Free contraceptives. Church and government at war



POSTED BY Englishexpat (6 yrs ago)
With the Philippine population close to topping 100million, the Government is trying to make contraceptives more freely available in an attempt to reduce the spiraling birthrate.

Unfortunately in a country whose citizens are mainly poor and uneducated, this legislation is being fiercely resisted by the Catholic church.

But it is precisely these people (most of which are unemployed and many without proper homes and who cannot afford to feed, clothe and educate themselves let alone a growing family) who this legislation is aimed at helping.

In contrast, the Catholic church are ACTIVELY promoting the people not to even practice some restraint, but to actually have MORE children.

My view on this is very clear.....

Unless the Catholic Church are suddenly going to open hospitals, feeding centers and schools for the congregations they are preaching to, then their resistance to the proposed legislation and their encouragement to MORE pregnancies is GROSSLY irresponsible!

I believe the Philippine Government are trying to act to benefit their population, while the Church are only promoting further misery, starvation, illiteracy and poverty!

I refuse to believe I'm alone in my opinion, but I've yet to see any high level discussion on this topic. It's as if politicians are afraid to speak out!


cookie09 (6 yrs ago)
most people would probably agree with you but the politicians in phils are indeed afraid since they would lose a lot of votes

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