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POSTED BY PyoPyo (10 yrs ago)

I have been trying to conceive for close to a yr and I am now contemplating to try IVF in Hong Kong. Could anyone recommend me a gd doc in IVF in Hong Kong? What's the estimated cost?



Lena HK (10 yrs ago)
Hi PyoPyo,

There was a thread some time ago on this subject, check out http://hongkong.asiaxpat.com/forums/pregnancyfertility/threads/87715.asp. I found this info very useful when I started the IVF process (i read you have endometriosis, me too)

I did IVF at the Women's Clinic with Dr Alexander Doo (approx cost HK$80k for a 'fresh' cycle and $40-50k for a frozen embryo transfer, incl medication/scans/blood tests etc). My son is now 14 months! :)

Have you done all the other tests yet - do you know why you have no luck so far? Your dr might advise IUI first, much less invasive than IVF.

Good luck!

PyoPyo (10 yrs ago)
Hi Lena,

Thanks for your advice. May I know how many cycles you tried before it was successful? Ya, I got fibroid and endometriosis , hence I am not successful in trying to conceive. Was endometriosis the reason that you tried IVF? I am pretty lost now as some docs advise me to operate before I conceive naturally. But frankly, I am quite reluctant to do so and thought of trying with IVF.

Lena HK (10 yrs ago)
Hi PyoPyo, I did one fresh cycle which did not succeed but fortunately had left over embryo's so we could do a frozen embryo transfer, which resulted in our baby boy.

We had been trying for approx 3 years - endo was a reason, so was PCO (I did not always ovulate).

I know someone who did the operation before she conceived naturally - I guess it all depends on where your endo spots & fibroids are and how the drs think it affects your ability to conceive.

IVF is certainly not an easy process either so you might want to consider the operation, if it's not too invasive (eg laparascopy) and time is still on your side.

Good luck!

chipmonk (10 yrs ago)
Hi Lena,

I feel so happy for you. How many frozen embryos did u transfer in resulting in the pregnancy ? Is there a minimum no of embryos they need to have before they can consider the transfer ? and, did you succeed on the 1st attempt ?

look forward to hearing from you !!

thanks !

Lena HK (10 yrs ago)
Hi Chipmonk - well, you only need one good embryo for an embryo transfer!

In our case, we transferred 2 frozen embryo's which initially both stuck. Unfortunately we lost one of them after 9-10 weeks, but the other one is now a healthy little boy.

The thaw rates at the IVF centre at the HK Sanatorium are quite impressive - around 90% apparently.

Are you considering FET?

fp (10 yrs ago)
Hi Lena,

Nice to hear your success story. My IVF has just ended with BFN, fortunately I still have two frozen embryos to transfer next month. During your 2ww, did you take bed rest? Any suggestion what Do's and Don'ts after ET? Thanks!

Lena HK (10 yrs ago)
Hi fp

I just took it easy for a few days, but did not take any bed rest. In fact, I asked the IVF nurse if bed rest was necessary (based on a few threads here) and she said it is better to keep moving to keep circulation going... Just no heavy lifting, no exercise and no sex for the first few weeks :) also no papaya or bitter Chinese vegetables, that's all they said.

Every time I would be too active, I would get lower back pain - ie time to take a rest.

It worked two years ago, and it seems this worked for my recent FET as well! :-)))

fp (10 yrs ago)
Wow, it worked again?? :) Congratulation!

What else DOs and DON'Ts after ET should I pay attention to? Any special food ?? Dr told me to have plain food, no spicy food, no salty food, no 'cold' food. I remember I had bad constipation even I had had a lot of vegetable and fruit.

Also, did you have any acupuncture treatment before and/or after ET? Some people said it helps.

Lena HK (10 yrs ago)
Hi fp - I did not do/eat anything special before/after FET. I had been planning to try acupuncture if this cycle had not worked, to be better prepared for another fresh IVF round... but am now almost 7wks pregnant, so far so good :)

The only food i have been warned about are 1) papaya and 2) bitter chinese vegetables. Both can apparently cause contractions. Apart from that, the regular stuff: no raw meat/fish, no fresh cheeses, no alcohol etc

Good luck

babybemine (10 yrs ago)
Lena, congratulations! Fantastic news that it worked again.

MAKY (10 yrs ago)
Hello Lena,

Congrats from me too! I was trying to get into the link you mentioned on IVF in Hong Kong but couldnt get in. Do you have any recommendations of IVF centers? Doctors in Hong Kong? Thanks!!

Workingmom (10 yrs ago)
Hi Lena, I just had IVF last week (one week today) did you feel a bit pain in your tummy after a few days embryo transfered, as i feel pain sometimes. this is my first time.is it true that FET has more successful rate than the fresh IVF.

