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POSTED BY Dookiesa (17 mths ago)
Hey everyone !

Im a female in mid 20s originally from New Zealand(NZBC).

I have been in HK for about 3.5years but spent 3 years in Shenzhen. Just ended my China journey and is starting my new journey in Hong Kong. Most of my friends are back in my hometown New Zealand , so it would be great to have new bunch of good female friends around my age.

If you feel the same , please feel free to PM me. =)


Sakaa (17 mths ago)
Hi Dookisa
I am looking for volunteer for my makeup portfolio. I have recently finished my dioloma course in International bridal, media and fashion makeup. I have to present different makeups on different nationalities persons. If you have time and want to be volunteer , i will be very thankful to you.


Dookiesa (17 mths ago)
Hey ya !!! Do u have whatsapp? If so, send me an PM 😂

EiChh (17 mths ago)
I am in my mid-30s hence not qualified... 😎

jac012 (17 mths ago)
Hi there Dookiesa, I am wishing you a good luck for your Hong Kong stay. I am from Hong Kong also, and love to befriend online. I have also used some apps that can help me look for friends. Have you heard about online dating services? I am a member of some of the known sites here in Hong Kong, like Datetix. I want to invite you to join also, maybe it is merely a dating site for some but I can assure you that you can also find realistic and reliable girl friends. By the way, just ping me if you need any information on how to join.

yobeee (12 mths ago)
i am around your age too, let's chat and be friends ;)


Dookiesa (12 mths ago)
Check your email. :)

tummee (12 mths ago)
lattemochi@gmail.com :)

Dookiesa (11 mths ago)
Check ur emailllll :)

kmw920 (11 mths ago)
Hi Dookiesa :)

I'm a local and around your age :)
Here's my e-mail: kmanwan@gmail.com

Dookiesa (11 mths ago)
Emailed you :)

tropicalfish (11 mths ago)
what a pity i'm not female, but i have lived in New Zealand for 10 months and really love that!
would be happy to know more kiwi in HK if you dun mind

Dookiesa (11 mths ago)

sure =)

i have no idea how asiaxpat works. They dont allowed PM !
here's my email: vanessafooo@yahoo.com

hope to talk to you soon.

FreedomHK (10 mths ago)
Hey I just recently moved to Hong Kong as well. My friends told me to join this Social Hockey team for Happy Valley. I have never played before but they said you don't need to and it's a great way to meet friends and to have fun at the same time. If you want more details or just want to chat feel free to email me d.kubalek88@gmail.com.

afsah (10 mths ago)
Hi though I am not yr age I am in 30s but I am looking for añ exercise buddy to join me on my weight loss journey it's tough losing weight all alone so messed me ladies if u r interested

Luxesoap (10 mths ago)
Hello everyone,
Let me know if you plan any events as i would love to join.
Need another for make up demo, let me know .

attagirl (10 mths ago)
Hello Everyone!

I'm a new expat here in HK. I would like to meet friends to hang out with.
You may contact me through: lifestylechain@gmail.com


Dookiesa (10 mths ago)
ive messaged you via email.

attagirl (10 mths ago)
Hello ladies! You can add me on my FB: attagirl psj. Hope to meet you all 😊

randhr (9 mths ago)
Hi there
Interested in going out for drinks dinner etc ?
Email me at randhr2000@ yahoo.com

thehammy (8 mths ago)
Hi! I'm a new expat in HK as well, and would love to meet other expats to hangout and travel with! I'm from the US, here for 2 years.

Please message me if you're interested in hanging out :)

xcindiix (8 mths ago)
Hey everyone, also just moved to HK, from London and in my 20s.
Please do message me i'd love to get to know you guys and explore HK together :)

ByKeia24 (8 mths ago)
Hi everyone, I just moved to HK as my partner got transferred here. I would love to know and hangout with new people! :)

Lily2015 (6 mths ago)
Hi all,

I am in my mid 20s from HK. I am pretty active and outgoing myself. Love hiking, traveling and like to try new things.
Please send me a message if you are interested in hanging out.

Dookiesa (6 mths ago)

sure =)

i have no idea how asiaxpat works. They dont allowed PM !
here's my email: vanessafooo@yahoo.com

hope to talk to you soon.

Frauyani (6 mths ago)
Hey all, I m an expat from Russia, would be glad to find new friends and go for hiking walking or other stuff. Contact me via whatssap 85265051690

maits (4 mths ago)
maitreyik@hotmail.com. email me!

fatfatsalad (4 mths ago)
Hi everyone,

I'm a 28 female from Singapore. I am in HK for almost 7 years and trying to meet some new girls and just have girls time out :)

Please contact me at fatfatsalad@hotmail.com

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