POSTED BY Chwaer (12 yrs ago)
Hi not sure if it is spelled correctlu but does anyone know if I can buy this cream anywhere in HK?


sue2020 (12 yrs ago)
Don't try Watsons or Mannings unless it's one which can dispense medicine. You need a proper pharmacy but it's generally very readily available over the counter at these places.

Chwaer (12 yrs ago)
thanks. Any idea where I would find one of these in central as close as poss to the Star ferry terminal?

Chwaer (12 yrs ago)
great. Will head off there soon. Thanks a million Sapphire.

Chwaer (12 yrs ago)
thanks. I will wait a little than before leaving

fairybell (12 yrs ago)
You can get it at the Watsons at Pacific Place and the Pharmacist speaks english very well. I tried drinking half a glass of cranberry juice every day for about 7 days and that helped a lot. Or you need it for nappy rash and I have just waffled on unnecessarily......sorry if thats the case.

Chwaer (12 yrs ago)
Thanks for the advice but yes I did need it for the kidx. Got plenty today.

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