Cost of Botox - lets compare notes:)



POSTED BY kk11 (9 yrs ago)
Hey girls,

It seems that the charging for Botox in HK is really untransparent. You never know how much you are to be charged until you are under the light. How about we all start compiling how much we are getting charged by whom and the results?

I am planning my first treatment soon and would love to go into it well researched.

Thanks! Girl power!


Okie (9 yrs ago)
Okay, I don't really know much about the pricing. I think that I'm in the same situation that you are in. I called Union Hospital and they recommended a Dr. Peter Pang. He charges $1,000 for the first consultation and $10,000 for a botox treatment if he decides that is what is right for you. Since this is like 3x what it costs in the US, I will keep looking.

Rennie-F (9 yrs ago)
Hi there, I can really give you the name of the clinic/salon FMH (face magic haven) in Wyndham str, at Dragon i! I've done my botox there and it's been great! Best prices in Hong Kong!

mortal_kinetics (9 yrs ago)
About 3 grand per area....... but the up side is that if you are not 100% happy they will shoot it again for you.... does not matter if it is a stubborn area, they make it better. There are cheaper and i know a lot of people that go to Dr Bramley, she is more inclined to do less "botoxed" looking work and is, as a result, cheaper. Good luck and happy toxing!

emsa (9 yrs ago)
have anybody tried botox on the area around the eyes? does it work??

And as once you start you have to keep doing it, how old do you think you should be for the first time?

:) I know, a lot of questions, but I also want to be well informed!

Gabriella (9 yrs ago)

I have had the area around my eyes, forehead and in between my brows looks great! it depends on the look you are after e.g. the 'Jack Nicholson' look that the Nicole Kidman has and / or the very smooth, shiny look that Marcia Cross and Nic Kidman both have OR something more subtle.

Personally I go for the very smoothe and love it!

*Be careful with the eye area if the doctor is not experienced you can end up with a little bit of facial palsy.

I pay HKD$1800 per area and it lasts for about 4 months.

arlina (9 yrs ago)
Is botox for wrinkles only and not for eye bags?

kk11 (9 yrs ago)
I just got botox at Dr Kong Kwok Leung's office upstairs from Shanghai Tang 2526 6191 about 3000 (I also got some other cremes so not such actual botox price) and he is EXCELLENT. Very professional, proper doctor and nurses. He trained in UK and has excellent english. Total 'medical' experience. Plus is he very gentle and artistic for the natural look. He does all the local celebs but is quite proper and not too fancy and trendy. U dont want that from your doctor right?! Did my before and after pictures and the results are subtle yet very much improved. I was so scared before! I cannot recommend him enough.

jzca (9 yrs ago)
Hi Gabriella,

Where did you get your botox done? Sounds really interesting,been looking for a good,reliable place for ages. Please pm the details.


charlie_smith123 (9 yrs ago)
FYI, I highly recommend doing botox together with fraxel laser treatment. However doing both treatments in HK can be very expensive. I used to go to Dr. Henry Chan in Central but he was charging $5k for the botox and $8k for the fraxel. He is using the new fraxel 2 machines which causes less redness than the fraxel 1 machines. Instead, I go to Bello skin care in Manila. The botox is $2k and the fraxel is $2k. They are also using the fraxel 2 machines. The dermatologist in Thailand in the old Central Department store is also very good for botox and the dermatologist in Korea Samsung Dong across from koex city terminal is also good for botox. The botox will stop the wrinkling of the skin but the fraxel will smooth out the skin. I know fraxel works for sure because the first time I only did fraxel around my eyes and afterwards only the skin around my eyes was smooth. Afterwards I switched to doing fraxel on my whole face so the skin tone is even.

scorpiocindy (9 yrs ago)
Botox really works for smoothening the wrinkles, no matter around eyes, forehead, crow's feet, etc. I got Botox at Dr. Law Wai Kwong in Central (2815 6277)last month. He is very professional and very nice. Now, my crow's feet is disappeared. I just pay $2k to remove my crow's feet, and Dr. Lam provides half year free touch-up service for any Botox treatment! He also provides free consultation for any kinds of treatment and skin problem!!! I highly recommend this Dr. for the girls who wants to have Botox, as he is very experienced and well trained in UK.

robbieudo (9 yrs ago)
Can you please post Dr. Law Wai Kwong's address scorpiocindy?

scorpiocindy (9 yrs ago)
Hi robbieudo,

I remember that Dr. Lam Wai Kwong's address is Malahon Centre, No. 10-12 Stanley Street, Central, but I forgot the number of the floor!!! may be you better call to ask his nurse.

bibi_shabana (9 yrs ago)

i have read about toxing stuff and i want my mum to go for it but im not so sure that where exactly i can take her and which one is cheaper and trust worthy cuz i have seen some of them wrote the price too high like $10,000 and some wrote $1,000 something But i don't know wich one is better of course i don't want to pay $10,000 if there are some cheap one and better as well so could you plz recoomend me a nice and better one.

Thank you

scorpiocindy (9 yrs ago)
Hi bibi_shabana, $10000 for botox really very high!!! Where is it??? However, $1000 for botox treatment may not be used the real botox! So u better find a good reputation clinic or doctor for your mum. And I got botox treatment at Dr. Lam Wai Kwong's clinic, he is experienced in botox treatment with reasonable charges. You can call for a free consultation.

steffi_collingwood (9 yrs ago)
I have heard lot of good things about botox at Dr.Bramley.

