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POSTED BY AugustBump (9 yrs ago)
I have a quite a few women business suits which I want to sell. Are there any second hand clothes store around in HK which I can drop them off? I know Asiaxpat Classified maybe a good source for me but would like to know if there are alternatives. thanks


chicagorose (9 yrs ago)
Try the Salvation Army. There is a store in Macau:

Shop J, G/F, Edf. Yi Nam. 64K Istmo de Ferreira Do Amaral. Macau.

Tel : (853) 28432888

The contacts are:

I live in Macau and have inquired about thrift stores only to get the answer that Chinese people are not into acquiring other people's old things. Bummer!

kcmac (9 yrs ago)
there's a great 2nd hand shop in the lanes in Central and some in Mong Kok & Sham Shui Po

mayita (9 yrs ago)
There is this old Chinese superstition that wearing someone else's clothes might infect you with the previous owner's "spirit".... same for jewels, though they say that you may be able to "save" jewels by soaking them for a very long time (we're talking in terms of days or week, not hours) in water.....

Though i don't know if this is actually a superstition very widespread in HK, in Beijing it's so well rooted, that you know people can steal you anything but clothes....

mary11 (9 yrs ago)
Well what size do you have, maybe some one from the forum here is interested?

anita1986 (6 yrs ago)
I know it's been a wile but does anybody know names of some second hand stores on Hong Kong?


Mog77 (6 yrs ago)
Not sure of the names but I know of two places that sell second hand clothes and accessories. One is on bridges street (mid-levelswest) There is another one on or near Hollywood Road on Peel Street. I actually give mine away to the little ladies on Peel Street who set up markets and sell their collections, kind of my way of helping with their rubbish pension!

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