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POSTED BY Iolana (8 yrs ago)
I don't think that birth defects are common with IUI or IVF. My DH also had sperm issues with about 10% morphology. My DS was eventually conceived with the assistance of IVF and he is in great health and so are most of the other children that I know that have been conceived with assistance.

I don't think the risk is IVF or IUI, but of having multiples. You should discuss this with Dr Ho (who incidentally was also my doctor). If you are really concerned about multiples, maybe you should consider doing IVF and electing to do a single embryo transfer. This would give you a much smaller chance of multiples (ie, only if one embryo split to become identical twins), rather than doing an IUI with fertility drugs. Or as a first step you could try a natural IUI, which is when you do not take fertility drugs and therefore do not produce more eggs than usual, but the sperm is washed and concentrated and given a head start by being inserted right into the uterus. Hope this helps.


788 (8 yrs ago)
Agree with Iolana- I have not heard of birth defects due to IUI or IVF, only may be due to multiples.

Our case does not apply to you directly but I know how upsetting this whole process is. My husband had pretty poor morphology- about 3-4%. We did several IUI's- failed. The doc/ endocrinologist at Cornell, nyc told us the IVF is the best option for cases where teratozoospermia is a cause of infertility. As the best in the chosen lot is used to develop the embryo. In IUI, although now the sperm does not have to navigate anti gravity, you are still hoping that the good sperm figures its way to the egg. But, there is a huge cost differential. I did 2 IVF's which did not work out for us. As a last resort, we decided to go for varicocele surgery. It is expensive and it only has a 50%(statistically) chance of succeeding. After 6 months of recovery, we were successful in conceiving naturally and now I am pregnant with my second.

Iolana (8 yrs ago)
FLinHK - My LO is now 2 years old and I am pregnant (from a frozen embryo transfer) with my second, due next year. We didn't use birth control for around 6 months and then tried properly with ovulation kits etc for 6 months before moving onto to IUI. We didn't try for so long because I was almost 39 at the time, so we had to get moving.

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