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POSTED BY black_and_white (9 yrs ago)
hi ladies,

been married for 3 yrs now, feeling it's about the right time now to start planning on having babies. i don't want to go through 2 pregnancies so would like to have one of each in one time. any suggestions besides IVF? Also, any good obgyn in HK island that you can recommend if i want to do more research on having twins?


cara (9 yrs ago)
pregnancy cannot be planned like that...even if you do ivf...

besides this is in the wrong forum, you'll get more responses if you place it in the pregnancy forum rather than the domestic help one.

abitnaive (9 yrs ago)
i believe gender selection ivf is illegal in hk.

Ed (9 yrs ago)
Moved ...

JJALD (9 yrs ago)
This is amusing!

If you can't be bothered to have two pregnancies then maybe you should reconsider having two children? They last a lot longer than 40 weeks FYI.

Perhaps consider adoption if you have very specific wishes!

Havefaith (9 yrs ago)
Also do consider the fact that twin pregnancies are more risky than normal pregnancies.


cara (9 yrs ago)
i was going to say that although you may think it more "convenient" to have twins....

there is NOTHING about ANY pregnancy that is convenient (except maybe the fact that you don't get your period for a length of time.

also, there is NOTHING convenient about having children... you don't do it for convenience's sake...if that's what you're in it for... you are in for a HUGE suprise!

JJALD (9 yrs ago)
"besides this is in the wrong forum, you'll get more responses if you place it in the pregnancy forum rather than the domestic help one."

Maybe that's the answer - if you can't be bothered to have two pregnancies, get your helper to have them for you. AND you could sack her if she did not deliver a boy and a girl...

macaron mania (9 yrs ago)
Hi black and white,

Have you been trying naturally to conceive? My friend had twins naturally (not trying to have twins but it just happened) and they grew up to be healthy lovely girls. My cousin had twins (also naturally, I think) but this case is two boys! I also wished for twins once basically because I am over 40 and didn't think I will have many years of opportunity to have many children but having learned the hard way that pregnancy cannot be planned like many other things in our life, I would be just happy to have any healthy baby regardless of the number. Do keep in mind that having multiples means higher risk for yourself and the babies. In any case, if you are hoping to have a baby soon, I recommend going to the doctor and checking up your situation, what options you may have or not have, then you can start planning things. Good luck!

Coffee Queen (9 yrs ago)
Are you for real?? I've never heard anything so selfish in my life. Take a few minutes to think about the reality of twins, and ESPECIALLY the risk involved for the children. Maybe you spend some time reading up on the subject. You really need to think about the effect on the children themselves. It's not just about the cute factor. These are real little people that you are responcible for.

Yes, I'm a mother of twins and it's a lot more work that you could possibly think.

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