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POSTED BY deblisa (6 yrs ago)

Have just moved to HK and about to move over to South Lantau. I'm 25 weeks preg so need to book in a (public) doctor quite quickly. Can anyone recommend one/some? I have been advised that I'll need to book into the Margaret as that in the public hospital within the regional catchment area so don't know if certain public doctors are linked to some hospitals and not others?




michelle_a_bella (6 yrs ago)
If you are going public you don't get to choose your doctor (unless you go private at the public hospital). Once you register with the hospital they will arrange your first appointment. You turn up at the scheduled time and you will get your weight, blood pressure and urine tested. Then you sit and wait for your name to be called so that you know which exam room to sit outside. You will then see the doctor in that exam room. So far I have randomly ended up with the same doctor a couple of times but it is usually a different one every time I go. I am also going to Princess Margaret and have found them pretty good so far. Just remember to take a book as sometimes the wait can be long.

deblisa (6 yrs ago)
Thanks for the reply. So, just to clarify - I don't need to get a GP referral first to take along to the hospital Dr checkup/scan? I just book through the hospital direct?



michelle_a_bella (6 yrs ago)
Yes you will need a GP referral but this is will be from a private doctor not public. I just got mine from my normal GP she didn't do any testing, just wrote the letter. If you have any medical notes from your home country about your pregnancy bring those too but they probably won't be looked at until your first appointment.

When I first registered I was given the list that I wrote above but all they actually asked for was my ID card! I remember the information pack saying something like that if I didn't give them the referral letter when I registered that I had to bring it for my first appointment. But I would rather go over prepared than underprepared!

Because you are already 25 weeks your first appointment will probably be soon after you register. I had to wait over 6 weeks for mine and even then it was for the downs syndrome screening and not actually with a doctor.

deblisa (6 yrs ago)
Okay, thanks very much for the inside info :)

cottonball (6 yrs ago)
Hello all,

I just found out that I'm pregnant, from my DD calculator I'm about 7weeks.

And this is my first pregnancy.

From what I get here are the steps to go public hospital? please correct me if I'm wrong

1. need to go GP for pregnancy note

2. go to assigned hospital for registration

3. hospital will assign for check up at the local health center

I'm also going to PMH, I have not do the steps 1 and 2 (I didn't know until I read the post here), but I did step 3, made an appointment at the local health center yesterday.

michelle_a_bella (6 yrs ago)
You need to register at the hospital (PMH Block K, 9th Floor M-F or 7th Floor on Saturdays). They will then arrange your first antenatal appointment which will also be at the hospital (not a health centre) in Block K. At this first appointment you will need to bring the letter confirming your pregnancy. If everything is going well with your pregnancy your case will be transferred to the local maternal health clinic.

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