IVF with Egg Donor in Thailand



POSTED BY paulseb (10 yrs ago)
My partner, who is Chinese, and I [UK] are looking at trying IVF in Thailand partly because of cost and particularly because we need egg donation and would like a

SE Asian donor, [rare in the UK]. But from this distance its difficult to know the score

in Thailand and what the quality of service is behind the glossy websites. We'd appreciate

feedback from people who've experienced doing IVF in Thailand, in particular involving

egg donation.


bsm (10 yrs ago)
i do not know who you intend to use.

i will not go into details but i am using a surrogate service (not egg donor) and ivf. you need to go and see them and talk to them face to face (you can ask a lot of questions before going). also you need to be extremely clear with them the conditions (price and cost of every detail). try to get everything in writing if you can.

paulseb (10 yrs ago)
testing account pls ignore

paulseb (10 yrs ago)

Thanks for replying, we've taken your excellent advice on board. We've been in touch with Jetanin [more expensive, but with chinese donors] and Ram, [£1500 cheaper, thai donors, good communicaters]. Neither are too specific about time and our immediate problem is deciding whether we'll have to de-camp to Thailand for ..a month?...2 months?

Any further thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Dinna (10 yrs ago)

i am also looking for egg donor, and i talk to the doctor, she said that if i can find the egg donor, we can share the egg donor program and share the cost the ivf

would you mind share with me, if you have an egg donor information or anything else

paulseb (10 yrs ago)

we are using a new clinic at Srisiam hospital in Bangkok, chose a donor back in Jan. and will be doing our final stint there next week. The team there used to be at Ram hospital. I'm not sure if their website is up yet but you could google Srisiam and find them. You can pm me if you wish, but soon we will go to Thailand so I may be out of touch for 2 weeks.

Best wishes.

Dinna (10 yrs ago)
Hi paulseb

i really interested because it seem difficult to find an egg donor, would you mind share the information with me, and let me know how much it cost the whole package of hk dollars include the egg donor fee

waiting your reply and wish all the sucess

Dinna (10 yrs ago)
Hi paulseb

i need your advice and some information of the egg donor, would you please send me some information, i really want to go to thailand for egg donation

waiting for your reply

my888 (10 yrs ago)
Hi Dinna,

There are a number of fertility hospitals in Thailand providing Egg Donor service. It is best to actually go there and visit them before making any decision. Try to avoid RAM. If you read in the chat room carefully enough, you will know why.

You need to spend more time to find out the suitable hospital to you. To have a child means a lot of commitments and responsiblities. If you think you cannot find time from work to do that, think again, how can you find time to raise him.

Good luck for the search

Dinna (10 yrs ago)
hi my888

thank for your reply, would you mind tell me more, i really want to go thailand for egg donation program and do ivf.

but i don't know why avoid ram, and also i am willing to go to thailand, i am willing to go to thailand to take a look, but i cannot used up all my leave to do that, because if i decide to do it i will need to prepare to take a two to three weeks of leave. so i cannot used up all my leave.


would you mind give me some hints, please pm to me at Mintcandy_mintcandy@hotmail.com

because i don't know how to start to find it, and if anybody have a hint, please give me some guidance.

Melissa Y (10 yrs ago)

I hv sent u some information, please check yr pm

pilli (10 yrs ago)
Hi paulseb,

I am new to the site and came across this forum when I did a serach on ivf Thailand. Can I pm you as we are using the same clinic you mentioned.

Kind regards,


Dinna (10 yrs ago)
Hi pilli

i am planning to use Srisiam hospital in thailand and go there.

would you mind give me some advice or informaiton, please pm to me at Mintcandy_mintcandy@hotmail.com


pilli (10 yrs ago)
Hi Dinna,

I have sent you a pm.

Kind regards,

M&M_09 (8 yrs ago)
Hi all,

My husband and I plan to do egg donor IVF in Thailand. We already sent a letter to some clinics there including Srisiam and Ram hospital. Upon their response, we'll decide which hospital to go through. We are new to this procedure in Thailand, therefore we'd appreciate the feedback from people who had experienced egg donor IVF in Thailand. Would you like to share your stories and some good info regarding egg donor IVF there? Also, we just wonder if anyone of you is interested in egg donor sharing program to reduce the cost of both egg donor and IVF with us in Thailand? We intend to go through the process by November of this year.

Best regards!

paulseb (8 yrs ago)
Hello M&M

Here's what I wrote to someone about a year ago:

Here's the breakdown I arrived at after starting from scratch and using internet fora to get knowledge

and make comparisons.[ I mainly used asiaxpat.com and ivfconnections.com from where I connected with

3 or 4 very helpful and well-informed ladies and conducted a daily email correspondence over 3 months with them!

They were invaluable.]

Of the Thailand ivf centres, it looked at first like Superior ART had the latest equipment and apparently other hospitals like

Jetanin used their labs. At first we thought the ideal combination would be Dr Wiwat and S-ART and we negotiated a price for this.

On our first trip we met Wiwat at S-ART and then went by car with him to Sri Siam for tests, donor stuff etc. Before our return trip

Dr W. offered us a cheaper deal than S-ART using SriSiam where his operation is based and I consulted with my 'advisors'.

They said ;

1] You have to trust and go with your chosen doctor and his team.

2] S-ART has lots of 'bells and whistles' but the basic technology is straightforward and the important element is the embryologist.

Dr W. said his embr. had more experience [10 years] than the S-ART person .

We really thought hard about this, deciding in the end to take the advice and work fully with Wiwat's team instead of breaking

things up between 2 places.

And I'm so pleased we did! K.Tida, Dr W.'s embry., is highly skilled and the loveliest person. I can't praise her enough! She MADE our

trip to Thailand and I would trust her [ and of course Dr W.] completely.

S-ART and Jetanin are much more expensive and the latter is a lousy communicator- forget it! S-ART are very nice, very westernized

and central. But we chose Wiwat after researching doctors and everyone spoke highly of him. So it made sense to use the

set-up he has created at Sri Siam and which he is developing. Its small and friendly and Wiwat and Tida are always contactable

and even 'see-able' whenever! You wont get that kind of service often. Its very comforting! Wiwat is a good communicator in english

and a lovely guy.

