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POSTED BY kytwee (11 yrs ago)
Please help. I am looking into a few IVF clinics in Thailand. Mainly Jetanin and Bumrungrad. I have been searching online for information and they both seem fine but wanted a more personal view point of these fertility clinics.


kytwee (11 yrs ago)
Thanks Lilpp for the tip. What clinics are you looking for in HK? GIVF is in Shanghai and is also a good IVF center in Virginia, USA...we were also considering GIVF and will have to write to GIVF USA since the China website is only in Chinese.

We are waiting to see what sort of package will be offered to us for our move to Beijing. Hopefully a good one so that we can pay for the IVF. ;)

If not in Thailand, then does anyone have any great experiences with Asian Fertility clinics that they can share?

abitnaive (11 yrs ago)
hello kytee

i can recommend the queen mary clinic in hong kong as well as the hong kong sanitorium. many ivf drs work out of the sanitorium, which has excellent embryologists and facilities.

if you are looking for reasonable prices and are not yet based in asia, may i suggest you look to south africa? they have excellent clinics there and the prices are fantastic. south africa is becoming very well known in the international infertility circles as the place to go for very reasonable, excellent treatments.

hope this helps.

Melissa Y (11 yrs ago)
Hi, Ktyee,

I have not tried IVF in Asia yet, but i got some info of the following hospitals, costs are around 3-6000 US per cycle.

Maria fertility clinic in Korea charge around 3000US for one cycle, they have branch in China as well. Malaysia, India, Thailand also provide egg donation and surrogate program.



China and Korea:




Ram hospital: (American coordinator-Dennis House )




kytwee (11 yrs ago)
Thanks Melissa!

I had not thought of going to Malaysia. Still researching a few clinics and will update if all goes well. We're planning a visit to a few clinics first to make sure we're making the right choice.

anne_tran88 (11 yrs ago)
Hi all,

I intend to do second time ICSI in Hongkong, First time I did in BKK, but it was not good. I heart about Queen Merry hospital, Is it good? I am not living in HK, so we must hide appatment or hotel. Anyone know anything, pls help us. Thanks.

bsm (11 yrs ago)
Melissa - do you mind me asking how you go the names of these hospitals? We are considering surrogacy in Thailand. Is the hospital/practice reputable? Have you heard anything about it?


Melissa Y (11 yrs ago)
Hi, bsm

I got a lot info from IVF forms, especially this forum


a lot of ladies are discussing their experience of doing IVF abroad, I think that is the best way to find out sources

First thing you have to do is to find out the law of which countries are flexible for surrogacy, then you can just try to call the most reputable hospitals to check and compare. I believe most of the hospitals will help you. Europe is very strict with surrogacy and you can just forget about it.

So far I could only find out Thailand, India, us, Canada, Ukraine, Malaysia is flexible with surrogacy. My budget is only limited to Thailand and India because of the price.

The whole package of IVF+surrogacy+delivery is around 14000 -17000 US for the hospitals of these two countries.

I have not tried Thailand yet, could not tell you which hospital is good. I have contacted few famous hospitals in thailand and they help with surrogacy program but u have to bring your own surrogate mother which I don.t want, I prefer the hospital do the screening of the surrogate mother for me, it will make the whole thing much easier.

bsm (11 yrs ago)
Hi Melissa - thanks for your info. I contacted Ram in Bangkok and they will apparently screen and provide you with a surrogate. Am trying to get in touch with the coordinator but no luck so far.

Will pass you more when/if available.

kytwee (11 yrs ago)
Hello everyone,

I have decided to go with Ram Hospital. The coordinator is an American expat and will organize almost everthing for you once in Thailand. His name is Dennis House and the email is: the_docbangkok@yahoo.com. I will update when I can. They do have a donor program there and will screen for you.

Melissa Y (11 yrs ago)
That is great. I have contacted Dennis House long time ago, he responds very fast and also mailed me a lot of egg donor profiles including picture. I believe that is the best so far if comparing with other countries, price, law, comfort, communication..for fresh cycle. Remember to ask for a big discount from hotel(in their website), should be 30 US per day in a very nice hotel and pick u in the airport. Pls keep us inform the progress.

bsm (11 yrs ago)
hi melissa and kytwee - i'm considering ram also and am doing legal research on surrogacy in thailand. thus far the woman giving birth to the baby is the legal mother but they are waiting for a new law to be passed.

how will you take the baby back to hong kong? and have ram given you legal comfort when problems arise?

desperately seeking surrogate (11 yrs ago)
kytwee & bsm, i'm also considering surrogacy in ram hospital in thailand. Dennis did mentioned to us that if we are use wife's eggs & not donor eggs, it's possible to change wife to legal mother. As for timing, he said he has done it for an American. We go to embassy, make an appt for DNA test, they send DNA to USA, 3 wks ltr DNA results returned to embassy, passport takes 4-6 wks to issue, total takes 9 wks to get baby back. I'm not sure abt other nationalities. Of course all these are heresay, we have not gone through it ourselves. Hopefully, some kind lady who has done it before in thailand & is reading this thread can give us some feedback.

Melissa Y (11 yrs ago)
Hi all, I have sent email to Christine Loh before to check in case we use egg donor and surrogacy, here is the email

1. My husband does not have Hong Kong nationality, will that be problem to bring the baby back to Hong Kong if I use traditional surrogacy (with donor eggs and surrogate mother) in other countries?

Answer: **** There will be no problem.

2. Which lawyer should i contact to handle this adoption procedure.

Answer **** If you use your husband's sperm and the legal procedures are properly followed

in the jurisdiction where the surrogacy takes place, then your husband is the biological parent and there is no need for an adoption. Anyway, you do need to get a lawyer in the country of surrogacy to give you advice. There is no one in HK who can give you advice.

bsm (11 yrs ago)
Hi everyone - below is a list of lawyers (given to me by the British Embassy in Thailand) who practice family law in Thailand. it was given to me for another purpose but am happy to pass on if it helps.

you can also see on www.lawyerscouncil.or.th

i think i cannot post their details? (against forum rules?) but if you want just send me a PM and will forward on to you.

my888 (11 yrs ago)
Hi all - I accidentally found this forum.

I had discussion with Denise House and Ram Hospital previously regarding egg donor and surrogacy and would like to share some of my experience.

He was quite helpful and provide quick response initially. I even booked a ticket to Bangkok and to see him and prospective ED and SM. Few days before my journey, I ashed him about the legal aspect of surrogacy and egg donation and about legal contract. He did provide me a very simple with emphasis on fees and payment.

When asked about those issues, he simply told me that I asked too many questions and he had so many clients on hand that he did not want to talk to me any more. His behavior indicated to me that there is a rat around the corner.

I did travel to Bangkok as planned and went to a few hospital in Bangkok with my friend in Bangkok.

I did try to see the the fertility centre in Ram hospital but I was told the doctor's are on leave.

I was able to talk to 3 fertility specialist about my need and they were very helpful.

Please note that the Web-site for Ram hospital have changed and the content had changed regarding surrogacy and egg donation. There must be some issues there.

I am not sure Denise is an employee of Ram hospital or he is simply an outside contracto

It is my opinion that if you really want to go down the tract for surrogacy, you should contact the hospital direct and go to see them to discuss your need.

Good luck

Melissa Y (10 yrs ago)
Hi, my888, I have send u a PM

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