Pinky_pinky (9 yrs ago)
I have heard Dr. Lam Wai Kwong is an expect in Botox and Dysport cosmetic treatment. Many people said he is skillful in botox injection. And I would go to his clinic for dysport injection next week. Let me leave the comment after the injection.

grace_wong (9 yrs ago)
Dr. Bramley is a focusing on general practice for families.......not specialised in cosmetic treatment purposes. Gals, I think we should go to professional clinic for cosmetic and asethetic purposes!!!

Pinky_pinky (8 yrs ago)
I had the botox treatment eventually at Dr. Lam's clinic. It was great! The clinic is comfortable and the nurse are very nice. My wrinkles was disappeared and the amazing thing is that I can enjoy free touch up services for the dysport injection. Really have to say thanks to Dr. Lam and the nurses.

99 (8 yrs ago)
Pinky, do you mind letting us know how much you paid and what areas you had treated?

Pinky_pinky (8 yrs ago)
99, I had treated on my smile lines, and it costed $3,000. I think it's quite cheap as it includes free touch up services.

grace_wong (8 yrs ago)
Pinky, you seems have good experience with your dysport injection. I just wonder the price of dysport slim face, do you know about that? Thanks

Pinky_pinky (8 yrs ago)
grace_wong, I don't know about the price of dysport slim face. However, what I can tell you is that my dysport injection really works! All my smile lines are gone. And it was not painful during the injection. May be Dr Lam has good skills in dysport injection!! Nice atmosphere but professional, and the price is not expensive!!! Highly recommend Dr Lam to you.

grace_wong (8 yrs ago)
Pinky, thank you very much for sharing your experience~ Actually I have heard of Dr Lam, but dont know the fee and his contact!! Thats why I wanna know more from you~

Pinky_pinky (8 yrs ago)
I suggest you browse the website of Dr. Lam's clinic. There are lots of medical and cosmetic information which are very detail and useful.

YOu can also check the price from there.

grace_wong (8 yrs ago)
Pinky, thanks for your recommendation and sharing. The information is really helpful for me!

sahiracomoes (8 yrs ago)
Hi there.

I am a foreign doctor, I dont have Dr. practice in HK. I know how to inject myself botox, I just ignore where to get the product with confidence. Does somebody has a relative botox expert doctor to ask this matter?

I will very helpfull if anybody help me to get the product safely, at least get proper infomation. Doctor here charge too much!



Chinadoc (8 yrs ago)
Hi Sally, I am a doctor in Shanghai practising cosmetic medicine and I also know the HK scene reasonably well. I understand it is quite well-regulated there and I think you would find it hard to get Botox without being a registered medical practitioner as well as having done the Botox training course in HK or elsewhere. There is also Chinese-produced Botox, it is essentially the same product but many Clinics in China offer it at about half the price, this might be an option you could look into if you find it too expensive in HK?

johl (8 yrs ago)
A bottle of original botox from allergan costs $1500hkd to $2000 which contains 100units. Dysport much less. e.g. For face slimming it takes 50 units and if the doctor doesnt share the bottle with someone he should throw it away since the bottle will not be as effective after a few days. In US most charge by no. of unit injected.

As you can see anyone charging less than $2000 will be sharing the bottle between patients, not the original from allergan, or/and injecting less than needed no. of units. Sharing the bottle is ok as long as you are informed beforehand. The usual cost should be $3000 to $5000 depending on units required. For calf reduction, it takes 2 bottles at least.

MaxIT (7 yrs ago)
With over a decade Botox experience, I find Dr. Bramley and Medic Skin Laser Centre (not sure weather it is the right name) are the best in Hong Kong. Price here is far cheaper than in Europe. Dr. Bramley is female doctor, so I can easily find the sense of sympathy from her although it is a little costly. Dr. Dan Kong is very famous in town, he always give me heaps of advise for skin care. I love them both! One thing I wanna bring up, I will never go for Dysport or some other second brands, since I did hear lots of cases around happening side effects with using other brand. How can we risk my face for a hundred bucks??


honeybug (7 yrs ago)
Not sure about Dr Bramley, I had Botox with her and I regreted it. I have been having botox for years but this was my first bad experience

Trying to find a good alternative

What is the contact number for for Dr Dan Kong


(based in hong Kong)

nelia (7 yrs ago)
I agree honeybug...I have had botox with dr bramley and feel that it returns far too quickly after treatment..about 2/3 months...she is also slow and I always have to wait for hours before Im seen...her price though is competitive at $4000 for forehead and crows feet. I am keen to try another doctor ...Ive heard a lot about Dr Lam...what are his prices in comparison?

baolongfeng (7 yrs ago)
I go to a great place in CWB. The young man is a Doc trained in UK and he did a great job!!!

nelia (7 yrs ago)
baolongfeng...where in cwb and how much did it cost?

slyishere (7 yrs ago)
I had botox done at Dr. Bramley's and the results were not good. She has been my family doctor for years so I trusted her when she told me what I can do to improve my looks. Prior to her, I went to another doctor for botox which was pretty good.

I had face slimming done by Dr. B and one side of my lips could not turn up for a smile which lasted month. She just said 'sorry, maybe we need to inject differently next time". She also suggeted I get fillers done for my eyes, and it looked really bumpy and made my eye bags even bigger. Then she suggested I get Aluma done because my skin is too thin so the filler isn't staying in place. I asked other doctors after that and they said that there is no truth to it. SO after thousands of $$$, I have learned that some Doctors run their practice based on how much money they can make from you, not necessarilty what is good for you. So ask around before blinding trusting a doctor and their abilities.