We had a good result and succeeded first time- our son is due in about a month! We had an egg donor and it all worked well.

The price was reasonable and we stayed in a hotel near the hospital. taking taxis. Its out in the suburbs of BKK but cheap enough to

take a taxi to the centre.

Our lovely son is now 8 months old and a joy.

Good luck!

M&M_09 (8 yrs ago)
Hi paulseb,

Thanks a lot for your very informational reply.

Can you share some info with us about your stay there? (what hotel, how long did you stay, etc..)

And also about the overall process cost? (eggs donor, ivf, drugs, tests, etc.)

I can send you a private message if you like.


M & M

paulseb (8 yrs ago)

Hotel provided by Srisiam [Siam society hotel].

Costs have gone up and Srisiam is now much busier than when we used it

and got a cheap deal as they were just starting up then with Dr Wiwat's outfit.

I think we paid about £3000-£4000 all in, but I got confused even then and now, with

currency changes etc, I am not up to date.

You can get an exact breakdown if you ask Dr W. for it.

Good luck.

M&M_09 (8 yrs ago)
Hi Paulsed,

Thanks for your reply and congrats on your success right at the first time. Enjoy your moment with your lovely son. Just wonder how many embryos did they put into your wife's womb? Did you do PGD at that time for genetic diseases and for preventing miscarriage? We just got a reply from Ram hospital and you're right, price went up a lot now. 5000 usd (160,000 baht) for IVF, 2,500 usd (89,000 baht) for egg donor, 4,000 usd (130,000 baht) for PGD, total 379,000 baht for the whole process!!!! We haven't got a reply from Srisiam hospital yet, so we haven't contacted Dr. W through that hospital. If Srisiam hospital or Dr. W offers better deal, we'll go with him. Could you inform us how you negotiated down the price with Dr.W beside comparing prices with Superior ART. I know you got a good deal with him since he just started up his own business. It was like an introductory price at that time. Now it would be harder to negotiate price with him since his business is now well established. Again, thanks for your help! We really appreciate it.

M & M

paulseb (8 yrs ago)

Im a bit shocked by the prices! If you go to Dr W's website you can see my letter [Sebastian from London] and see prices. Contact:babymy01@hotmail.com. Web:http://www.bkkmiraclebaby.com/

We used 3 embryos, 2 good and one below par. Initially we had twins but one was 'absorbed' after

6 weeks. The donor set-up is good at Srisiam and there is choice.

Dr W. is [or used to be] a free-lance as well as having his own team. We chose to go with his team rather than use him in conjunction with another outfit in another place- and it was cheaper. He's

very fair and contactable.

Maybe PM me another time as replying is easier!


threadgatherer1 (8 yrs ago)

I have just been implanted with two eggs in Australia and today waiting for result of blood test. We have been trying for the past 6 years....unsuccessfully.

We went to Thailand last year and tried with Ram Hospital. I could not fault there service and responsibility. I had four eggs implanted. 3 good and 1 not so good.

I was carying successfully for 5 weeks three. When I was due to have my first visit with my own specialist I had an ultrasound which was approx. 14 weeks and was told that the babys stopped growing at 5 weeks.

I was ofcourse quite emotional. My friend asked her daughter to help with being a donor here in Australia and she was kind enough to go ahead. And here I am waiting for a positive result.

If this is not successfull can you please send me the contact for the IVF specialist (Dr Wiwat) you delt with in Thailand so that I can compare the costs.

vhopeful (8 yrs ago)
Hi paulseb,

I am sure your informative post was/is appreciated by a lot of couples including us. We are at the searching stage after six unsuccessful IVF cycles. I am Chinese and my husband Australian so I really would like to get a Chinese egg donor if possible. Could I pm you?

paulseb (8 yrs ago)

Please do.

evasin27 (8 yrs ago)

I am chinese & my husband is italian, we real want to have our own baby, unfortunately i had too high FSH can't have egg.

in here i wish can get more information or feedback about do IVF in Thailand, please can you give me more detail or information, thanks very much

hopebb (8 yrs ago)

Anyone who has info on IVF+Egg donor in Vietnam or in Malaysia, appreciate if you could share? In fact, I did it once with Dr W (Thailand) but failed. I am quite upset with regards to their internal affairs and irresponsibility.

hopebb (8 yrs ago)
For those who has interest in receiving treatment in Thailand. I find another clinic.


mycatmimi (8 yrs ago)

I'd like to choice RAM.

But I don't know why we try to avoid ram.

I don't know how to read the chat room.

Please teach me some hints, please pm to me at mycatmimi@hotmail.co.jp

Lovelydoll (8 yrs ago)
Hi mycatmimi

My sister've got successful pregnant from egg donor program in Thailand. She found the very nice support center in Bangkok. You can see this www.asiainfertilityspecialist.com

Good luck for you

PIEM (8 yrs ago)
Dear all my friends,

I just came back from Bangkok and waiting for the preg test result next Monday.I hope everything will be great cos the doctor told me I got very perfect embryos.I suggest this center also their staffs all so kind.pls pm me if need more informations about this center in Thailand or contact staff here they will inform you clearly info@asiainfertilityspecialist.com

Hope everything will be all right with you all..

Rei Xi (8 yrs ago)
Hi All,

i am new to this site. My hubby and me is thinking of the egg donor program with Dr Wiwat in thailand. this is our 1st time thus we hope you guys can share with us your considerations for egg donors

1) How can we ensure that the egg donor is free from infectious disease as HIV may not be detectable for up to 6 months ?

2) Any feedabck of Dr Wiwat service ?

3) What are the considerations when selecting an egg donor ?

4) how many days you spend in Thailand

hopebb (8 yrs ago)
Hi Rei Xi,

I tried Dr Wiwat clinic before. Honestly, I am very disappointed with their services.

Regarding your query:

1) In order to confirm the infectious disease like HIV, you can choose to do frozen transfer instead of fresh transfer.

3) If can, proven donor is better. But again, no guarantee.

4) Less than 1 week.

Rei Xi (8 yrs ago)
Hi Hopebb

Do you mind to share with me why you are disappointed with the dr/clinic?what happened?

