a crown $ 6000.

We do not do this at the hospital but thiese prices are from dental clinics in Central.

Hope this is helpful.

Lynne - 2849 0328

Matilda International Hospital

Hong Kong

hypergirl (12 yrs ago)
barbiegirl - the cost of bridging a root canal is extremely unreasonable indeed. Get a quote from Dr Anthony at the 8th Floor of the Hang Seng Bank Building in Causeway Bay. Message me and I'll reply the details of his clinic.

starfruit (12 yrs ago)
I had a root canal and crown done with Dr David Tong, he was really nice and gentle.More importantly painless. Explained everything clearly and cost was reasonble.- $5000. Not at the cheap end , but I think you get what you pay for. I feel the attention to detail was worth that little bit more. His office tel. 34210067

intoChina (12 yrs ago)
If you could fly to the mainland of China, I can offer you a treatment of root canal at the price of 2000 yuan RMB.

Vanthedrummer (12 yrs ago)
I got a cap recently for 600RMB the guy was very effeicient and did good work, color matching etc. On Yu Yuan Lu near Urumuqi Lu.

olivierom (12 yrs ago)
Hi barbiegirl. I just had a root canal treatment redone by Dr Leung Siu Fai, who is a specialist in root canal treatment. For the whole thing I was only charged for 9k. He's very good and I strongly recommend you to go there.

amychansw: If I were you, I would not go to that place again. That clinic was the reason for me having to spend this extra money for redoing my root canal treatment. The same tooth was treated there earlier and it hurts again a few months after his treatment. That was the fastest and most painful dental treatment I ever had! He's so dodgy that I will never ever go there again! It's true it's real economical. However, it made me spend this extra 9k for a retreatment and having to go through the whole process again is a real nightmare!

cornflour (12 yrs ago)
Wow! Amazed to see that a root canal would cost 26k! You surely can take out your tooth and have a nice implant put in already!

Did you get mistaken though? Your dentist might have meant to do root canal, post core and a crown for your tooth instead of just 26k for the root canal only.

Rotund (12 yrs ago)
agree with cornflower , barbiegirl are u sure that 26k was just for the root canal and nothing else?

Smetimes I really do wonder how these dentists set there prices. There seems to so big a difference in price within the same location ie Central- d'you think the cost of dental treatment in Princes building is so high purely because of the rent, because even if your dentist really is trained overseas, it's an absolutely ridiculous price to pay!

Ruth at Clifford (12 yrs ago)
In China the prices are so much less. I had a root canal done at a ritzy private hospital here at Clifford Estates south of Guangzhou and paid about 200 rmb 2 years ago. Two porcelain crowns, side by side cost less than 800 rmb. The doctor speaks English and is very gentle and efficient.

cheers from Ruth

aronnevin (12 yrs ago)
I have been in HK for more than 30 years and have heard so many horror stories from friends who went to Shenzen, Bangkok, Vietnam etc. that I am not sure whether it is worth the risk.So much depends on the doctor, dentist one sees and that can vary even in one office.For good reliable advice on dentistry we have only been seeing Dr. Mike Smith in Century Square,Lan Kwai Fong Central for many years. He is a typical solid, no nonsense Kiwi bloke and will always give you good advice without pushing crowns etc. in your face which I found to be a rarity in HK. Oh and his tel. no is 25262383 and moreover he is funny as hell.

ylcheung (5 yrs ago)
I went to Dr. David Tong last week because of a friend recommendation. I agree he is very professional and speak perfect english; but he charged me HK$1700 for cleansing and general check up. when asked about how much will it cost for fixing one of my loose filling, he said around 2000 - 3500.

my old dentist charge me $600 for cleaning and check up, and around 450- 800 for filling, he is good too, but the clinic is always full and the earliest appoinment i can get is 10 days later, therefore I tried a different one. but lesson learnt and will probably stick with my old one from now on...

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