99 (7 yrs ago)
I have done Botox several times before and had very good results.

When Dr Bramley did it, I too found that it didn't last long at all. The effects seem to wear off very quickly indeed.

Anyone have any recommendations for a Botox doc?

ladyin40s (7 yrs ago)
Hello Gals,

I feel so urged to let you know more of the pictures here in HK. My boyfriend is a doctor here and he told me a lot of the insider stories. I can through him find out some facts about individual doc for you and I hate liers. I am not here to recommend a single doc like some of the obviously fake replies above, with poor English of a local Chinese perosn!!

Dr Henry Chan is very qualified, 100% UK trained, but sadly he is the most expensive. Probably not worth spending the extras.

Dr Kong Kwok Leung Dan was a 100% local GP before he moved on to do cosmetics. He is not UK trained, he spent only 9 months there for his diploma. He is the least qualified in Central.

Dr Lam Wai Kwong did his general degree in UK and then the medical degree in Australia. He faked his medical qualifications on his name card as a Cambridge med grad and he is currently being summoned by the medical council. A doctor with no integrity! There is rumour that he puts Chinese botox in the US botox bottles and then shows this to the patients!!

Face magic heaven is run by a lay-woman Deborah Sims who hires young inexperienced docs to do the jobs. So you will see different facies after a few months. There had been incidences of disputes between this woman and the docs over money arrangements.

99 (7 yrs ago)

does your BF have any recommondations for skilled, honest, value for money doctors in HK?

wildcharming (7 yrs ago)
Hi gals,

Anybody who have tried the following doctors?

Dr. Angus Hui in CWB

Dr. Chan Kwok Kei in Jordan

Dr. Daniel Lee at Gloucester House, Central..


slyishere (7 yrs ago)
I have been going to Hong Kong Skin and Laser Centre (HKSLC). The doctor in charge is trained in Australia. His name is Dr. Norman Chan. He is in Causway Bay. Speaks pefect English and Chinese. He does a number of things including treating skin problems, removing moles, anti aging etc.

I have been getting Photo facials and skin peeling there. The results are fantastic!

If you are doing botox to remove fine lines, then I strongly recommand Photo Facials which blump up the skin with collagen, shrinks pores and makes it glow for a month. I get one done every 3 -4 weeks. After my experience with unstable botox results I am going to someone I trust.

His number is 2882 7168.

HWHE (7 yrs ago)
Hi Scorpiocindy

Does Dr. Kwong provide treatment for acne scars?

bogart (7 yrs ago)
hey ladyin40's you are so wrong, I have been going to Face Magic Haven for a number of years and they have the best environment and service in town and also reputation. I was referred by a friend and have been very satisfied with all my resutls done by different doctors since. The doctors there are all very professional and well trained. I will be very confident to recommend anyone to go there!!

Their contact no is 2524 6882

cupid9085 (7 yrs ago)
hey I agree I have been going to Face Magic Haven for the past 2 years and found their service and care level to be especially good though I have had s few doctors inject my botox, I am happy with the result so far and would highy recommend them anytime!!

coolsi (7 yrs ago)
I'm interested in Botox for face slimming

What doctor is best for this treatment?

Do you have any websites, emails and fees?

LorLor (7 yrs ago)
Some doctors charge per area and some per unit. Everyone's jaw muscle size (masseter) differs by 10-20 units on each side. Dysport or Botox are licensed in Hong Kong so check if the doctor is using this. Cost can range from 3000-7000.

If you want to know which doctors do this you can email me. Good luck!

coolsi (7 yrs ago)
Thanks for your reply, LorLor!

I'd love a list of doctors who do this :)

I'm not sure how to find your email address...

But I'll send you a message!

Ed (7 yrs ago)
So Botox Isn’t Just Skin Deep

DR. MARK STILLMAN, the director of the Center for Headache and Pain at the Cleveland Clinic, has a treatment for people with frequent migraines: he injects Botox around the head and neck.

Dr. Andrew Blitzer, the director of the Center for Voice and Swallowing Disorders at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in Manhattan, has an antidote for speech impediments caused by vocal cord problems: he injects Botox into the larynx.

Dr. Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist in Manhattan and Coral Gables, Fla., has a novel procedure for oily skin and skin redness.

You guessed it: Botox.

Over the last decade, Botox has become a synonym for the eradication of wrinkles, a kind of shorthand for the entire enterprise of cosmetic medicine. But now, with the popularization of new medical uses, therapeutic applications of the drug are poised to outstrip the cosmetic treatment in both revenue and prominence.

In the hunt to discover the next blockbuster medical use for Botox, doctors have injected it experimentally into muscles and glands all over the body, making it medicine’s answer to duct tape. According to recent medical journals, physicians have used it to treat chewing problems, swallowing problems, pelvic muscle spasms, drooling, hair loss, anal fissures and pain from missing limbs.

“We see it as a molecule that keeps on giving. As we understand it more, it gives us new ideas of how to use it,” says Dr. Mitchell F. Brin, a neurologist who is the chief scientific officer for Botox at Allergan, the drug’s maker.

No other therapeutic agent “has so many demonstrated uses,” he says.

Read More:

capital (7 yrs ago)
Hi, I have just had s Juvaderm treatment at The Malo Spa in Macau. Lovey place and people, done by a plastic surgeon. Only $3500 - half the price of when I had it done in HK. They do Botox too.

bamarama (7 yrs ago)
Does anyone have experience with the SkinCentral clinic in Central? If so, who would you recommend?

cupid9085 (7 yrs ago)
I have had a number of friends who have been there and the comments were not too promising so I guess....they are expensive and always have to wait for a long time before the doctor sees you and the service is not good at all, that's why I opted for Face Magic Haven in Central where I find I have had very good results in the treatments I did and more importantly the service is great!!

