need 2nd opinion from orthodontist



Posted by reei 15 mths ago
my daughter has crowded teeth and need to have brace. visited an orthodontist today and was told that she needs to have a few teeth remove before she can put on brace.
please recommend orthodontist , to seek 2nd opinion. thank you very much.


jankoman 13 mths ago
Contact Dr. Paul Lau from Orthodontic & Children's Dental Center (Central or Kowloon).

He has been in the dental business for decades and is way ahead of the curve with latest technology and orthodontic solutions. He will be best to ask for advice.

His team specialises in kids braces, but also do full mouth reconstructions, cosmetic dentistry etc.

Jasper0724 13 mths ago
I recommended Dr. Eddie Wong.

He is a very well-known, +25 years of experience, professional and friendly dental surgeon in Kwun Tong. The price is reasonable with detailed explanation. Phone: 2793-4623 (Sunday and holidays closed).

BrandaEverts 6 mths ago
I also think Orthodontic & Children center in Central is great. My girl was treated by Dr.Freda.
Recommended place! I was told about this place and Dr. Lau from another friend with good experience.

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