Lena HK (10 yrs ago)
Hi Workingmom, congrats on your transfer - and good luck with the waiting! Yes I also felt pain in my tummy, even more so after fresh IVF than the FET cycle - have heard this from others as well. Actually, my tummy stayed sensitive during the first trimester of my pregnancy - no need to worry! Not sure about success rates (depends on so many factors) - but apparently FET is slightly lower than fresh IVF. Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

MAKY, try to do a search for "IVF in hk" in the search box at the top of this page and you should get the thread. There is a lot of info on this forum on doctors, clinics, what to expect etc. My dr is Alex Doo and I am very happy with him - yes he is a busy man but will explain things clearly and will give you a direct answer if you want it. He uses the IVF center in the HK Sanatorium and they are really good. Check out www.ivf.com.hk for more info. Feel free to send a pm if you have any more questions.

Frogpink (10 yrs ago)

you could try the Prince of Wales Hospital in Shatin. Professor Haines. He is really professional, puts you at ease and has good results. think costs around HK$50 to HK$60K.

MAKY (10 yrs ago)
Thanks Lena and Frogpink! I checked out the website of the Hong Kong Sanitorium - its looks very impressive. Will check out the Prince of Wales now. Thanks!

Workingmom (10 yrs ago)
I took the PT today and it's two lines but the other line kinda lighter than the other one. my friend told me that it's positive..anyone had experienced this before.

Wheelymate (10 yrs ago)
if the pregnancy just occured, the positive line on the test kit might be quite faint. you can always take it again in a few days time or see your doctor for a blood test for a confirmation.

good luck!

exeter (10 yrs ago)
MAKY, why don't you look at Superior A.R.T? It's on Wireless Road in Bangkok. It's a beautiful, well-equipped new facility with doctors and embryologists trained by Sidney IVF. Costs are lower than HK for sure. Success rates for their 1st year of operations are impressive. There's also Jetanin on Chidlom which is the most established reproductive technology center in BKK.

Other comments:

1. With data compiled from clinics around the US, the thaw rate of frozen embryos is about 75% (3 out of 4 of mine made it at the Sanatorium in HK).

2. There does not seem to be any consensus about how different the success rates of FETs vs fresh transfers, but it is accepted that the rates are lower. I've read FETs have about a 20% success rate, and that is what Dr. Ho told me. However, it really depends on the quality of the embryo that has been frozen. That said, my first FET worked. We transfered 3 and got one little sweat pea out of the batch.

3. Workingmom, I have my fingers crossed for you!

4. During my 2ww after my FET, I traveled, did yoga, had a beer, ate raw seafood, carried heavy luggage and heavy children, took anti-acids, pretty much everything you're not supposed to do. If it's a genetically normal embryo and you are in good health, then nothing should stop it! Not that I am recommending that you do what I did, just saying that you shouldn't drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what to do or not to do.

5. Acupuncture: I did it for a failed IVF, the successful the FET, but not for 2 other IVF (one successful, the other resulting in no suitable embryos to transfer as we did PGD for females). After doing a ton of research during this last IVF with PGD, I discovered that on average 50% off all day 3 embies are abnormal according to PGD studies. Of course, that number goes up the older you get until at age 45 it's virtually 100%. Acupuncture can help with a whole bunch of problems (adhesions, lining thickness, ovulation), but it can't help with the quality of your embryos, the most important factor. Of course, it's relaxing and it can't hurt. I did it because I have lining issues.

Hope some of this was useful.

MAKY (10 yrs ago)
Hi Exeter,

Thanks for the reference. I am using Jetanin now actually but they are so overbooked, it is like a factory with barely enough time to talk to the doctor. And also I explained to them that I am prone to hyperstimulation and overproduction of eyes but guess what with the doses I received I produced over 20 eggs- I was not very happy abou that. Anyway, not the eggs all fertilized normally(we did ICSI). I did the fresh embryo transfer which was not successful. I have 8 embryos left and I'm trying an FET in about a week. Fingers crossed. This was my 5th time, I had 4 tries at Bumrungrad before that. This is why I was considering Hong Kong because I thought the quality would be better there.

In terms of accupuncture, I'am also doing if off and on -- I heard that doing a session immediately before and immediately after the embryo transfer improved chances. Has anyone else heard this too?

Kikidee (10 yrs ago)
Hi Maky - I've been going for acupuncture with Dr Cecilia The in Hong Kong and she seems to be very experienced with dealing with infertility. When I spoke to her about IVF she said to do acupuncture immediately before and immediately after embryo transfer so it sounds like you've been told the same as me.