Beebeeju (7 yrs ago)

I have been going to Hong Kong Skin & Laser Center in CWB for some time now. Their prices are reasonable and the doctors are very skilled in giving treatments. No bruises or needle marks. I just got my crow's feet (eye wrinkles) done for $3500 which includes touch up in two weeks ( if you need it). It is my experience that it is better to not over do it the first time and get touch up so the face doesn't look 'frozen'. Now when I smile, I don't have any lines, it is very smooth but natural looking. I am so happy with the results every time there. My husband also goes there to get his frown lines done. He is very pleased with his results. The number is 2882 7168

Bambini (6 yrs ago)
I go to Dr Image in CWB and have my crows feet done for $2,300HKD.....I think it's important for the doctor to open the botox or restylane infront of you to see the real Mac Coy.and also see how much saline they use.Most places dilute down their botox.

Also Dr Image tops up all their botox treatments for free up to a month after the initial injection,where most places may not even offer a follow up let alone unlimited top up.

Ask for Dr. Thomas american dermatologist at 2833 2950. I've been to both FMH and Henry Chan in the past and find them over priced.

lamrachel (6 yrs ago)
I just checked the price for botox injection on jaw muscle area. Dr. Image is about $ 4800. I have no idea if this price is reasonable or not. Does anyone go to local cosmetic ctr such as Dr. Reborn , as they quoted abt $2800 for jaw muscle , use the real botox w/ touch up service and it looks quite attractive..

LorLor (6 yrs ago)
Just be aware that $2800 is a bit too cheap if they are using a reputable brand. Look at the fine print as well that it is not the price for per side. You need almost the complete vial of botox for masseter hypertrophy (jaw) as this is a large muscle compared to crows feet. Average cost is around $5000-$6000 and recommend that it be repeated every 6 months. As with anything cosmetic cheapest isn't necessarily the best option....

Alexandra (6 yrs ago)
I know this is too good to be true but I saw tonight an ad for botox but didnt get the number. The company was B.A.L. and it was advertising 1000HKD for botox and restalyne. I'd like to check it out if anyone knows the number. Cant find the number anywhere

cmpcnc (6 yrs ago)
I have my three areas Botox ( forehead , crows feet, and frown lines) done by Dr. Charles that costs hkd $ 3800 and jaw lines $4000. very resonable. He was gentle compare with my previous doctor in US. Check this out......

ladyin40s (6 yrs ago)

BAL is a beauty saloon with some very young drs employed to do the injection. 1 tube of restylane costs more than 1000 to buy at cost!! they will tell you 1000 is a taste of botox and give you minimal dosewith no result, than ask you to pay a different price etc etc... or they will sell you so many other things you end up paying more than 4000.... haha good luck

Diedra D (6 yrs ago)
Those big medi spas have a large overhead and so are very hard sell.I go to dr Thomas Tam,American born and trained, at dr Image CWB for my Crows Feet $2,300HKD but includes a free top up within a month. I find that FMH has a different doctor everytime I go there so prefer to go with who I trust and get good can even ask for the bottle of Botox to be openned infront of you,so that you know is not

Being watered down.

maz27 (6 yrs ago)
Has anyone tried Dr Cheung Nai Kong in Loong Wan Building, 8 North Point Road ? I've had his name given to me but know nothing more.

mooncakebaby (6 yrs ago)
I have been doing botox, dysport, Perlane Restalyne and IPL for years and I just had PRP.

Ok Botox, I have at Face Magic Haven, they are excellent and the touch-up service is great. As I remember, it was 3000 an area but if u bought 2, u got 3rd area free. I started in my early 30s, luckily, so I didn't form many wrinkles.. I have around the eyes, above eyebrows and in the centre of forehead. Great stuff, quite natural and if u keep it up, no-one will know. However, I once did it around the face for a lifting effect: terrible, I couldn't smile properly and it didn't work.

They do good work on fillers too. I also know a wonderful doc called Dr Rumpa in Bangkok, Wireless Road, very cheap for fillers and good work. I like Perlane.

PRP, I had once, with a coupon at Mioggi Medi-Spa in CWB. Brilliant. But it was 3280 for the trial, only one syringe and the full course is 30000, I need to save up a bit. It is awesome! Doctor is Aussie, very good, so far!

And I don't see how it can go wrong, unlike the lasers. I had 3 courses of IPL at FMH. It was great. But then I went to Lightmac, again a coupon, and they are dreadful. Big hard sell, they promised me 6 free facial masks and when I signed, turned out these were the masks that come with IPL anyway. Plus, I am afraid they may have damaged me. I have some holes in my chin, luckily PRP seems to have helped. Before doing Fraxel or IPL read this forum: IPL and Laser Damage support. Ppl have been disfigured and maimed.