Honestly my hubi has gone over to Thailand last week to meet up with them and he is pretty happy with the service, we were even thinking of starting our treatment in Aug or once the anti-govt thing come to an end

Would be very happy if you could share your thoughts with me, maybe you can write to me uni_871@yahoo.com.sg

hopebb (8 yrs ago)
Hi Rei Xi,

This is just my personal opinion. When I talked to them I also felt very comfortable. However, thereafter I realised they didn't really carry out what they have promised. There are many incident happened on me. Anyway, you are going to try donor program. Ask many questions and best to ask for black and white. From my personal opinion, pls select a proven donor instead of fresh. One thing to highlight the donors are young but no confirm they are able to produce a good egg. So another important thing to ask is what type of drug that the donor being given. Because I suspect they may not use pure FSH drug that is why the end result is not good. Another thing is to monitor closely the progress when you start. Don't take it for granted; thought they will just carry out what they promise.

evasin27 (8 yrs ago)
hi Aussierules & everyone,

Aussierules i wish have good news from you,

i am a woman from hk, now are living in Italy, i am just back from Thailand few days ago, wait my pregnancy test soon, you may find out my post before, this time is my 2 time cycle ivf with egg donor in Thailand with dr. wiwat,

i am sorry to hear that someone had bad experiences with some clinic and Dr. too

I understand, one thing very important is need a lot communicated to understand each other

when i make the decision before i did wrote a lot mail & make a lot phone call to get more information and also my confidence about the clinic, i am happy about their service, even my first time was failed, but i still decided back to them do my 2 time

Since last fail, doctor was Patiently to discussed with me, this time as his requested i did some more exam, also changed some Medicine for me,

now i am very exciting to wait my pregnancy test soon, i wish will have good new to telling you soon

best & warm regards to everyone

frisbe (8 yrs ago)

I am trying to search for information about surrogacy in Thailand. I saw that some of you have use Dr. Wiwat and are satisfied with his service. If compare to the ivf clinics in Hong Kong, does Dr. Wiwat's clinic has compatible quality of service? Do you know what kind of technology they use to freeze extra embryos? Vitrification or slow freezing? Vitrification is more superior than slow freezing.

I appreciate any of your experience.


evasin27 (8 yrs ago)
Hi guys,

I am back, want to share my happiness with your....I got pregnant !!! after a 2 time ivf with egg donor,

And just want to let everyone know that, positive thinking is very important if you want to succeed.

Keep all the negative thought in mind and always think of other route just doesn't help.

Wish all of you best of luck.


locoloco (8 yrs ago)
Congratulations! Hope that all goes smoothly and your LO behaves when "it" arrives!

pim_addy (8 yrs ago)

I have good experience with IVF clinic with Dr.Thitikorn. He is the head of army Hospital. Before stimulate and embryo transfer ,He suggested to did accupuncture. After that got pregnant . Not only 1 case but 70% succeed.

If need more info ,kindly ask me.


( I am based in Bangkok )

gianna72 (8 yrs ago)
Hi Aussierules and everyone,

when you talk about Dr Wiwat, are you referring to Dr Wiwat Chinpilas at BNH hospital, or rather Dr Wiwat Q at Superior ART?


activec (8 yrs ago)
Hi Frisbe, Aussierules and everyone else living in Hong Kong

I live in South Africa and will be doing IVF in Las Vegas. I cannot get some of my meds here and because of customs, I cannot ship meds in from the US. I do, however, have a pilot friend who flies to HK and could bring teh meds home in his bag - no problem.

Please could you lovely expats please post the email addresses of the IVF pharmacies where you got your meds from? The more places I get to choose from, the merrier! I'm looking for Delestrogen and Estradiol Valerate specifically.

Thank you all so much - quite stressful not being able to obtain the necessary meds and being stuck at the bottom of the world!


frisbe (8 yrs ago)
Dear Claudia,

We get our med in Hong Kong through our RE. It is not like the U.S. that the doctor write a prescription and you get it at the pharmacy. The RE will not just sell someone medication. Sorry about that.

Melbournecpl (7 yrs ago)
Hi all,

Has anybody looked into or had experinces with Cathie Sanchez at the Thailand Fertility clinic? Thailandfertility.com


M & S

my888 (7 yrs ago)
Hi M & S,

It is run by our same old friend Dr. Wiwat?

Neilgerard (7 yrs ago)
We are looking to use surrogate with IVF in Thailand.

1. What are the clinics currently offering IVF?

2. What clinics or which individuals should we avoid?

3. Do clinics negotiate on their published costs?

pim_addy (7 yrs ago)
HI Neilgerard,

I have had to contact the base clinic in Thailand . This is good service and good organize. The price is reasonable. Please PM. me .

I am based in Bangkok

kamwonto (7 yrs ago)

We are looking to use surrogate and donor egg in Thailand, any advice? I tried the surrogacy vy using my own eggs but turned in fail, so depressed. Are anyone interested in donor egg and share the cost with me?

Vanesa (7 yrs ago)
We went directly to Spain for egg donation. I used www.institutobernabeu.com and now have a 20 month old daughter. Was well-worth the trip!


kamwonto (7 yrs ago)
Hi Vanesa,

It brings hopes to us. May I have more details, such as the price and do they have Asian donors?


ozorio (7 yrs ago)
I'm a sigle man looking for a western egg donor if possible and surrogacy mother asian or western , any one can help?

cameronlee77 (7 yrs ago)
hi everyone have just read all of your threads- they are very helpful. we arent sure how to get in contact with dr wiwat without going through an agency. if anyone could give ua a phone number to call him on or an email we would very much appreciate it : )

Rei Xi (7 yrs ago)
Hi Cameronlee, I have Dr Wiwat's contact, please pm me

Babymy01 (7 yrs ago)
My name is TIDA embryologist at safe fertility center. Dr.wiwat and I we have work together for over ten year you can contact us directly at www.safefertilitycenter.com or www.ivfmiraclebaby.com

TG HOPE (6 yrs ago)
Hi Paulseb,

I am new to this group. Could I PM you to find out more information about Jetanin, Srisiaim and Dr Wiwat?

