SLEEPY WRAP baby Sling



POSTED BY meinbaby (8 yrs ago)
i want to buy a SLEEPY WRAP sling in hong kong. do anyone know where i can buy it? if buy online in, the postage is very expensive.

please help!


2009mom (8 yrs ago)
go to yahoo auction and search "sleepy wrap".

I bought one here. Only one seller sells it as Wrap sling is still not common in hong kong, i think. The price is the same as in USA (usd39.95) but no postage need. You can ask any hong kong friends to help you the bid or you do it by yourself because i communicated with her in english.

Judithbalatti (8 yrs ago)
I use also Sleepy Wrap It is really good for my new born baby as Provides excellent support for baby’s head, neck, hips and legs – especially when asleep. Even convenience for breastfeeding.

exeter (8 yrs ago)
I saw the same thing for $100 at a "stuff" shop on Queens Road East between 3 Pacific Place and Hopewell Centre. There were three in a basket with an instructional VCD.

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