LorLor (6 yrs ago)
Lasers are wonderful devices but they are medical devices and therefore training should be supervised and undertaken by doctors. Unfortunately most 'Spas' or 'Beauty salons' have therapists who do not work closely under the supervision of a trained doctor. Often they are only called in when there is a problem. If you are doing any lasers you should be going to a clinic that is owned and operated by a doctor. Doctors have to pay huge amounts on medical indemnity insurance and are bound by a strict code of ethics governed by the medical council. Any negligence to patients can result in the loss of their license and ability to practice medicine. Spas can just choose to announce bankruptcy and open up another one somewhere else. A doctor's livelihood depends on keeping their license and therefore they are more likely to have your safety and interests as priority. You get what you pay for. ofcourse there are also 'cowboy's' in the medical industry. Do your research. Find someone that you know that you can physically see the results. Ask them to take you to see their doctor and get an idea of how the consultation is done! You can't always avoid complications 100%. It's not an exact science even the best doctors can create adverse outcomes. But you can minimize it by doing your homework!

jobrophy (6 yrs ago)
Does anyone have a contact for Dan Kong? I heard he is really good and works with a lot of celebs. I think he has a few clinics, 1 in landmark maybe.

LorLor (6 yrs ago)
Yes you need about 100 units for both armpits. 80% relief. Costs about $5000-6000. Make sure they do an iodine test. May need repeating every 6 months.

Minkeyc0m (6 yrs ago)
I'm new to Botox, but the onset of my mothers crows feet cannot be ignored anymore.

From reading the above posts the following doctors/clinics seem to have the most positive feedback:

Dr Dan Kong

Face Magic Haven

Dr Thomas Tam - Dr Image CWB

Dr Lam Wai Kwong

I would like a more natural effect, any advice on who to go for?

Also I have dark circles and puffiness/bags under my eyes, does anyone have any experience of laser treatment (or any other treatment) in this area?

Ed (6 yrs ago)

Ingri (6 yrs ago)
I went to Dr. Charles Chak,

Shop 2, G/F.,

Kai Yue Commercial Building

2C Argyle Street

Mong Kok Kowloon

Dr. Charles charges for forhead 3,800 KH$, i came back in 2 weeks for free of charge the top up, now it is one month since the treatment will see how long it will last.

I think he is GP, I do not understand and read Chinese but that is idea I got. He didn't opened the bottle in front of me it was al ready open, but he offered me to comeback in couple of days, when he will open the new one. I'm not from Hong Kong (but I come here very often) so i couldn't wait so long and after wait for the top up so I went for it.

Dr. Charles was gentle and promised that it should last up to 4 month, so far so good. Will see.

kristin schlingeh (6 yrs ago)
I dont understand why you gals are also mentioning the not-so-favourable drs names above:

Dr Dan Kong : an old GP who looks 10 years older than his age.

Face Magic Haven : different dr everytime you go

Dr Thomas Tam - Dr Image CWB : No comment

Dr Lam Wai Kwong : a cowboy who appeared negatively in local magazine a lot

Dr Charles Chak : a GP in Mongkok? the price is the same as a dermatologist in Central. Then why go to him???

kristin schlingeh (6 yrs ago)
Try a more reputable and decent one please: Dr Tinny Ho, Dr Francis Yu @ Central Building. Dr Stephen Chow @ Kailey Tower; Dr Nicola Chan @ Dr Henry Chan's.........................

Kanwal (6 yrs ago)
Can we use botox for body slimming? Has anyone tried that?

cupid9085 (6 yrs ago)
I don't understand what the people above are saying. i have been going to Face Magic Haven for the past 5 years and i feel most comfortable with them, their service, their follow up and their staff. i am so far comfortable with the different doctors treating my botox but am extremely happy with the nurse treating my laser. i went to a dermatologist in central a couple of years ago to do laser for my face and i got burnt by him so i don't believe in all doctors. Ladies out there if you want reputable services and no hard sell of treatments you don't need i definitely would encourage you to try Face Magic Haven. They are on Wyndham street at the Centrium building and their number is 2524 6882

sugardoll (6 yrs ago)
I went to Face Magic Haven for a consultation some 8 months ago and I find the person doing the consultation to be very well informed. I think her name is Deborah Sims and i think she is the founder. I found her to be extremely nice and kind and was able to address all my problems, i then tried the botox and laser she advised me and have had the best results ever. i have been doing botox and laser for the past 10 years in different countries and several times in HK but have never had such an awesome experience. This lady who did my consultation was more professional than alot of other doctors i have come across and she was able to answer all my concerns. i have heard very good things about Face Magic Haven that's why I decided to give it a try and i am so glad i did, i would definitely highly recommend anyone to their clinic and you must see Deborah Sims.

LorLor (6 yrs ago)
Call 28171008. Ask for the lady doctor there. It's a medical cismetuc clinic in Central. They are very discrete and don't advertise. They charge $100 per unit for Botox and also have many types of lasers.

sugardoll (6 yrs ago)
I have tried the number you gave above and a funny voice came on and what do you mean be "cismetuc clinic" what sort of clinic is that. This sounds very fishy, I will only trust the last clinic I went and if anyone wants genuine, professional advise, i would suggest you call up Face Magic Haven their tel no is 2524 6882, trust me you will not regret!!

LorLor (6 yrs ago)
Cosmetic clinic. There are 2 doctors who own and operate it. They are open only during normal office hours so you'll have to leave a message. A lot of the local celebrities go there. It's been around for 10 years but they don't advertise so it's hard to find because I only knew from word of mouth. Best to go there and see for yourself to make an informed decision.

Also check out Life Clinic It's holistic anti-aging clinic and the doctor there has the loveliest professional bedside manner.

Danielle Russell1612 (6 yrs ago)
I had Botox done by Dr. Charles Chak 4 months ago. The result was very nice. I had my forehead, frown lines and crows feet done. He was gentle and professional. I went back for a little touch-up on my frown lines one week later as I got pretty strong frown muscles. The total cost was hkd3800 for the three areas. I think it is very reasonable. I may try fillers on my lips later.

gigima (6 yrs ago)
Does Dr Charles Chak have a website that I can surf? What's his address and contact number ?

