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POSTED BY mumz (9 yrs ago)
I had tummy tying aft a 3 wks of massage by an indian masseur here.was on holiday in Sg when my baby was a mth old & a friend recommended me a Malay lady that provides post natal massage svc.i used her svc when i was there for a wk,and i bought a 1-2 metre cotton cloth,girdle and a few bottles of betel nut ointment to be applied prior to the tying process.i religiously tied my tummy everyday for 1.5 month aft that and i must say the results are fantastic-i could fit into all my old clothes soner than i expected!!!takes awhile to get used to the discomfort and heat of wrapping (i delivered drg t hot summer mth!) but i think it was really all worth the i dont hv any strecth marks.i must say it's highly recomended for all mums ;-)


Snow Rose (9 yrs ago)
Very interesting ... never heard of this before...

Do you think this would work for a mother who has just delivered her 2nd or 3rd baby and didn't use tummy tying the first (and second) time?

Janicka (9 yrs ago)
Hi guys,

sounds very good to me..Do you thing it would be still worth while doing 5 months after I had a baby???Or you think it's way too late?My tummy is almost back in but wouldn't mind giving it a go anyway...

Cheers jana

Xshoequeen (9 yrs ago)
Hi, it is also a custom in Japan as well, my mom, my grandmother, her mother, they did it. My mother got me the clothe(100% cotton, 300cmx34cm) just as tradition but, she recommended that the corset is easier.

Most of my friends back home use the corset as well. They start using it towards the end of their pregnancy to support the hip bone(when the thing is adjustable)as well.

The doctors recommend for a medical reason but, the midwives tell them that the recovery of your "figure" is way quicker and the new moms, I think it gives them comfort that they will get back into shape when they do not have the time to go to the gym.

Some got even slimmer than pre-preganancy but, as I see the results, I have noticed that even this miraculous corset cannot do the muscle toning which makes the difference. I am getting ready for baby#1 but, I hope I can create time to stick in easy exercises that I can do while nursing, etc. to leverage the corset!!!

Good luck to you!!

Snow Rose (9 yrs ago)
So when is the mother supposed to do this? Starting 4 weeks after delivery and carry on for 4-8 weeks? Is that right? If you start a bit later is it still OK?

And if you can't find the special massuese in HK can the mother do it herself? Just rub in the special oil and then put on a girdle?


CharlotteKent (9 yrs ago)
I am pregnant and want to know if anyone has had any luck with skin care for stopping stretchmarks? I have heard that some are not safe to use and can harm my baby but I am so confused by which ones are ok and actually work to prevent stretchmarks, as I happily grow into my 9 month bump!

Alysas (9 yrs ago)
Hey! Congrats on your pregnancy Charlotte, I am 3 months pregnant and have had 8 girlfriends all use this product called belli skin care, Elasticity Belly Oil that helps to prevent stretchmarks. Their doctor told them it was the safest to use, then I saw it on a current affair the other night as well. I read up all about in on their website and it talks heaps about what is safe, really interesting. None of my friends got ANY stretchmarks at all and swear by this for stopping stretch marks. I have only just started using it but so far so good! I ordered all of their other skin care for pregnancy as well from and LOVING it. Wish you all the best for the months ahead, we are together in the skin stretch  don’t forget to join the VIP thing on their site before you order, you get a discount that way, i forgot myself but definitely worth it you get 15% off. Good luck.

ccatjs (6 yrs ago)
My friend just set up mummies & bellies in hongkong, they provide postnatal massage n wrap service. U can see her website at www.mummies

Good luck

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