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POSTED BY jen12345 (4 mths ago)
Has anyone tried Ultherapy (Ulthera) for skin tightening at SkinCentral? I was quoted a price of HK$64,000 for just face and HK$89,000 for both face and neck. I checked comparable U.S. prices in places like New York and LA and they are only a third that. Also, in the U.S., they don't give you general anesthesia for this therapy, only oral pain drugs, but at SkinCentral they give you IV sedation. Is this normal?


DEES (3 mths ago)
I haven't had Ultherapy at SkinCentral but they are one of the most expensive places to have anything done. I had it done in London and it was half the price so best wait until you go back to the US. Oh and not normal for IVsedation unless you request it.

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