Has anyone used Skin Clinic by Su on 14/F Manning House in Central?

BebeG922 (5 yrs ago)

anyone second opinions on Dr. Thomas Tam of Dr. Image? BTW, where did he go to school and do his residency? I need to see a cosmetic dermatologist, and sadly my dermatologist, Dr. Amy Wechsler, in NYC knows of nobody in HK whom she would recommend. Please help!

sugardoll (5 yrs ago)
I have heard about this doctor Dr Thomas Tam, he is not a dermatologist and I have not heard good things about him so I would not go to him at all. Depending on what your problem is I would highly recommend you try Face Magic Haven and their number is 2524 6882, they are based in Central. I have been there before and am happy with my result so far.

LorLor (5 yrs ago)
Face Magic Haven is a "Medi-Spa" not a medical clinic. If you want to know the qualifications of a particular doctor you can get this from the Medical Council website in Hong Kong:

This gives a list of specialist dermatologists.

The well known cosmetic dermatologists are Dr. Tinny Ho Tin Yee and Dr. Nicola Chan, Pui Yiu. You can read their profile on the HK Doctor's website:

This provides information on their treatments and consultation costs.

sugardoll (5 yrs ago)
No you are wrong, Face Magic Haven is a medical clinic have you been there yourself?? cause I have!! They have professionals like doctors and nurses and the advisors seem very professional, well i have had very good results and have referred a number of my friends and they all seem very happpy. There is no harm in trying I am sure you will be happy too!

LauraA (5 yrs ago)

LauraA (5 yrs ago)
I just had my lips and cheeks done the other day by Dr Charles Chak. The results were really good and i really love it, my lips look so much fuller now. It was the best treatment i had so far. He also suggested me to do my lines over the forehead, will go back there next month to try.

Bambini (5 yrs ago)
Actually I really wonder who some of these authors work for! Dr. Thomas Tam is more qualified than all the doctors you mentioned above, but comes across as more of an artist or hipster. Dr. Tam has done his Internal Medicine residency at Penn State & his Masters of Dermatology from London. The degrees on the wall don't lie. He is the only doctor that is licensed in the U.S., U.K. & H.K. and is the most experienced dermatologist when it comes to hands on experience! Check for yourself.

LorLor (5 yrs ago)
Agree that some of the authors are certianly not genuine!

LauraA (5 yrs ago)
Yes LorLor! Therefore I only believe doctors referred by my friends and the result on me. Give you girls some tips ,never go to beauty centers,salons with beauty consultants, they all have commission that you are paying for!

mooncakebaby (5 yrs ago)
Face Magic is good but I found a bit expensive. I joined Groupon and Twangoo. Many salons offer deals on Botox and dysport. I got my frown lines done for $488. It was fine. That's only one shot, if you want three, have to find three deals. But they come up often. They will keep you there ages and try and hard sell you but just ignore. It's easy to administer Botox, it rarely goes wrong. I wouldn't do it round the jaw tho, can make your smile stretch in a weird way.

Diedra D (5 yrs ago)
Dr. Image lists ALL their prices on their website. Why should I pay more for a U.K. trained doctor, which are a "dime a dozen" in H.K.? Especially when I can go to an American specialist who has done his residency in the U.S. & charges far less! I don't trust any "money hungry" H.K. or English ex-pat doctors no matter how qualified they are!

LorLor (5 yrs ago)
I agree. I think qualification is important but most of all a doctor's ethics. I had a friend who went to see a Hong Kong doctor but she was turned away because she really didn't need botox. (I personally think she didn't either). You don't hear that often because most will just do the treatment and take the money!

pearlinsea (5 yrs ago)
yes, go to the doctors recommened by your friends directly. Never go to those beauty centers with tons of beauty managers,consultants......whatsoever, they will press you buying ALL those treatments, products, packages listed on the price list. I had a terrible experience mocking by a mean salesperson in one of those beauty centers for just doing a cheap botox promotion on their website.

ukgirly (5 yrs ago)
and the whole point in using an overseas medic coming in at least you know what they are injecting you with. I dont trust anything in Hong Kong, they dont care what they inject you with as long as they get your money. i am so fed up with the whole scene of botox and fillers in this town that i swear i will set up my own pratice that offers ethical pratices and pure products, not ones that last a few months or watered down. truly fedup with the chinese ripping off the expats and offering a really crap service too

ukgirly (5 yrs ago)
i have tired FMH and found them to be really under the western standards for a botox and filler centre- The doctor is nervous when he injects you, the whole process is what they can sell you and having been injected all over the world this clinic is really poorly run and organised. The doctor should not shake when they inject you, ice packs should be placed on your face to minimise bruising and they shouldnt try and sell you other packages when you are a seasoned user like myself. i was really unimpressed and looking to bring my own Aussie nurse in to do it really i have not found anywhere in Hong Kong that is up to the standard or doesnt overcharge so i agree with the above poster

LauraA (5 yrs ago)
To me , FMH , Dr image......just the same thing , beauty salons with sales. Find a doctor referred by your friends is the safest way. To be honest , the charge of Botox or fillers are not especially expensive for my usual doctor and the result is good. But the tycoons from China just inflate everything. My doctor told me many of his clients just flew from China for treatments. To them, money is not an issue as long as the result is good and they only have confidence on HK doctors.

