Treadmill desk retailer



POSTED BY gjcarey (10 mths ago)
Does anybody know retailer in HK that sells treadmill desks?


SecondHands (32 days ago)
Any luck finding a retailer?

I want one as well.

Let me know if you find a place pls.


AndyMcg (27 days ago)
yes please message me

gjcarey (24 days ago)
I did find a supplier yes, but I can’t remember the details. Will check when I get back to my office next week.

SecondHands (13 days ago)
Any updates @gjcarey or @AndyMcg

gjcarey (5 days ago)
Apologies for the delay.

I contacted Treadmill Desk Store in the UK, who said they would arrange shipment direct to HK from their supplier in China. They were happy to accept payment in Sterling in the UK, and wouldn't, of course, charge VAT.

I didn't really find anybody locally who provided what I wanted.


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