roshnigpt8 (6 yrs ago)
Hi all,

Can anybody recommend us any egg donor of indian origin in bangkok?

bernadetB (6 yrs ago)
Most couple approach the sperm and egg bank with the guidance of the obstetrician/gynecologist. In vitro fertilization literally means fertilization outside the body. Assisted conception is any form of infertility treatment by a specialist that increases the chance that you will become pregnant. Some relate assisted conception specifically to artificial insemination and IVF. It is one of the most popular ways for infertile couples to attempt to have a child. Some health advocates in Canada are applauding the radio station for running the “Win A Baby” contest because the contest highlights the cost of IVF treatments for infertile couples who want to have a baby. In Canada, <href="http://www.newsytype.com/12119-canadian-radio-win-baby/">Canadian Radio Win a baby contest offers $35,000 prize</a>. Its now a big debate considering the medical treatment and expenses. In vitro fertilization treatments have been ruled not medically necessary by the Canadian health service, which means couples who wish to conceive via IVF must pay for it themselves. Some advocates argue that IVF should be considered medically necessary, while others argue that taxpayer dollars should not be used to pay for elective fertility treatments.

Jfrancesca (6 yrs ago)
Hi everyone

My husband and I are considering IVF requiring an egg donor in Thailand, mostly due to costs and the need for an Asian egg donor. I am 47 and apparently (waiting for test results), they may not be able to harvest good quality eggs from me. From my research so far, Dr. Wiwat's name keeps popping up in this blog. Is he still highly recommended today or are there other centers we can consider? Has anyone heard of SYNPHAET HOSPITAL MEDICAL COMPLEX INFERTILITY CENTER in Bangkok? They are promoted very highly on the website http://www.medical-tourism-in-thailand.com/ivf-pgd-icsi-infertility-treatment.html. Anyone had any experience at this hospital and can give me some feedback? Apparently, they're touted to be the "most affordable" hospital for IVF in Bangkok. Can anyone give me some insight on how to start this process? We're looking at travelling to Bangkok in December this year. Please help. Thanks

bambi64 (6 yrs ago)
Hi Jfrancesca

I m new to this group and I am also base in singapore also same age as you and was planning to do ivf and was doing research and reading up on ivf facilities in bangkok when I happen to come across this forum.What a coincidence and we both reside in the same country. So any feedback so far? Hope there is someone who can help us cos I am also totally lost on which hospital and doctor is reputable and their success rate.

Jfrancesca (6 yrs ago)
Hello Bambi64

Yes, looks like we're in the same situation. I am, however, working in the U.S at the moment and spend most of my time here. My husband and I plan to fly to Bangkok at the end of this year if we can get some kind of timeline for treatment. I'm still in the process of doing my research and have not gotten all the answers to my million questions yet. I will pm you once I have some concrete information. Have you done any tests in Singapore so far? Did you also know that the govt. in Singapore does not permit IVF for women above 45 years old??!! When were you planning to have it done? Maybe we can support each other in BKK:)

bambi64 (6 yrs ago)
Hello Jfrancesca

Thanks for replying so soon. So far I have not done any test since this past 2 years but have done some tests before but I guess expired by now Ha Ha.. I intend to do it only when I have decided on the right place to do the ivf. Have you consider doing it in KL malaysia? They have two quite popular fertility center there and infact I did enquire through email with of the center but I have not decided yet cause I heard Thailand has more success rates and they have more fertility center to choose.

Which part of U.S are you in? And yes singapore is more restricted when comes to ivf and yes they won't do ivf for patient above 45 years old.

I intend to do it as soon as possible as you know age is catching up and can't waste anymore time. I wish to try with my own eggs if posssible even though I know the chances are very very slim. So what test have you done? Ya it be great we can support each other in BKK:) ha ha

Cassa (6 yrs ago)
I am planning to try first round with marvel ivf BKK in Dec. Any feedback on this?

Thinkbaby (6 yrs ago)

My husband n I are doing surrogacy in the states n wish I had read your comments about bkk earlier. We live in hk n the trips to the states have been rather tiring and v long! Anyway, am on my second surrogate mom and fifth transfer. Will find out results on 17th. Fingers crossed.

I haven't been able to find on any of the forum anyone doing surrogacyin the states. It's a relief to know so many of u are in a similar situation as me. Hang in there and best wishes!!!


MichM (6 yrs ago)

We are in Bangkok and have researched surrogacy here, but the laws are not clear and from our sources, the success rates are low compared to other choices. Indeed staff are lovely when you meet but really it's about who is highly trained/the most experienced/has high success rates. It's a lot of money, so I have done massive research for a year and have every price list and CV imaginable. I recommend our clinic in India- I checked their references, spoke with other couples etc and also costs are less than Thailand. Happy to pass on all info!

thithi (6 yrs ago)
I want to go IVF in BKK but I am not sure to go which clinic.I have afew e mail with asiainfertilityspecialist.com. Anyone have experience with them. I am 48 and need egg donor.Anyone with experience in BKK let me know . Much appreciated.

1974luckystar (6 yrs ago)
Hi interested readers,

My wife and I just had a egg donation and embryos transfer done in Bangkok, we used Safe Fertility Center; Dr. Wiwat; in Chitlom (Amari Plaza Mall)

We used the international service office of Miracle Baby which is working with SAFE for international customers. Our contact there is Jean. Please look for Safe Fertility Center and Miracle Baby via google. It cost 180.000 THB for the whole IVF/ICSI package and 80.000 for the Donor service (Thai and Chinese looking donors) if you want to freeze 8 embryos its around 20.000 THB. The clinic is very modern, professional, Dr. Wiwat is quite famous already.

Its best to stay directly in Bangkok - Chitlom district we stayed in the Courtyard Marriot Hotel (100$ per night incl. Breakfast, they got a pool as well) 5 Minutes on foot to the clinique and in the middle of the vibrating city of Bangkok. You need to come only once to BKK for Medical check-up and medication and 5 days later the embryos are transferred, 2 more days and you are ready to fly back home. The whole preparation can be done remotely from abroad. I found it was very convenient and professionally done. They are certified Iso 9001 and have also a branch in Phuket.