Workingmom (10 yrs ago)
Hi everyone, I had my first emby transfer 2 weeks ago and yesterday was my appointment for pregnancy test, actually I already did a DIY test a few days before and it was positive but the line was faint so I was still worry, but yesterday the doctor confirmed I was pregnant. My hubby and I feel so blessed but obviously there is still a long way to go but now at least the odds seem to be on our side. Of course I still worry about early miscarrage so I try to stay happy and take it easy. The doctor at QMH is great but did not give much advice as what I should do or eat etc. I'm taking Materna vit supplement any other suggestions?

chipmonk (10 yrs ago)
Hi Exeter,

You mentioned about PGD. Did you do it in Hong Kong ? I have a history of unexplained recurrent miscarriage and only PGD seems to be able to help. But I was told by the fertility specialist in Hong Kong (as opposed to US), PGD is not very often done and will only be done for a limited number of chormosomes and can be expensive. Difficult decision as I don't want to go to so far away in US to try this stressful process/

chipmonk (10 yrs ago)
Hi Lena,

Thanks for your sharing which is very useful and hopeful to us all.

I just had a miscarriage from my IVF 1st attempt. 9 eggs are retrieve with 3 embryos transferred on Day 3 resulting in pregnancy of 1 embryo but the foetus stopped developing at around 6 weeks. As I posted earlier to Exeter, I do not have a problem to conceive but have a history of recurrent unexplained miscarriage. Therefore, pure IVF would not have helped in my case. Only IVF with PGD will help as it will involve chossing better embyos. It's a mistake this time that I have followed the doctor's advice in not going for the PGD (as he said the embroys retrieved are not enougth to do the PGD - they need at least 4 good quality embryo to do so) but just a pure IVF. I now have 2 frozen embyos remaining but then they say it's difficult to do PGD on frozen embryos. I am afraid if I transfer them without PGD, it will end up in miscarraige again. So stressful !

bsm (10 yrs ago)

There is a Dr I know in Bangkok who uses a lab for PGD. The lab is an Australian investment/technology. I understand each round it costs Baht 150-200K.

Although the Dr himself is not an advocate of PGD (he prefers IVF and natural selection of embryos from the process), your situation might indeed be unique. He showed me recent scientific evidence that PGD might actually decrease the "competitiveness" of the embryo itself. I've never done it.

If this is of interest to you, please let me know. Am happy to send you a PM with info.

Were the grading of your embryos satisfactory? You know IVF basically leaves each egg with a random drop of sperm (about 100K) so it could be various issues (egg quality not optimum, 100K sperm assigned to the egg are a bit "lazy", etc). So it is possible that you need 2-3 rounds of IVF to get the right combination of sperm and egg quality (as each batch is different).

Sorry to hear about your struggle.

chipmonk (10 yrs ago)

Thanks for your reply. Yes, would be happy to receive your PM with info. btw, how to send or receive PM ? I can't manage it in my Control Panel.

My 3 embryos are with 4, 6 and 7 cell divisions at day 3 and don't know what grading that is. but my understanding is that IVF does not do selection. IVF can only see cell divison which is misleading - divisions may be good but end up the embryo may be bad. I have 2 frozen embryos with less than 4 cell division but end up they can survive to form very good blastocytes elgible to be frozen. Only PGD can have embryo selection.

so, in my case, seems only PGD helps. Do you know whether HK do PGD and is good ?

bsm (10 yrs ago)

both samitivej and bumrungrad hospitals both do PGD. am not sure if they use the same lab or different labs.

the head of gynaecology is dr boonseng at samitivej. i have been told about it but never used it. you can find out more if you contact them directly.

i wish you best of luck.

petitprince (10 yrs ago)

I have the similar problem like chipmonk, ie 3 unexplained miscarriages during 4 years. You guys are talking about PGD in this forum, can anyone explain to me what is PGD?

I am living in France, and I have gone through the 1st treatment of IVF here. however, the centre said I haven't had enough eggs (there are only 4 with good quality) to process the ivf after all the treatment and they have given me an IUI only.

I am 40 now and I don't want to spend time on this hospital which claims to be the best in France for the IVF who imposes some rules during the process. So, can someone brief me a bit of the practice in HK? Do they impose any rules for admitting the patients, for processing the ivf, etc.?

Thank you.

Susieya (7 yrs ago)
I am at the hospital now with miscarriage after ivf :(

I really want to get my body and mind healthy again before I do FET.

Is there any precautions I need to take after a miscarriage? I was 7weeks.

zhennu (6 yrs ago)
Hi Everyone,

My hubby and have been trying over a year without success. I tried IUI and again, unsuccessful. I'm seeing this Chinese Doc - Lau Fung Gut in Sheung Wan who apparently should be good for infertility. I'm gonna try naturally for two months and if the Chinses herb doesn't work, I'm gonna try IVF. Does anyone know any good doctors at the Queen Mary Hospital as it's the closest from my home.


chilax (6 yrs ago)
hi,i have got an appointment for an ivf with Dr. Lok in Hong Kong Sanatorium, has anyone had any experienced with her? This will be my 3rd attempt and now i have change clinic to the Sanatorium.

sbochan (6 yrs ago)
I am very disappointed with Dr William So's professionalism. The nurse there are also ignorant and careless. Dr So cannot even diagnose a simple upper Virgina infection. He is just a machine doctor who does standard procedures for IVF patients.

