POSTED BY nadya07 (10 yrs ago)
Hi Douglas and Shakira,

I also looking for the best professional makeup artist school in Hong Kong or Kowloon. Can you please give me the contact number for Karen if you don't mind? I talked with "Touch Up Production" and "Make Up Forever", unfortunately the teacher don't teach in English, and I went to "BeautyTech academy" but I'm not sure this is the best one or not. Therefore please give me some advice from you both. Thank you. cheers


cryz (10 yrs ago)
Recently I went to Y.W.C.A makeup course. Nigar was the makeup artist there. She is a fantastic Makeup artist, i wanted to learn more personally. She does one on one and group of 5-6 lessons.Get her number and talk to her 9364 5271. She gives certificate as well.

samina (10 yrs ago)
Thanks ladies.

I am getting married this Saturday and I went to Nigar for trial wedding makeup. She is the best, she knew exactly how i wanted. I was very nervous at first since it was my first time meeting her and I don't have much time left. And I also did a facial,manicure and a pedicure at the same time,everything was perfect!

bubly (10 yrs ago)
I learned make up from Nigar 7-8yrs back and I am with M.A.C now. She taught me basic make up and to the point. After my course was over she gave me certificate but more than certificate my portfolio was important which I did with her. Sometimes I help her when she has number of clients for makeup. I am very happy with all the tricks and techniques she taught me 8 yrs back which is still as useful as it was in those time. If anyone wants more info about makeup, please pm me.

nadya07 (10 yrs ago)
Hi Bubly,

I was wondering, do you know any very good school can teach me makeup (professional makeup artist) especially for fashion and bridal? I know some school like MOD makeup academy, Zing makeup school, MAE VON makeup Institute, Portfolio. If you know some of these or maybe others pls let me know. Thanks

Btw, who is Nigar? what is her surname? does she has online portfolios?

bubly (10 yrs ago)
I heard about ZING, he is a very good makeup artist i think he was the makeup artist for Elizabeth Arden. I planned to learn from him but somehow changed my mind.If you want Nigar's detail please call her 9364 5271

juliesar (8 yrs ago)
hi bubly!

i just want to ask if how many months do i have to take classes? i've been searching the net to find a good school for makeup artist and can give certificate. and as i read all of your chats about nigar i wanted to give it a try. can u pls give me her number? thanks a bunch:)

sasha t.l. (8 yrs ago)
Hi all,

I'm a new here, I'm not based in Hong Kong but I planning to take a make up course over there. I heard it'll be better to get a professional one to teach you make up instead of go for a school because the purposed of school is wanted to earn your money, seldom of them are willing to provide you opportunity in this industry. I saw there's 2 make up artists contact posted on this forum, should I make a call for them? I prefered the lessons are conducting in english too if enrol to a make up school.

mabn957 (8 yrs ago)
Hi Sasha,

Today i was in Nigar`s Spa as i had my pedi plus my purpose was to also meet her and talk about the make up lessons. She seems like a very nice lady btw. She was busy thats why after my pedi i left but i told to one of the employee there that i will be back to discuss about the make up lessons. She does one on one and the price is 900hkd per hour, so the payment is basically per hour. She said that on the one on one lesson we could do it 3x a week. If i do the group class lesson i will have to wait till next year because she is full of students now and i will be on the waiting list. I wanted to be a certified make up artist because i would like to do something. I went to make up forever and check some others but i am not sure if they will worth the money that i will pay for the lessons as i already know basic make up techniques and etc. My main prob with them is their english, it is so hard for me to understand them thats why i was hesitant to enroll. Now, i found Nigar and i am starting to plan my schedule as i am preggo at the moment & at the same time i really wanted to start and learn now. Here, certificate and porfolio is very important when u want to work for a cosmetic store, thats what the MUA told me when i asked them. Most of the time the managers of the store. Pls give a call to Nigar if you may. She seems nice.

sasha t.l. (8 yrs ago)
Hi Mabn,

Thanks for your info, it's useful, I'll call her by next week. You prefer conduct in english, does Nigar teaches in english? Did you call Karen and Nicole to ask? When you able to start your course? I would prefer next year. I will call them and would shared it here.

mabn957 (8 yrs ago)
Hi Sasha,

I want and english class because i do not speak cantonese. Nigar, teaches in english because she isn`t from hk but living here for a long time already. I didnt call Karen or Nicole. I went back to Make Up Forever again to talk to someone about their class. I am torn where to go coz they also teaches in english but in one on one basis coz they do not have a group class in english but the difference of the price between them and Nigar is huge. Its not 900 per hour and the time is also flexible. I am going to travel this month but when i get back i will def start coz i want to do it now. Pls keep in touch, maybe we can meet up and discuss this make up artistry thingy. :-) If with Nigar, i want a group class it will be next year because she is full but if i decide on one on one teaching i can start anytime and talk with her the preferable time of teaching. x

chishtina (8 yrs ago)

I learned make up from Nigar 2year back,she was a very good teacher.I learn alot from her. Now, im regretting why i wasted my time on researching, i should have done it before. By the way i am working frelance as a make up artist. If you want to know more about her work please pm me.

mady24 (8 yrs ago)
Hi, i am really interested in doing makeup course. Im from london and did it with mai. She does makeup course in hong kong as well. I am interested in doing it in hong kong, learning new trends etc...any help out here??

