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POSTED BY librabest (7 yrs ago)
Hi everyone,

I have found a lot of helpful information and advice on this site, so just wanted to share my recent experience in case I may be able to help others.

I have been pregnant twice in the last 8 months and miscarried the first time at 7 weeks and the second time at 10 weeks. It was especially tough this second time around because we were told that the first miscarriage was just an unlucky one, where it just happened to be a bad egg or sperm. Plus this time we had seen not only the heartbeat but also the baby's arms and legs, which made the experience all the more heartbreaking.

Although I was prescribed Cytotec and Methergin for the first missed miscarriage, the doctor suggested that I have a D&C this second time around since 1) I was farther along and it would be a more painful miscarriage, and 2) since my husband and I are both quite young, they wanted to test the fetus to see why I've had 2 consecutive miscarriages.

The D&C was performed at Matilda Hospital and was pretty quick and easy. We checked in at noon, had my blood taken, pressure checked etc. and at promptly 2pm was rolled into the OR for a 30 minute surgery. The surgery was performed under general anasthesia so I was completely unaware and woke up half an hour later in the recovery room. The nurses wheeled me back to my room, whereby as long as my pressure was up to normal levels, I could eat and I could pass urine, then we were free to leave~ so basically we were home by 6pm.

Besides right after the surgery when I bled a lot, I haven't had much blood in the past week and have not been in pain at all, so I'm hoping that's just a sign that the doctor did a good job in clearing everything. He told us that we should wait for one period cycle (as well as the fetus test results in 4-6 weeks) before trying again.

So here's hoping that we can find some answers and carry through a successful pregnancy the next time around.... We are considering visiting a Chinese medicine practitioner to "regulate" our bodies and get our health in check before trying again. At this point, we are willing to cover all bases and try anything.


sarah jane jj (7 yrs ago)
Very sorry for your losses,have you found out what caused the second one.I had a molar pregnancy and lost at 16 weeks the first time round,they didn't know that at the time only after checking(D&C like you) and we had to wait about 6 months for my blood levels to balance out before trying.

I fell straight away and have 6 children so fingers x for you

librabest (7 yrs ago)
Thanks for your message sarah jane jj. We are still waiting for the results and probably won't get them until early March so at this point it's just waiting and recovering. I'm so happy to hear that you have 6 children despite your loss. It gives me hope!

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