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POSTED BY jwjane (7 yrs ago)
I love high heels and never( almost never) wear no-heel shoes... but my friend always told me that it is not healthy and I should wear more flat shoes. What do you think? DO you like high heels too?


chillifontain (7 yrs ago)
I LOVE high heels. My high heels are at least 3.5 inches. I don't count 2 inches are high heels!! I know it's not healthy but i believe if u don't wear when you're young, you won't even be able to wear them when you get old!!! I always carry a pair of flipflops in my bag though if i get too tired. Hard to find good high heels in HK! They're cheap but the shape is terrible! i love pointed with thin heels!

Sapphire (7 yrs ago)
It has been suggested that tight-fitting shoes, especially high-heel and narrow-toed, might increase the risk for bunion formation. Victoria Beckham, who hates flats, has been known to only wear very high heels for many years ... until recently. Take a look at her feet now ... not a pretty sight!

Sapphire (7 yrs ago)
Check them out here ....


sistim (7 yrs ago)
It's a well known fact that high heels are bad for your feet, posture, legs, the lot. Why do that to yourself? There are plenty of great shoes that don't cripple....

LexineJ (6 yrs ago)
Depending on a person's arch, heels can either be exceptionally comfortable or extremely painful. As for me i have a very high arch, so as long as I am wearing high quality pair of heels that fit properly, they are very comfortable. Flats, on the other hand, can be very painful if they lack arch support or run too narrow. Speaking of, I heard that High heels have orgasmic potential, claims designer Louboutin - http://www.newsytype.com/12888-high-heels-orgasm/ . While he's certainly at risk of appearing disingenuous for making such a pronouncement, shoe designer Louboutin insists that high heel shoes are a female's route to “orgasmic potential”. While he's no doctor, Louboutin tells the Daily Mail that at least one French “libido-pain” shoe specialist agrees with his high-heeled prescription for “painstasy” (pain-ecstasy).

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