TinaTx (8 yrs ago)
I also did my professional makeup course from Nigar. Full130hrs course with portfolio and certificate. Now, im working with a makeup company.

Since you have done your basic course. I think she provides hourly courses also which Im doing time to time(I did my course seven year back).Why don't you give her a call on 93645271.

dariavaidya (8 yrs ago)
Hello Everyone!

Now I am the one to look for the right make up course and get certificate!

I have already contacted Make up Forever Academy and gave a call to Ms Nigar.

The Academy already gave me some idea of their costs (if anyone needs this information I can send it in PM).

I plan to meet Ms Nigar next week itself to discuss all the details and make up my mind.. But it would be great to know the cost of her course from some of you who already did it!

I've seen that it's 900 HK$ per class, I am only wondering about the complete 130 hrs course costs... Please if you can help me to know it, send me PM.

Thanks a lot!

dariavaidya (8 yrs ago)
Thanks Lailajuju!

I've met also Ms Nigar and talked to her.. unfortenatelly she is fully booked till Dec., 2010... The only option is one on one classes with her now!

alexa178 (8 yrs ago)
Hi Anny, I love to join the group as well, please count me in and pm me. Thanks.

TheeK (8 yrs ago)
Hi Anny, would love to join the group if there is still room/availability, please send me the details?

Purple09 (8 yrs ago)
I also want to join the group. Please let me know clearly how much will be the fee and how long will the course or classes. Thank U in advance.

sasha t.l. (7 yrs ago)
Hi Mady,

You've learned from Mai, what's your comment about her? Are you only complete the basic course while you are in London? Can I ask, if you had taken the make up course so why you want to retake in Hong Kong? I just curious, hope you don't mind. Hope you willing to share your experience. Thx!

joycetaufer (7 yrs ago)
Hey girls, i would love to join the group. I know Nigar for a long time, as I use to go to her spa every week. Should I call her and put my name on waiting list?

joycetaufer (7 yrs ago)
Hi Anny, just sent you a PM!

sisip123 (7 yrs ago)
Hi anny, I would love to be on the list too! thanks. I will pm you.

mabn957 (7 yrs ago)
Hi Anny - i would like to join too.. pls put me on the list.. thank you..

p8nk3 (7 yrs ago)
hi! where is her spa in Central? Can i just walk up and get more info?

i would love to take a lesson or two just to fix my own makeup- not necessarily to become a professional artists.

rejoyce (7 yrs ago)
u make sure no need to spend a lot of money to learning the make up course. u better to choose the right one. the school in Mongkok is not expensive and they can a professional and u become a pretty girls.

more information , let me know

hannahthompson (7 yrs ago)
I’ll definitely let you know soon.

ivery (7 yrs ago)
I tride many chearper places but i found Nigar the most resonable and elegant among all ,no is 93645271

baby_lon (7 yrs ago)

I will relocate to HK in September and really wish to learn professional make up preferable on a full time basis as i hope to pick up the skills asap. However, when i surf the net, seems like there is not much full time course around, mostly part-time.

Will really need all the kind souls here to advise me further on where I should start learn.... Any good school or teachers recommended?

Read that Nigar is already full booked so may be tough to learn from her now.

THANKS a million

lolopolo (7 yrs ago)
here is one of the make-up instructor.

christine88Lau (7 yrs ago)

wow, it seems like Nigar is a really good person to look for if you want to take lessons, but is the certificate any good when you go back to the states? im from new jersey but im currently staying in hong kong for the next few months, and im really interested in taking courses as a pro make-up artist. i been researching alot on the web, but not much help since i dont know how to read Chinese. any advance to where i should go?

thanks alot =D


christine88Lau (7 yrs ago)

wow, it seems like Nigar is a really good person to look for if you want to take lessons, but is the certificate any good when you go back to the states? im from new jersey but im currently staying in hong kong for the next few months, and im really interested in taking courses as a pro make-up artist. i been researching alot on the web, but not much help since i dont know how to read Chinese. any advance to where i should go?

thanks alot =D


Joanniee (7 yrs ago)
Try International school beauty...something (ISBC) just search that. It's Kowloon side., in TST. Search site for details of prices. Or approach a freelance makeup artist and give her some $ to teach you!

marry34 (7 yrs ago)
Hi Christine,

I have learned make up certificate course with Nigar. I am currently working KL with the make up company. They accepted my certificate from (Nigar) If you want any help from her she will help you and her contact No. is 93645271. you can PM me also.


alina87 (7 yrs ago)

There are a special training School if you really want to do cource you can contact in this no.2524 1272

stella_gracia (7 yrs ago)
hi everyone...i planning to take a professional makeup course in hongkong on October,but i still haven't found the right course yet...

But i think i'm interested with Nigar....or are there any other suggestions??

Is there someone who can give me her email???

thanks a lot....

kekecat (7 yrs ago)
Seems Nigar is a great teacher..but I wanna know more bout she famous in HK?? what about the out job opportunities?..I have been researching the makeup school in hk for so long...but i still can't decide to go for which one :(.. I don't mind to wait if Nigar is a real good teacher :).....should I just call her @ 93645271?? will that be kinda odd??? guyss..pls help me out here

Many Many Thanksssssss


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