pearlinsea (5 yrs ago)
Hi LauraA, does Dr. Charles Chak has a website or contact information ?

jackiburns (5 yrs ago)
I have recently been relocated to Hong Kong and was looking for a place to upkeep with my botox, fillers and other treatments and I am glad I found Face Magic Haven. I must say that they are extremely professional and caring. I went through a consultation where I was advised on things about my skin I never knew and I had time to think what I wanted to do. I also found their doctors to be very well trained and definitely no shaky hands, in fact the doctor injected me took his time and was very polite together with the nurse and I had a very good result so I will be going back not only to do my botox but other treatments as well. You should only go where you can trust your own experinece.

ladypapa (5 yrs ago)
Which areas do you want to do? To be honest I havent really tried a lot of places that offer Botox treatments here.. My friend recommended me Dr. Charles earlier, she said the price there is reasonable and the doc is nice and professional. I just had my botox done on masseter area last week and the overall experience was good :) most importantly no hardselling! I will sure recommend Dr Charles for those who wanna do botox.

And i agree, the docs or the clinics can set their prices to watever they like, that's why we needa compare here :)

I have heard of Dr Bramley's name but neither my fds or myself has tried it.

One of my fds has gone to face magic haven in central for botox treatment and she said the price was expensive compared to others and too hardselling.

So i guess I would stick with Dr Charles since I had a good experience there.

hope the info helps :)


jackiburns (5 yrs ago)
Oh that is good to know cause the doctor that injected me was Dr Charles himself and I know he is exclusive to The Face Magic Haven though the other doctors at FMH are also good. I think the price is reasonable for what they can offer and i have never been hard sell by them. i would definitely recommend FMH anytime and they have been here the longest, I was just told the other day when I went for my rejuvenation treatment that they have been around for 10 years. Hope this info helps with new people that are new in town.

ladypapa (5 yrs ago)
Really? I did my treatment at his own clinic and he told me he also works in several other famous centers. Later I need to go to his clinic again for top up.

LauraA (5 yrs ago)
Hi Pearlinsea,

You may just email Dr. Charles Chak at or just google him. He is really nice.

cupid9085 (5 yrs ago)
I must say it is not only about the doctor it is also about the whole experience. i have been to face magic haven many times now for the over 5 years or so and have had different doctors inject botox and they are all good. i trust them and their staff and they are all professional and caring. i don't feel any pressure when i go there i always have had very good service and experience and most important is that i trust them. you can check them out for yourself. you can also watch them on youtube i happen to come across them recently on youtube myself.

ajun (5 yrs ago)
Botox is safe in batam. at prestige clinic guide top safe and cheap in working on by doctors best indonesia


noelsmith (5 yrs ago)
I went to Dr. Charles Chak's new office in Central a month ago, there was cute . I have been doing Botox by him for over a year . The result is fine and he is nice.

isuccess (4 yrs ago)
I have done my Restylane filler nose several times already in Doctor's office in Central, but it is really sad that my friends said my nose looked like "Avatar".. One of my friends worked for Qmed restylane, she introduced " Dr. Sandy Wang", Restylane recognises her as one of the top 15 doctor from all over Asia Pacific, but I cant find Dr Wang's clinic, anyone can help?

duckygal (4 yrs ago)
Hi everyone, I just came upon this post and would like to share my own experience. I have been considering botox for jaw reduction for a few years now and since I am getting married at the end of the year, I decided it was time to give it a try! I went to Face Magic Haven at the Centrium and had a consultation with a Dr. Wally and Deborah Sims. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease throughout the consult appointment. I had all my questions answered and when I asked which to choose between Botox or Dysport (cheaper alternative) - Deborah told me that Botox is generally more expensive because it is a better known brand but that the two chemicals act the same. She was completely with me to go with Dysport as it was more affordable and told me that unless I was very interested to use Botox due to the brand that Dysport is just as good.

I returned a few days later and had the jaw reduction done with Dr. Wally using Dysport. I paid about $5,600? (It was under $6,000, forget exact cost). Since I was quite nervous, they asked if I would like some numbing cream, which I gladly accepted. After 10 minutes, the cream was removed and they iced me a little before injecting my massetter muscles.

A month later, I felt that the result could be better. Although I was told the full effect usually is best seen after 2 months, I really wanted to make sure that I had enough Dysport injected for the best slimming result possible. So I returned within the 4 week time frame and had Dr. Wally inject more into both sides. And that was just last week so I will try and update in a few months time.

I definitely DO see improvement, especially when I look at myself in photos. My face is slimmer and more pleasant to the eye. People have also asked if I had lost weight, so I think it is doing it's job!

I am not sure if the amount I paid is excessive for what I was given but I did ask the doctor to provide me with the total amount used each time. The first time, I was given given a total of 137.5 units of Dysport, knowing that the right side was injected with more because it was the stronger side. The second time I was given 12.5units on my right side and 25 units on my left side, which according to the doctor, evened out the total amount given to me on both sides. Which means I received a total amount of 175 units of Dysport for my jaw line, 87.5 units on each side.

If I am happy with the results, I will gladly return to FMH for further treatments. I hope this helped!!!

Godisgood (4 yrs ago)
I have been to most of all the above listed clinics. The best price with the best results is Dr. Image. I am a 4 year Botox/Dysport patient from the US.