They also do analysis of chromosomal and genetic disorders via PGD (its extra); and for those who think about it they also do gender selection..

best of luck in Bangkok

J9 (6 yrs ago)

Surrogacy is unregulated in Thailand- possible but a little complicated at the moment. There is a new surrogacy cllinic opening and I'm waiting on details to see how the process will work once the baby is born and how clear the process will be. At the moment India and a few other countries offer surrogacy with legislation in favour of the intended parents being viewed as the legal parents, not the surrogate mother. It is possible to have a caucasian egg donor travel to Bangkok for self IVF or with surrogacy. It costs about 12,000 USD inc the donor fee, flights, hotel, food and her medication and tests etc included in that. So you have the IVF costs on top.However all the eggs are yours, so you can freeze the extra embryos if you need or want a second cycle and won't have the donor cost again. I'm waiting on details for the surrogacy program in Bangkok that is starting this year, so I will post the info once I have it.

Apooh (6 yrs ago)
Hi 1974luckystar , would you mind sharing with everyone the result of your donor program with safe fertility? I myslef is looking to find donor in Thailand ang got 2 quote, one from safe fertility and the other fertility choice at Phyathai 2 Hospital.

Safe fertility offer lower cost but doesn't come with guarantee of the success, while Phyathai offer extra guarantee if you pay another 20,000 thb or so , if they collected less than 4 eegs than the next ivf cycle and donor is free.

I am wandering which clinic I should go with. Any help will be appreciated.

paulseb (6 yrs ago)

I started this post back in 2007 I believe when we were scrambling around on the internet trying to get info about IVF and make big decisions about who to trust and how much to spend and where. It was very much about a leap in the dark, but it has worked out for us wonderfully.

There are no guarantees of success with IVF.

We went to Dr Wiwat in 2008, using a donor, and succeeded first time with 2 good and 1 not-so-good embryos. My sperm was frozen and used again with a new batch of eggs [same donor] in 2010 - 3 embryos implanted but this attempt failed. 6 good embryos were left and frozen. In 2011, only one of these embryos was implanted and we had a pregnancy and our second boy is due to arrive on Aug. 31! 3 attempts with 2 successes, which is incredibly fortunate. But we have a friend who has tried countless times over many years and is still child-less.

We have had a close and happy relationship with Dr Wiwat and his team and are deeply indebted to him as you can imagine.

Good luck!

asiafrighter (6 yrs ago)

I am new to this thread. I was searching for egg donor in BKK and came across this forum. I have 2 failed ivf-icsi cycle which was done in singapore. So, i am thinking to try egg donor in BKK and i just wrote to BKK Miracle Baby (which was recommend by my gynae in Singapore) and also to Asian Fertility Specialist. Do anyone out there have any recent successful story to share regard to egg donor in BKK. Hopefully waiting :)

hope123 (6 yrs ago)
Hi all - I am also new to this forum.

My husband & I are planning to try egg donor in Bangkok and I was searching for a realiable facility in a reasonable cost. (we are not really rich, we just saved so hard for this treatment). I have just sent inquiry to ivfmiraclebaby & safefertilitycentr, awaiting for their reply.

I would really appreciate your recommendation.

Pinyi (6 yrs ago)

I am new in the forum as well... I am just starting the process with Dr.Wiwat... honestly I do not know what to think, but I disagree with most of the comments above, maybe he's changed... they are lovely, they give you prices (everything included!), they tell you what you want to hear, but as soon as you have paid the deposit, everything changes, new costs come up from everywhere... Hope123, I am in the same situation, I am not rich and had to save for this... but they have this attitude that we are rich... (e.g. we can help you booking an economic hotel nearby, by only 2000baht a night.. wtf!! I pay 20$ a night!!) I had so many arguments already, if I asked for a price with all inclusive, why do I keep getting unpleasant surprises?? I mean, if I get the price for IVF, ICSF and FET, how can they forget to tell me that the egg freezing is aside and costs 20.000... this is not good. They told me that for the retrieval I could do remotely and come for the actual procedure, literally the doctor said "fly in the morning and fly at the evening". Surprise (again!) they did not give me enough medications, so when I confirmed after my period I found myself having to go to bkk for a week instead of a day... with all the expenses that this suppose and missing work!!

Visits with the doctor are very fast, mainly communication is with the staff. I am not sure if they are qualified people, but it is not serious that somebody confuse the word egg and embryo in a fertility clinic!!!! and more things but I don't want to make this too long...

Now I already paid, and I am inflated of hormones, otherwise I would consider another clinic... Maybe the girl is right and all has been her mistake... I have the feeling this tricks are company policy... I will have my retrieval in a few days. Let us see how this story finishes... maybe I am wrong... but after all, now my confidence in them is quite low...

btw, we are Europeans Caucasians, and we are donating eggs to the clinic...

luckystone (6 yrs ago)

I'am new too this forum. My husband and I are planning to have a egg donor in Bangkok but we don't know what to choose.

It seems Dr Wiwat hasn't got good recommendations.

Has anybody heard about http://www.eggdonorsasia.com and like "Apooh" said about Phyathai run by Cathie and Richard Sanchez?

I haven't seen any comments from them?

I'd like to know if it's usual in Thaïland to pay the whole amount due in advance.

Thanks a lot for your answers.

paulseb (6 yrs ago)

Dr Wiwat does have a good recommendation, as above from me!!

You just need to talk to him personally and pin him down on procedure and costs as I did in the initial

stages. I emailed him many times with questions about dates, costs, best ways to do things, likely outcomes as well as all niggling worries and practical stuff like hotels. He unfailingly answered every email promptly and in the end we chose to work with him largely because of this excellent communication. Other IVF places in Thailand were simply awful at communicating and I felt we'd never get anywhere with them.

Probably his prices have gone up in the last few years and I know his operation is much bigger now -but he still took the trouble to have lunch with my wife and son [ old clients!] and answer some of my emails [ leaving routine emails to his helpful assistant] during our last [successful] attempt in Dec. 2011.

Thailand has its own procedural tempo which is more 'relaxed' than western practice. I got quite uptight about this and got angry about a couple of things which were suddenly sprung on me. The thing is to hammer everything out before you start and try to cover every detail. We stayed in a very cheap and nice hotel outside downtown BKK, for example, with pool and meals inc. Taxis are cheap so it saved us alot.

