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POSTED BY Kiwie (10 yrs ago)

Can anyone please provide me with advice, names and details for a GREAT Gynecologist in HK??

Thank you


SA (10 yrs ago)
This is a tough question as it is very personal. What do you need him/her for? A number of people swear by Dr Arabinda Ghosh at Harcourt House. IMO, he's good but very busy for most working women.

scotsgirlinhk (10 yrs ago)
i was thinking of going to Dr Ghosh for an ultrasound scan...............would you recommend? any idea of cost?

SA (10 yrs ago)
Dr. Ghosh charges 7-800 for a consultation and the same for a scan, I think. About recommending him. I like him and he knows his stuff but he schedules patients at 15 minute intervals, expect to wait up to an hour in his waiting room and for him to be quite to the point when he sees u. Also, lead time on appts is 8-10 days. If you are not having a baby and want him for his ob-gyn skills I'd say choose someone else.

Hayzee (9 yrs ago)
I gave birth yesterday at the Matilda Hospital and Dr Alex Doo delivered my little girl.

It was my third baby, in as many years, so I was hoping for a short and sweet labour. Turned out to be 15 hours long but I put that down to having to be induced. To cut a long story short (literally) I went from 4cm to 10cm in 10 minutes! Even after receiving an epirdural, I began to get breakthrough pain as I dilated so quickly.

Dr Doo raced in to the delivery room as soon as they told him I had dilated from 5 to 10 in 10 minutes.

He delivered my baby in 2 pushes without any tearing or cuts and he truly is an amazing Doctor.

I saw Dr Doo throughout my entire pregnancy. He was wonderful every time.

If you are looking for the best Obstetrician in Hong Kong to deliver your baby, then look no further than Dr Alex Doo. You can find him at his clinic in Central, at The Women's Clinic in Central Building (3rd Floor).

Thanks Dr Doo, you're the best!

lovechild (9 yrs ago)
HI Everybody,

Can anyone tell me Dr Ho's experience in twin pregnancy?I am very happy with him but just wanted to know as we are on the topic of good gynaes.


angels (9 yrs ago)
I swear by Dr Danny Kong (Foster and Stevenson's practice). He delivered both our boys at the Matilda. He has a very gentle and kind manner, but doesn't talk down to you. We had complications both times and he was very reassuring.

A friend of mine has been using Dr Ghosh - almost every appointment is delayed - I think he just takes too many cases on at one time.

Ann_hall (9 yrs ago)
Hi, I think Dr Joe Chan is the best OBGYN I saw. He is very good, patient and caring. He is also a good surgeon and he always explain things in details and with pictures to help youunderstand and make your own decision.

I would highly recommend him to anyone anytime. His no. is 25233328.

mkimber (7 yrs ago)
Hi, I tried Dr. Doo and it was a pretty awful experience. Maybe HK Doctors are really into money, but every time I went there, the wait was more than 1 hour long. Several women complained about this. When I told this to Dr. Doo, he just shrugged it off as part of the practice. I find it extremely callous to expect expectant mothers to wait that long in a small room like that. How disrespectual of other ppl's time. I even asked other patients in the room because I thought maybe I was unlucky, but no, every one had the same complaint. And then when I wanted to transfer to another Dr. they wanted to charge me 200HKD for copying a few pages of notes!

I think it is sad when Drs are so driven by money (I spent more than 8700 HKD during two routine visits) that all they care is profits.

What a sad situation. I changed to another Dr.

Just know that if you go there, you will have to wait a lot. If you have 8 prenatal visits, you are going to spend 8 hours in the waiting room.

*V* (7 yrs ago)
I saw Dr Doo through out my whole pregnancy and delivery. I found him fantastic!

I understand what you mean about waiting - but I also think that sometimes it's hard for him to be on time especially it's quite unpredictable when his patients go into labours. So I don't mind the wait. I usually schedule my appointment early in the morning, that way the wait is usually within 10 min (unless he had an early delivery).

Choosing a doctor is a very personal thing, as you can tell some can like a Dr some don't. So I'd suggest you make an appointment with a doctor first and see if you like him/her.

Good luck!

LOJITT (7 yrs ago)
Agree with V- there are so many threads on Obs/ Gynaes in HK and it seems that it's a totally personal thing- the complaints about individuals seem mainly refer to wait times and bedside manner (or lack thereof :-)) rather than competence and for every post singing Dr X's praises, there will be another saying "I hate Dr X".

For the OP's benefit if you want some suggestions of where to start, the ones frequently used by expats, other than those already mentioned are Patrick Chan, Joe Chan, Philip Ho, Lucy Lord, Sally Ferguson, Grace Cheung.

jjhhjj (7 yrs ago)
does any know Dr Doo's email address

CaptDave (7 yrs ago)
My wife swears by Dr David Ng in Manning House... he might be retied now. My wife used him for 2 births. He's not greedy for money.

newchickintown (7 yrs ago)
I agree with other posters that long waits are pretty common in Hong Kong but with all doctors not just Ob/gyns. I have had two natural deliveries (in 13 months!) with Dr Philip Ho and I highly recommend him. He is extremely professional and I always felt that the baby and I were 100% safe in his care. If I were ever to contemplate a third baby I would go back to him without any hesitation. He is an unassuming character and does not always say a lot, especially when things are normal and uncomplicated, but when it counts he really steps up to the mark.

greenlights (7 yrs ago)
I chose Dr. Sally Ferguson to by my OBGYN mainly because I wanted a female doctor. She was great throughout my pregnancy and when I delivered my first baby naturally at Matilda. You need to expect at least a half an hour wait to see her during your visit, but she is a very good doctor who is reassuring and seems to be compassionate as well. I will definitely be asking her again to deliver my next baby!

mowen33 (7 yrs ago)
Hi greenlights,

I just booked my first appt with Dr Sally Ferguson per a friend's reco. Is the 30 minute wait pretty consistent? I work in Central and as the office is in Wanchai, wondering how much time i should allot per visit. Also, what was the cost of the visit if you remember?


mochifan (6 yrs ago)
Are there any recommended OBGYNs in the Kowloon side, preferably female?

smithdon (6 yrs ago)

I would highly recommend Dr Kalyani Podder. She has a practice in TST and also does a lot of fertility treatments. I live on HK side but find her really good so happy to go over.

raspberryrox (6 yrs ago)
I'm currently visiting Dr. Ivan Lau (he's an inhouse doc at St. Teresa's hospital). He's really easy to talk to, my husband and I both find him very comfortable to be around. I think one of the advantage for an in-house doctor is that you really save time (the appointment is completed within like 30 mins max of your stated appt. time!

AndyTBW (5 yrs ago)

Understand that recent post is quite some time ago....can anyone provide me some advice and recommendation for good Gynecologist in Hong Kong?

Any contact details be very appreciated on my part.

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