Hazel (4 yrs ago)
I went to see Dr Francis Yu last week to have some skin lesions removed and to get some treatment for a mild case of ringworm (I work with rescue dogs). He said the ringworm would take about 2 weeks to heal and he would give me 5 days worth of cream. I said if it takes, 2 weeks to heal, then why are you only giving me 5 days of cream? I asked him to give me 2 weeks of cream. He said my insurance only covered for 5 days worth and that I had to come back to see him to get more (so he could charge another consult fee). I told him this was not true, as Bupa would cover enough cream to heal the issue. He argued with me about it and then went to check and found that I was right and that Bupa would cover it. The following day when I took the dressing off the biggest lesion on my leg I found that the lesion was still there and he had burnt a 1 cm x 1 cm hole in my skin next to the lesion (where there hadn't been any problem). When I called up to complain he asked me to come back in so that he could burn off the actual lesion. I told him/ his staff that I had to take another half day off work to come back, which was very inconvenient and made it clear on the phone that I would not be paying for the revisit (he charged my insurer $3600 for the first visit). When I arrived at the clinic yesterday the staff asked for my medical card and I told them I would not be paying when he had already charged my medical insurer (Bupa Gold) to remove the lesion, that he had not removed it and, in fact, had created a scar and painful spot on my leg unecessarily. He did the surgery and prescribed more cream. His staff asked for my medical card to charge the cream on, however when I looked at the bill he was also trying to charge for another surgery and a consult fee ($1600 total), so I refused to sign it. They said I needed to speak to Dr Yu but wanted me to wait at least 10 minutes to speak to him. I told them he had wasted enough of my time and that I would just leave without the cream. Dr Yu then came out and I told him I was not paying him again when he had already charged Bupa for the surgery and had been incompetent enough to burn the wrong place on my leg. He tore up the Bupa chit in my face and told me not to come back again. I called up Bupa and made a complaint about him (he is 1 of 3 the Bupa registered dermatologists in Central) and will definitely not be going back to see him again.

Anson_pang (4 yrs ago)
I have a habit of frowning whenever I think or talk that makes me look tense or upset. I went to Dr. Charles Chak for some other skin problems and was suggested to do Botox for my frowning. I couldn't frown 4 days after treatment . I like the result very much, I think I will keep doing it.

mokkat (4 yrs ago)
Anyone tried RADIESSE in hk for the nose? I would like to find a doctor experienced with this particular filler. I have tried it before in taipei.

17BCB (4 yrs ago)
Did Radiesse for facial labial folds and loved the results. I used Dr Tam at Dr Image, Used him for my Botox too and liked that he spent time explaining and did follow up for Botox with no extra charge. Sorry but I don't really remember price.

Miaess (3 yrs ago)
I am using the only skin care in the world using (adult) stem cell technology to reverse the effects of aging on the skin. Developed by a plastic surgeon/stem cell expert in California, originally for his burns and wounds patients, the effect is cumulative, unlike Botox. You can only get it through an independent distributor though. Message me if interested.

tomford88 (3 yrs ago)
i had Radiesse for forehead located at Lasercare Medical SKin Clinic. i dnt believe that one is really work on my forehead. i used botox and filler on glabellar and forehead for more than 2yrs and it didnt long lasting, so dr lam highly recemmended of Radiesse and it is last for 1.8months and free touch up for 4months. good and save my time and good result.

Marrisol.Jones (3 yrs ago)
Finally I convinced myself to have botox for the 1st time of my life! I did my forehead and eye lines. I had them done by Dr. Charles Chak. The result was amazing! I have to say botox is the greatest invention in this century! LOL

Alexandra (3 yrs ago)
Don't go to Face Magic Haven. Cowboys. Go to Skin Central. Professional dedicated medical team who have years of experience. FMH don't even have their own doctor and is more of a beauty spa than a medical practice.

chrissytang (3 yrs ago)
Key Factor Aesthetic at TST charging HK$ 1800 for first part, then around $3000 for one part. Using Botox.

Is this ok ?

ashee (2 yrs ago)

I have few small pimples on my cheeks and few pores due to which the foundation or base becomes kind of clotted. So I am thinking to go for botox but I am worried as it will be my first time, the only thing that bothers me is that you have to do it after every six months. I am 24 years old, is botox OK for me?

johl (2 yrs ago)
I dont think botox is the right thing for your problem. It remove wrinkles, not acne related pores / scars

johl (2 yrs ago)
CETAPHIL is useless for pores and scars, try Neostrata.

livesgrace (2 yrs ago)
I have been going to Dr. Charles Chak for Botox or Dysport and fillers for the past years. Results were good so far . His price is resonable . I had tried doing toxins in other beauty parlours before, but the effect was not long lasting. Hope this helps.

campervan (2 yrs ago)
Hi Livesgrace how much did u pay fo yours? I'm thinking of getting my forehead done.

HelloKittyClub (21 mths ago)
Here are the prices for Face Magic Haven!

$3280 - forehead lines (includes 14 day touch up)
$5280 - forehead and glabellar lines (includes 14 day touch up)
$150 per unit of botox (no touch up)

Forehead takes between 14-20 units, glabellar lines are 12-16 units and crows feet 20-36 units (estimates given my Face Magic Haven! Trying them in 2 weeks :) :)

ABetterMe (19 mths ago)
My friend went to Bangkok several months ago to participate in a academic workshop for plastic surgeons. She received free Botox for eye wrinkles, Filler for nose and chin and Thread Lifting for cheeks and jawline. She is pretty satisfied with the results. I am considering to get the free treatment to improve the area around my eyes and cheeks as well! I heard the academy will be next organising the workshop in Hong Kong next year.
Do you gals know how much Botox and Thread lift treatment will cost in Hong Kong and what are the risks like?

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