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POSTED BY Ktong (6 yrs ago)
Could someone please let me know the average costs and breakdown of how much giving birth in a private hospital would be in HK.

Please don't tell me about the cost of going public cos I know this and I don't need to know about insurance.

Of course it's easy to find out what the packages are in a private hospital - but they don't incorporate the doctors fees and I just wanted to have an idea of how much I'm looking at.

thanks in advance


scrugby (6 yrs ago)
The cost of a delivery at a private hospital will vary dependant on the type of room you book, the individual doctor and his fees, and whether there are any complications with the pregnancy. Additionally, depending on what you eat while in the hospital your bill can go up.

If you use a ward or semi-private room at a private hospital, the Doctor's fees will be lower than if you booked a private room (even if the doctor is exactly the same person). So your room choice will have an impact on what you can expect to pay in total.

Rooms at the Matilda, for example, run at the following costs:

Private Room: $ 2,970 per night plus $ 1,500 observation fee. Total Cost per night: $4,470

Twin Room: $ 1,695 per night plus $ 970 observation fee. Total Cost per night: $2,665

Standard Room: $ 650 per night plus $ 365 observation fee. Total Cost per night: $ 1,015.

Your Doctor, who at Private Hospitals is usually an independent practitioner, will levy his/her fees based on the type of room you book. The doctors will typically set their fees independently of the hospital, so you should talk to your OBGYN to understand what the charges will be for which type of room. The cost of your doctor will vary based on the doctor who is treating you.

Generally, dependent on the room you choose you can typically expect to pay in the region of $ 500 – 800 each time the doctor sticks his head in the door. But this is a generalization, depending on your doctor it could be more, or it could be less – so I’d ask your OBGYN what they charge.

Then you get into the issues of routine deliveries vs elective caesarians, and even the timing of the delivery.

For example, in a private room at the matilda, choosing to deliver your child via a caesarian at the following times will cost you different amounts:

Between the hours of 07:30 hr and 19:30 hr, Monday to Saturday: $ 66,000

Specified auspicious time between the hours of 07:30 hr and 19:30 hr, Monday to Saturday: $77,00.

Between the hours of 19:30 hr and 07:30 hr, Monday to Saturday and on Sundays and Public holiday: $ 100,000.

If you have an emergency caesarian section the cost at the matilda would be $ 88,000 for the delivery and 5 nights in a private room (an emergency C-section is deemed to be one without more than 12 hours notice).

Optional items will also inflate the cost, so choosing the following will raise your overall bill:

Collection of cord blood for stem cell storage service $1,000

Circumcision (For procedure performed on the maternity ward on newborns only) $3,800

Hearing test for newborn $900

And if you want Anesthetics those will cost you as well:

Epidural anaesthesia during labour $6,600

Spinal anaesthesia during labour $2,600

Induction of labour $6,100

All in (with the package, optional extras, and room/doctor’s fees) you can realistically expect to pay in the region of $ 80,000 – 90,000 for a routine delivery.

Matilda package options are here:

Room rates are here:

But I’d talk to your doctor about their charges at the hospital.

Ktong (6 yrs ago)
Thanks very much, very helpful

poiuy (6 yrs ago)
I gave birth at Matilda about 1 year ago. Here is the cost breakdown.

Priave room + scheduled C-section: HKD150K

Doctor's fee: 80K (Including anestheologist)

Pediatrician's fee: 40K

Pediatrician's fee is optional. But nice. Our pediatrician was there on the day of the delivery, took care of our daughter and visited us everyday until we were discharged. He gave us advices on the baby and I found that invaluable.

Hope this helps.

cara (6 yrs ago)
so, you're all-in was $270,000???? really?

i'm really glad i chose public after hearing that! wow! i spent 3 months in hospital, delivered 2 babies (2 years apart) prematurely. one via epidural, emergency c-section and the other by scheduled c-section under general anesthesia.

i paid about $5000 all-in @ QMH.

i think i would have ended up at close to $500 000 if i had gone private....yikes!

Hugie (6 yrs ago)
My wife gave birth in Prince of wales, She was in five/six before and after birth, nights, our BB was in for 5 nights for observation. total cost around HK$950. That was before the mainlanders started coming over, don't know what the service is like now!

rob_378 (6 yrs ago)
270,000 is an awful lot to pay, when you can get quality care for $100 per day!! Yikes ditto!! Lol...

My wife had reserved a private room at St Teresa's, but we decided to try a public hospital as well.. the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

After being to both, we are in no doubt (regarless of the difference in cost) that the service and care at the public hospital is better.

hknixon (6 yrs ago)
At QMH your wife will be in the room with all the other women until 3cm then you will be back together again after that.

bwitched32 (6 yrs ago)
Just gave birth at Matilda and total costs were $148K for a scheduled C-section and this included everything (Drs fees, Anaesthetists, paediatrician, extra meals when hubby stayed over)

bwitched32 (6 yrs ago)
Just gave birth at Matilda (private room) and total costs were $148K for a scheduled C-section and this included everything (Drs fees, Anaesthetists, paediatrician, extra meals when hubby stayed over)

mojo12 (5 yrs ago)
I'm overwhelmed by all the prices in HK. I'm even planning on storing cordblood as well! Thinking how I can cut cost but also do everything at the same time. I know some parents are even thinking of schools already and the cost they have to bare with that.

katielim0102 (5 yrs ago)
Is Matilda service good? The cost seems more reasonable than the private one mentioned above.

I am also thinking to store cord blood as health insurance. My doctor said he can help me to collect it. Did he charge for that? How much?

mojo12 (5 yrs ago)
MY friend gave birth at St. Teresa 2 years ago and it was cheap (not more than 6 digits) and wasn't charged extra fees for storing umbilical cord and cordblood. His wife is pregnant again and due in December...planning to go back to St. Teresa...but not sure on the prices. Probably sky rocked compared to two years ago.

Yolilau (5 yrs ago)
I know there are few additional things for the baby nowadays compared to what we have in the old times..but i guess anything for the baby is worth it! Anything good I mean

peterkwok (3 yrs ago)
We gave birth at Canossa Hospital. Total HK$90k.
Hospital package $27k
Patrick Chan (gynaecologist) delivery operation $40k
Alfred Tam (Paedetrician) $2.4k per visit (even 5min visits), and he comes often.
Rest is mother and baby care things.

I'm utterly shocked by the attitude of doctors in HK. They are just so bling, they are really here to make money and run a business. Their goal is to generate cash and increase the profits to shareholders of their clinics.

In Germany where I'm from doctors are here to help people and save lives. They live normal lives and don't dress like investment bankers.

Ed (3 yrs ago)
There certainly is a problem with the money culture in medicine here ... my brother was told that he needed a hip procedure and with a sales pitch befitting a used car salesman informed by the surgeon 'I have a busy schedule but it just so happens I have a slot open in a couple of days --- you should grab it'

Fortunately he did not grab the spot and went to Canada to speak to a cousin who is an eye surgeon and well connected in the medical research community --- he was hooked up with a leading bone guy who told him "I can't believe someone is recommending that type of surgery --- we just completed an intensive research project on this and there is a 95% failure rate within a few years --- in Canada if I were to perform that on you I would be sued for malpractice"

Of course all doctors here are not used car salesmen ... but I'd be very wary of proceeding with major repairs without getting at least one second opinion, preferably one from overseas.

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