Good luck!

luckystone (6 yrs ago)

Thank you very much "paulseb" for this information and for your advice, that's very helpful.

Does anybody have any information about Phyathai IVF at Phyathai 2 International Hospital ?

Cathie and Richard Sanchez seem to work with Phyathai Hospital. But we aren't sure if they are employed by the hospital or if they are self-employed.

We need to know if we can trust them.

Thank you very much for your help.

kirin1978 (5 yrs ago)
I never heard of Cathie or Richard Sanchez, but you should not trust anyone with connection to Phyathai 2 hospital.

My friend went there from Japan for egg donor. They spent many months to organise everything and paid a lot of money. When they arrive they told them "egg donor didn't get any eggs" and did not allow them to speak to the doctor. Just keep them wait in the lobby for hours.

I don't know from my own experience but everything they explain to me sounds like a scam. They talked to some other agency in Bangkok and that agent says this happens very often with all Phyathai hospital customers for IVF.

Please be very careful with Phyathai hospital, it seems very high risk and unsafe.

Balira98 (5 yrs ago)

I am new to this forum, would appreciate some feedback to clearify our concerns.

We are planning to go to Bankok to undergo IVF with egg donor. We have done 9 IVF cycles in Australia, but all unsuccessful.

We are advised by our gynecolog to consider getting egg donors.

I have emailed SART and Jetanine, and they emailed back saying that they dont have egg donor program. Do we have to go to different clinics to find the egg donors, then contact the respective gynecolog to undergo the IVF program? Or there are referred gynecolog at each of the clinics? And in this forum, Dr Wiwat is mentioned several times, can we contact his clinic straight away?

Would appreciate some inputs.

(I am based in australia)

paulseb (5 yrs ago)

Go direct to Dr Wiwat:

Rattanadit (Sue) RN

International Patient Care Manager


496-502 Amarin Tower

17 Floor Ploenchit Rd.

Pathumwan, BKK 10330

Tel. 662 252 03833-4 ext. 110, 501

Fax. 662 652 2252

e-mail: english01@safefertilitycenter.com


mobile: 66 89 908 1888

Our 2nd baby [from last Xmas's single embryo transfer] is now nearly 3 months old and smiling at us from his Moses basket!!

Good luck!

Balira98 (5 yrs ago)
Thank you for sharing the information, paulseb.

And congratulations to the new addition!

Does his clinic provode egg donor program and the ivf? Ie. i dont have to search for another specialist to do the IVF?

I will try contacting his clinic directly.

Thanks once again.

paulseb (5 yrs ago)
Yes, they provide egg donor service and IVF.

ivf-LM (5 yrs ago)
hi ,

i have gone through two rounds of ivf this year , both unsuccessful , and due to poor egg quality am reluctant to pursue again. So it is with interest i have been following this blog for a few months . I have made a few queries into using an egg donor in august , seem prices have gone up since then even . please keep updating here as all info is appreciated

myclamond (5 yrs ago)
i'm based in macau, my wife remove her ovaries since she was young age. Any information of the egg donor and ivf price that i need to prepare for surgery. And the sucessful rate. Which hospital in thailand that is most recommended?

baby_allin (5 yrs ago)
Hi all,

Just want to share information for those who searching information about ivf, egg donor or surrogacy in bangkok thailand. I know the feeling of stress in searching those information, googles blogs every day... I just done my ivf plus surrogacy in bangkok with my own egg, in nov 2012 the cost is around 180.000 baht for ICSI-IVF. That price is not include the cost for embryo freezing and sperm freezing, and SM cost. There are many affordable hotel in bangkok (1500-3000 baht) or you can rent apartment near your clinic by searching trough internet (25.000-45.000 baht per month)

Before i decided, i have searched many clinics and agency in bangkok. Basically the clinic is just do the ivf-icsi process and they cooperate with the agency which provide egg donor or sm. Safe fertility dr.wiwat cooperate with several agency such as ivf miracle baby, marvel ivf, interhealth, etc. Asia infertility specialist cooperate with all ivf dr.pisit. Thailand-surrogacy.com cooperate with SART dr.visut. egg-donor asia or cathie sanchez cooperate with phyathai. Newlife bangkok cooperate with many clinics as you request based on your budget. Blastocyst center or Perfect woman institute also offer egg donor program but i don't know the agent work with them, an the cost is very high. Jetanin is known as the best infertility clinic in bkk, but for me it's looks outdated and poor english communication.

I will not promote which is the best, you have to choose based on your consideration. Try to email, ask many questions, see their response, and if can try to visit them before you decide it.

For those who looking for egg donor, don't worry, i see many young womans become egg donor. But i don't know the cost for it since i'm not use it.

For your convinience, try to get bkk map in the suvarnabhumi airport when you arrived. It's best for you to learn how to take Bts (city train), it 's cost saver and more convinience. Taxi is not so expensive but most of taxi driver cannot speak english.

Hope that information can be a little help for you all. Good luck all... :-)

Hope2013 (5 yrs ago)

After a failed IVF cycle and the painful news that I'm not able to use my own eggs, I started a long research about clinics in Thailand. I chose Baby Miracle because of the good comments in this forum about Dr Wiwat. I was informed by them that Dr Wiwat would be the doctor, but then when I confirmed the start of the treatment, I found out that he would not be the one treating us as he is very busy.

I felt confused with this change as I was not informed in advance. I don't know if this is normal procedure in the clinics.

I want to go ahead with them, but at this point it would really help a lot if anyone here that had a recent treatment or experience with them could share that with me, so I can have more reassurance about them.


paulseb (5 yrs ago)
My wife says that Dr W's assistant is as skilled as Wiwat . She was in Bkk in Dec. 2011 for embryo implantation for what has turned into our beautiful 6 -month-old baby boy. Although W. himself was our doctor, I'm sure you can be confidant of his staff. Good luck!

Hope2013 (5 yrs ago)
Thank you Paulseb. Congratulations for your baby boy! It's tough work to research for the right clinic, even more when is abroad and you cannot be there or see them to make such an important decision. I found this forum very helpful. Thanks!