I went through IVF procedures with him and he was ok all along. But when I was undergoing abnormal heavy period flow and extreme pain after an unsuccessful attempt cycle, the nurse rejected for me to see Dr So for the whole month. They kept saying that my situation is normal and that Dr So is too busy to see me. Due to my prolonged period flow and pain which lasted for 30days, I finally got to see Dr So and at that time he diagnosed that I had a miscarriage based on various symptoms. But it was too late to proof as the nurse did not ask me to take any blood test.

When I was into my next period cycle, the extreme pain returned and I felt it was abnormal to still be in such pain the month following miscarriage. So I requested to see Dr So again but the nurse initially rejected me until I wouldn't leave the clinic, then I got to see Dr So after a few hours of waiting. But Dr So told me "honestly I do not know what is wrong with you. I could only give you pain killers". This is totally unprofessional and he recogns it was "functional pain" and there's nothing wrong with my body. So I could only leave and go home.

The next day the pain was back and it was so painful that I was admitted into HKSH to see their OBS doctor as an Emergency case. Dr Tam Kar Fai there is really nice and professional. Finally I was diagnosed to be having an infection which Dr So had totally ruled out this possibility even when my white blood cells level was on the high side indicating an infection. He explained that I could have been having a flu or something which could cause a high level of white blood cell. This is totally Bull Shit!!! He didn't even bother to do a swap test for me to confirm.

There are other bad experience with Dr So but I think I've already made my point here. He is not a good doctor as I've heard he used to be.

Christeve (6 yrs ago)
Please consider having a 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood test. Vitamin D deficiency is strongly indicated as a cause of infertility. In the meantime all pregnant women are encouraged to take 4000iu's vitamin D3 daily. When vitamin D levels are low, your uterus may not develop a lining sufficient enough to hold on to your embryo – which in turn frequently leads to very early stage miscarriage.Your partner should also take vitamin D too as it also boosts male fertility.

chilax (6 yrs ago)
I have started ivf with Dr. Lok Ingrid at Hong Kong Sanotarium Hospital- this is my 5th day of my injections of GONAL- f ...i will be back on Monday for the ultrasound to see how my eggs are responding and check my blood for my hormone level ...Hope everything goes well. So far all the Nurses & my Doctor seems ok.

chilax (6 yrs ago)
I have finished my 12 days injection of Gonal-F and Orgalutran - at Hong Kong Sanotarium Hospital, had my ultrasound this morning appears with 3 good size eggs on both side....am due to have them collected 15th day.... Praying hope all goes WELL...

chilax (6 yrs ago)
MY Doctor extracted total of 7 eggs- unfortunately, 5 were immature and only 2 were matured with 1 being fertilized/ to an embryo average grade of 2- which was transfered to me today... Hoping for a positive result in 2 wks time. Throughout the procedure since day 1... ALL the nurses and my Doctor at Hong KOng Sanotarium Hospital have been very helpful, plus with good and clear english. I am now 40 yrs old this month.

Mumble (6 yrs ago)
Chilax, what was your outcome?

pj's (5 yrs ago)
Is there any doctors who can do PGD in Hong Kong?

Austinsharp (3 yrs ago)
I went over to Thailand for acgh, as I have seen doctors in hk, and after research, Thailand and the states have the best technology, as they could detect chromosome abnormalities, which causes most miscarriages and birth defects. Cost wise, bangkok is cheaper, and service wise, it's superb. The nurse communicate with me 24 hours a day, I mean when I have concerned at 12 am in the morning, she would reply me right away. The doctor and all the nurses are so much better compare to the ones in hk which I have seen. I am 30, and husband is 34. My husband has a morphology problem, so we did an icsi, to pick the best sperm for my egg. The local doctor said we have less than 1% chance of conceiving. We have 22 eggs, 18 fertilized, only 6 comes back after a 5 days blastocysts, and after acgh only 3 normal! My lining is never over 0.8, and it's 0.77 on the day. My progestrone is less than 40 the day before transfer, after a frozen transfer for 2 day 5 days blastocysts, I got bfp with hpt on a day 6 post transfer, and everything is good up till now! The doctor in bangkok, he is very experienced, it's only our first attempt, and it's successful! The cost is a lot of lower than doing it locally too, it costs us around 10,000 USD for the procedure include icsi and acgh and all medications! Sometimes it's nice to do it elsewhere

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