Please recommend good doctor for Rosacea problem!



Posted by Silvia10 11 mths ago
Hi All!
Could someone recommend me a good dermatologist in Hong Kong? I have had rosacea in my face for more than 10 years, seen many doctors and had creams and antibiotics, all had minimal or no real effect... now I moved into HK and I don't know any clinic or good doctor :( I am ok with western medicine or Traditional Chinese medicine (never tried it but heard good things). I don't care for fancy offices or Evian water in the waiting room, I just want someone that can really help me. If you know a good doctor, please share!! THANKSSS :)


white-linen 11 mths ago
Dr Nicola Chan is good and not as expensive as some dermatologists in Hong Kong.

white-linen 11 mths ago
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Linssaikung 11 mths ago
Check out Dr Pandya at Sue Jamieson’s practice central.
Holistic Central ‭2523 8044‬
Amazing results after one visit.
He’s a homeopathic doctor.

Arkay 11 mths ago
I was diagnosed with rosacea for a while. It was very frustrating, as most of the creams and such the doctors prescribed acted more as triggers than anything else. Later on, I learned that I had celiac/severe gluten intolerance. The redness (inflammation) visible in the face that was diagnosed as rosacea --and it fit the diagnostic profile almost perfectly-- was actually a reflection of widespread systemic inflammation, caused by the reaction to gluten. You might want to get tested for gluten sensitivity. Your "rosacea" might end up being like mine - a symptom of an underlying cause that resolves itself automatically when you address the underlying condition. Good luck in dealing with the condition.

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