Rei Xi (5 yrs ago)
Hi paulseb, still remember me? I wrote to you more than 2yrs back about going for egg donor programme in thailand, I have not been logging in for so long, just want to share a good news with you, I am now a proud mummy to a pair of twin boys, they are currently 2yrs old, I want to thank you for sharing with me your fertility experience and I am very glad I have made that decision :)

paulseb (5 yrs ago)
Hello Rei

Many congratulations!! How wonderful, and to have your family ready-made in one go!!

Did you go to Dr Wiwat?

Boys are a lot of fun altho' a struggle! We are really enjoying our 8-month-old and the growing relationship he has with his brother, now 4.5, and soon going to primary school.

It's a magical time.

Wishing you all happiness,


Rei Xi (5 yrs ago)
Hi Paulseb

Yes, we went to Dr wiwat, he is a good doctor, thanks for sharing with me your experiences

Boys are alot more active and playful but it is fun having two running around in the house, i am very happy for you too!!

Would also like to encourage the ladies out there not to lose hope, you all will be blessed

Lots of babies luck

Rei Xi

philandheidi (4 yrs ago)
Dear all,

Me and my wife just discover that she needs an egg donor to bring a new member to the family. doctor diagnose that she had an early ovaries dysfunction (she is age 36).

I am looking to go to Thailand for this.....its like a leap in the dark.

Where can i perform this and where can i go in Thailand. How much and how long it takes?

As i am not really rich and had a very busy jobs (my wife also). i will be appreciated if anyone can give me some advice upon this like what we need to go through etc.....);

jamsjams (4 yrs ago)
Dear all,

I have just booked an appointment with Dr Wiwat on Monday in Bangkok! We have been trying for over 2 years now. The previous post are quite old now and I was wondering if anyone has been to Thailand recently? The prices seem to have risen considerably too.

LouisWkids (4 yrs ago)
Hi Paulseb,

Sorry for my bad English,,

Not sure if you are still active in this forum since 200 days passed after your last post. I want to say thank you for all the information you shared in this thread. I am really excited by your successful expereince with Dr.Wiwat. I have been searching for useful information in net for long time and almost got confused by tons of different voices, but among these seems Dr.Wiwat get very good reputation in his area.

We are from China and me and my wife failed 4 times in having baby, 3 times it did not grow by 3 months and one time it grew to 7 months with incurable congenital heart disease and we had to abort the baby. For 5 years we are at the edge of broken... Long story and hard to tell.

I can see that your family and Dr.Wiwat have very good relationship in the last years. So in your opinion, is it possible that we can get treatment by Dr.Wiwat himself? Also I heard that their price rised a lot but we are not rich and have saved for pretty longtime for this program, how much it will cost for a whole egg donation program?

I will send another email to Dr.Wiwat directly with more details I concern, but your advice will be much appreciated!

paulseb (4 yrs ago)
Hi Louis

I'm out of touch with prices so you have to ask Dr Wiwat for a detailed breakdown of costs. You can save a bit by not using the expensive hotels in the center near the clinic and go to the BKK suburbs and get a taxi in, which is cheaper.Ask Dr W. for the name of the hotel where Paul stayed- I think it's now called Buena Vista but used to be Green Terrace I think.

Dr W.'s assistant is as good as he is, according to my wife, and the embryologist is a long-term partner - it's a good team and their reputation is gained by success so don't worry.

The important thing is to have a clear idea of what is involved, the time-line especially, and exactly how much it will cost. Keep emailing/phoning them until you are sure you have the whole thing planned and understood in your head and on paper.

You can PM me if you need to.

Good luck!

Amir1234 (4 yrs ago)
Aaniita, 37, "I already had two grown-up girls and But one day I started thinking I don't have a complete family. My daughters are missing the chance to have a brother: the security, the festivals, gosing to his home when they're older. I didn't want to keep going for an abortion and this way I could be sure of getting a boy. My husband thought I was mad wanting to have a baby at my age.

I have no problem of concive How many day we have stay in Bangkok and what are current expenses

Gaga101 (4 yrs ago)
Hi everyone,

I have been lurking in the back ground reading all the posts for some time. Thought I'd like to share my experience with those who thinking of having donor egg ivf in the SAFE clinic in Bangkok with Dr. Wiwat.

I have had 9 days in Bangkok last month and I am pregnant now. Special thanks to paulseb here, thanks Paul.

PM me if you'd like some most resent information about the cost, hotel, what I think about the dr(a dr is most important fact for an successful embryo transfer), the clinic, and their services. I can only tell you my experience and can not guarantee everyone will end up with the same result as I have.

Good luck to all.

Amir1234 (4 yrs ago)

Please guide me what is the the process of treatment , I am very new to this as told earlier I have 2 daughter now I am planing for a baby boy , I have no difficulty in conceiving what is the process and how much time we have to stay in Bangkok and if I conceive with the help of treatment do I have to stay in Bangkok or I can go home and any bed rest has to be taken

kauyeung (4 yrs ago)
Hi everyone,

I've been reading everyone's story and I hope that everyone had success in Thailand. I'm also planning to go to Thailand for DE IVF treatment. One thing that I worry about are sorting out who story might be fake and just an advertisement for their Clinics. Is there anyone willing to verify their story because I just want to make sure that the successful stories are true. Maybe if you can message me privately that would be great. I know I'm being a pessimist but I'm being very careful because I've already failed once here in US. and I do not think I can bare another let down. Thank you for any feedback.

email: khopingforbb@gmail.com

kauyeung (4 yrs ago)
one more question to anyone who went to Thailand for Egg Donor IVF, which egg donor agency did you use?

pinkcactus (4 yrs ago)
Hi Gaga101, how is your pregnancy coming along?

I have 3 failed IVFs and my fertility dr suggested that I go for donor egg as it is more likely egg quality problem rather than the womb.

After some communication with the clinic, I will be meeting Dr Wiwat end of Jul for the first consultation on donor egg IVF. Heard so many good reviews about Dr Wiwat here and I am quite excited that I may become a mother soon.

Can I find out from you:

- Did you choose your donor from the egg bank or an agent? If agent, which agency did you use?

