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POSTED BY annieh (12 yrs ago)

I'm seeing Dr Doo as we've been trying to get pregnant for more than 2 years.

We started IUI this month, but if it doesn't work, the doctor wants to inject dye into my ovaries to see if they are OK. (I was supposed to do this first but chickened out)

Has anyone had this done? Is it really painful?


tillu (12 yrs ago)
Hi Annieh

I also did the dye test in April with Dr. Doo. As my both tubes are ok so the process was not painful at all, just I felt bit uncomfartable same as you feel during pap smear and IUI. But I read some where. if your tubes are not opened it may be paidful. Let's hope you get pregnant with IUI and don't need to go for Dye Test

Good Luck

simplythebest (12 yrs ago)
Really Tillu. I thought it was most unpleasant thing for me. Didn't like it at all although it was sort of quick. Think it was worse than pap, iui, and amnio. Everything was ok for me. Yes, I suggest you do it before starting IUI. Don't want to be spending the money and time on IUI if there's something else that needs to be checked out first. Good luck.

annieh (12 yrs ago)
Dear Tillu & Simplythe best

Thanks for the response.

I also have polycystic ovaries, so it doesn't really help. The only thing that sort of was reassuring was that there was an 'egg' or something growing so that Dr Doo thought we could try IUI.

Fingers crossed.....

my thoughts (12 yrs ago)
I had a sort of flushing proceedure with dye to check that tubes were clear, is this what you're talking about anneih? It wasn't painful, but it's not that pleasant either. Kind of exposed there with your legs up and all...still, it's important to know there's no blockage. It's worth a bit of discomfort to try to sort things out.

Hey, all other discomfort and immodesty pales in comparison to childbirth (which is the goal, right?) :-)

Matilda (12 yrs ago)
I believe you can have the procedure done under anaesthetic, why not ask him about it.

Lynne - 2849 0328

Matilda International Hospital

Hong Kong


magic8 (12 yrs ago)
Hi, all

Can anyone tell me what the costs are for these sorts of tests in HK, such as a sperm test, dye test, and other infertility tests that you normally do before doing IUI or IVF?


tillu (12 yrs ago)
Hi Magic8

I did three IUI two with Dr. Doo the cost for one cycle was

1.2-3 day harmonal tests - HKD2800.00

2. Dr. Fee -HKD 800.00 (During IUI may be chrage you for first time)

3. Ultra sound 3-4 time during whole process - HKD800.00

4. Gonal F Injections - HKD5,000.00

5. hgc Injet to release the egg - HKD1,000.00

5. Sperm wash (2 time)- HKD 800.00 (each total HKD 1,600.00)

6. IUI Process (2 times in one cycle) - HKD 1,500.00 (each total HKD 3,000.00)

7. Progestrone Test Day 21st - HKD 400.00

8. Prosgt Tablets - HKD250.00

and did my last IUI with Dr. Philip Ho and the cost was

1. Gonal F Injection - HKD5,000.00

2. Whole IUI Process - HKD 6,500.00

the process includes sperm wash, hsg injection, 3-4 ultra sounds, Prog tablets, three injections to support the lining, One IUI process (Dr. Ho did one IUI process during the cycle, where as DR. Doo did two)

** As I have already did day 2-3 harmonal tests twice with Dr. Doo and which were normal so Dr. Ho didn't ask me for that so I am not sure if I had to do that, would I have to pay extra or included in IUI process.

Both drs are good but the admn staf and Dr.Ho's asst is realy very good and helpful

I hope every thing is clear if you need more infomation just let me know about IUI

magic8 (12 yrs ago)
Thanks so much, tillu!

Can I ask what a Gonal F injection is?

Hope things are working out for you!

tillu (12 yrs ago)
Hi Magic8

Gonal F injection is to stimulte your ovaries and to produce more eggs. If you go for IUI they ask you take certain amount of injection daily and then watch you after 3-4 days and and agian you have to continue with the injection daily up to 9-10 days. For IUI the Drs prefer atleast to have 2 mature egg (some time may reults in multiples) but for IVF they want more mature eggs (may be 8-9 but not sure)

But for me IUI didn't work

annieh (12 yrs ago)
Well the IUI wasn't successful this month so I need to go back to see the doctor about the next step. I guess the dye test is inevitable.

However I have to agree with someone else's post about Dr Doo's admin staff. Generally I've found them to be quite nice, but there is one nurse there that really is a bit too cold and imnpersonal to be in this particular field. In fact she put me off going back for a second round and it was my husband who reminded me that the Doctor was good....

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