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Posted by SweetieWendyTong 5 mths ago
Hello Gals,

Having bald spots on my scalp since last year. Tried all the lotions from Watson Pharmacy and Sasa Cosmetics, but nothing helped. (Still so unhappy)

Anyone personally tried Hair Tatoo / Scalp Micro Pigmentation before? Is it painful? Do they last weeks, months or years? Any recommendations with reasonable prices?



CarrieYayYau 5 mths ago
Hi Wendy,

I was in the same situation as you last year, and know how you must be feeling.

Last year, two friends of mine (TVB Female Artist and another being a Hong Kong Model) recommended me this one called Scalp Lab ( at Fortress Hill in Hong Kong side.

At first I was very worried, until I saw all the “Before and After” photos in their Facebook page, customer comments, upfront prices, and the word “No Pain”.

Immediately I called them to make an appointment the very next day. The pretty lady Ms. Sieglinde Tong was very kind, understanding and attention to detail to my fragile confidence level at that time. She is very fluent in both Cantonese and English.

I have since gained back my confidence, and am definitely very satisfied with the results, especially since It should last for about 2 years.

Thank-you Sieglinde. Will definitely recommend all my friends and colleagues to Scalp Lab. Try guessing which photo is me (All photos do not show any names :))

Good Luck,

Sweetland 3 mths ago
I would strongly recommend looking at a hair system solution instead.
I've been wearing my system for a year now and can give you first hand experience if you want.
PM me if you are interested.

I got my hair from a supplier in UK. quite affordable and great results.
Easy to manage too.

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