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POSTED BY crichardson (5 yrs ago)
Does anyone have any recent experience of deliverying at POW? I emailed them to ask about fathers being allowed in maternity ward and delivery and they said that I had to put in a request beforehand and arrangements will be made dependant upon the ward operations at that time. So does that mean that it could be possible that he won't be allowed in? I am due in Decemeber and do not want to worry about this all the way through!

Also, has anyone gone through the public system and then checked into a private ward at labor/delivery? They told me that I would only then have to pay for cost incurred after I have checked in and not for all antenatal checkups beforehand but unfortunately I am not 100% confident that that is the case. Don't want to end up with a massive bill at the end!

Would appreciate all help/advise!


unattendedbag (5 yrs ago)
Yes, the father would be allowed in for delivery at POW. Unless a C-section is required.

The mother is also allowed to be with the baby right away at POW (provided their are no complications of course). At some private hospitals that is not the case.

Visitations for the father are limited at POW to a few hours a day and children under 12 can not visit. This is likely due to sharing a ward with dozens of moms. Kids could bring germs, and unlimited visitation would be chaos.

POW is the "University" hospital and it has state of the art equipment/technology etc. They also do a LOT of births, mostly mainland chinese so they are VERY busy. You will get good care, but you won't get good prsonalised service and communication like you might get at a private. You will be tossed into an essembly line so to speak.....and will come away with your baby in three days :)

The antenatal checkups are not the big expense at the private is the birth itself and rooms. You can expect to pay anywhere from 60,000 - 120,000 + at most private hospitals for the birth alone.

If you are looking at POW hospital in Sha Tin, one alternative might be Union Hospital in Tai Wai. They are private and it is very new/clean and relaxed, Union is not as expensive as say Matilda or Adventist...though still not cheap.

sarah jane jj (5 yrs ago)
When I had my last set of twins 6 years ago at the pow the small print said if you changed at the last minute to private your costs would be backdated to private so a big bill that way.Annerley Midwives are offering packages to combine with public hospital births,fyi I was out 4 days later.

crichardson (5 yrs ago)
Thanks for your replies....just pleased that Dad can be there for delivery and we will just have to deal with the limited visiting hours for a couple of days. I think trying to go private at the end could result in a massive bill as who knows how it will go (fingers crossed of course for smoothly!).

Want to be in the best place for baby even if it doesn't mean the most comfortable for me.

Thanks again!

annalyt (5 yrs ago)
I am also due in decemeber 2012 and had booked into PWH. My main concern was that my husband was able to be with me during delivery but recently a doctor at the PWH told us that the maternity ward is under repairs (some air duct problems I think) till Jan 3 2013 and they had to close down some of the wards including the delivery rooms.

He said that now they have had to cramp 30 women in the labor wards and that women have to give birth in the same room (i.e. there is no delivery room, you give birth in the same room as you were laboring in with the 30 other women.)

Because of this no husbands will be allowed into any normal delivery (only C sect as the theatres are still private and are not affected) as the room is cramped and there are other women in the room. This won't be rectified till after the repairs have been done.

I think you need consider this and prepare yourself and your expectations that this Dec while repairs are going on, no husbands will be allowed to be with their wife during labor AND delivery... We have decided to look for a private hospital to take us on, but it is very late and we are not sure if we can even get a space much less a doctor who will take our case on since they have not been following it from the beginning.

If you have been seeing a private doctor as well as the government doctor I would suggest approaching your private doctor to see if they can help you book a place in a private hospital if you don't want to be in that situation!

mojo12 (5 yrs ago)
MY friend gave birth at POW and the father was even allowed to cut the umbilical cord!

chykeman (5 yrs ago)
I think it depends on staff on at that shift. My first birth there, husband was not allowed until pushing bb out. The second he was with me in delivery from start and given much more priveleges such as taking pictures.

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