- Did you use fresh or frozen egg?

- Did you go for fresh or frozen embryo transfer?

- How many eggs from donor, how many fertilised and became blastocyst?

- How do you decide how many embryos to put back?

I hope you will kindly answer my questions. Thank you in advance!

Mmck (3 yrs ago)
Hi Pinkcactus,

I hope you are doing great, if you dont mind, would you share with me your experience with dr. Wiwat last July? Since all the other postings are pretty old and yours is the most recent one.
Did you go through with the IVF? And the egg donor? Im planning to go to Thailand in October and planning on making an appointment with dr. Wiwat for 1st consultation.
If you dont mind sharing with me the latest cost for the IVf and the egg donor?
Did you go with the fresh or frozen embryo transfer, how many embryos that you have gotten from the donor?
How long did the whole process take?
Appreciate any info you can share with me, thank you so much!

Mmck (3 yrs ago)
Hi Pinkcactus,

I hope you are doing great, if you dont mind, would you share with me your experience with dr. Wiwat last July? Since all the other postings are pretty old and yours is the most recent one.
Did you go through with the IVF? And the egg donor? Im planning to go to Thailand in October and planning on making an appointment with dr. Wiwat for 1st consultation.
If you dont mind sharing with me the latest cost for the IVf and the egg donor?
Did you go with the fresh or frozen embryo transfer, how many embryos that you have gotten from the donor?
How long did the whole process take?
Appreciate any info you can share with me, thank you so much!

pinkcactus (3 yrs ago)
I went to see Dr Wiwat and chose my donor in Aug. She started the injections,however the cyclewas cancelled when sheonly had 2eggs retrievedfrom the 18 folliclesthat were seen on ultrasound. Very disappointed as she was a proven donor with success. No update on number of embryos as we didn't even manage to retrieve enough eggs for fertilisation.
We are in the midst of selecting a newdonor, but have to pay for the medicine feeof this donor. So if you are going to choose a donor,my advice isthat you choose from theirfrozen egg bankso that it is guaranteed that you will have 15 eggs for fertilisation.

The cost scheduleis quitecomplicated depending on your needs.I suggest that youemail the clinic for a copy as they will explain to you the itemised cost.

My review of the clinic so far: they are very professionaland will assign a coordinator to you from the first email contact. I like it that systems are in place andthey have standard forms for you to fill in as the process goes along.

Face time with Dr Wiwat is minimal (only the first consultation)so don't expect a very personal experience.

Hope these info is useful forthose who are attempting togo down the route ofdonor egg IVF.

Mmck (3 yrs ago)
Hi Pinkcactus,

thank you for your information. I'm sorry it didn't work out the 1st time around with your donor. I hope you will get better result the 2nd time around.
I did contacted the Safe Fertility Center and got an appointment with dr. Wiwat. However the RN Sue told me that Thailand is no longer allowing commercial donor, so if I can get a letter from my doctor saying that I need an egg donor and their committee approved it, I will have to bring my own donor to Thailand. Is that true?
Which egg donor agency that you used?
If you use frozen eggs, is that means you don't have to pay for the medication for the donor? and just pay for the eggs themselves?
Is there any known different in result by using frozen eggs vs fresh eggs?

Also, have you heard of the bumrungrad hospital? I made an appointment with dr. Kriengchai Sajjachareonpong, but then he referred me to Dr. Chartchai Srisombut, I'm not sure why. Its a bit disappointing from the 1st impression that I can't even make an appointment with the doctor of my choice. Anyway, do you have any information on their IVF program? I heard it is more expensive that Dr. Wiwat's team

Also, do you have to stay in Thailand during the donor getting shots with medicine? I was just wondering if we can trust them to be honest with the donor's result (not thinking negative, but just want to be cautious).
thanks so much for your reply.

pinkcactus (3 yrs ago)
I think the regulations just changed recently. I have already started my process before the regulation is in place. If you use frozen eggs, you just need to pay for the eggs. I was told there is not much of a difference using frozen eggs as the vitrification process preserves egg quality. I didn&#39;t use frozen eggs as i cannot find a suitable donor.

I did not check out other clinics in Bangkok as this clinic is recommended by my fertility specialist whom i highly trust. I think the success of IVF depends a great deal on the lab expertise in cultivating the embryos, other than the skill of the DR performing the embryo transplant. My advice is to choose a clinic that has their own lab with proven track record. Ask for their clinic success rates.

We did not stay in Thailand while the donor is on injections. We can only place our trust on the clinic as they will send us blood test and ultrasound reports of the donor during the stimulation process. We cannot monitor the injections as there is no contact with the donor allowed, i.e. we choose the donor from photos supplied by the agency.

Let me know how your appointment with Dr Wiwat goes in Oct. Good luck!

Pls also share your feedback on Bumrungrad hospital for others who might be interested.

lienvu (3 yrs ago)
I am vietnamese, mother of a 4 month boy living in Bangkok now. I am going to be an donor. Who is in need could contact me: linhwang2000@gmail

Mmck (3 yrs ago)
Hi, sorry pinkcactus for not responding sooner. We went with Dr. Wiwat, and had our FET on Feb 12th, our first beta today at 8days post transfer is 374. So he said it is positive result, Thank God!
I got a bad experience at Bumrungrad hospital, my appointment got changed 6 times through different doctors, they tried to change my appointment date only a week before my travel to Bangkok, and said the doctor decided to close clinic that week, and because i refused to change my travel plan, they gave me another doctor, so on and so forth, until i was rotated through 6 different doctors. The hospital itself is nice, professional and staff are great, but you just don't get that personalized attention or being made feel important enough for them. Dr. wiwat is very kind, attentive, we got assigned a coordinator that is our contact the whole time. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything will continue to go smoothly so I can carry full term. We had 2 embryos put in, not sure if we will end up with a singleton or twin.

froguson (20 mths ago)
Hi MMCK... Can I check with you on your success with Dr. Wiwat?

Mmck (20 mths ago)
We have a beautiful health baby boy and girl. The joy of our lives. They are now almost 8 months, and they have changed our lives completely. Everyday is chaotic, but full of happiness :).
I wish you all the best and good luck on your journey to parenthood.

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