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Hiring a part time helper who does not have permanent residency or a dependent visa in Hong Kong can result in substantial penalties to both the employer and helper. Before hiring a part time helper you must check the helpers visa conditions to confirm that they are eligible to work part time in Hong Kong. If you are unsure we recommend you you seek further clarification with the Immigration Department. Alternatively, please contact Merry Maids for you part time helper needs.

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looking a Part time job start on July 3-15 except Sunday

District Kowloon
Posted 6/22/2017
Contact: 52642043 or 53322316
ID: 814f76fb-ba99-43d7-9874-e476b56dfcc6
Good pm to employer's.I am Gina 40 years old from Philippine. I am looking a pArt time job starting July 3until July 15.I can do household chores,cleaning,baby sitting ,ironing,and taking care pets.I am hardworking and honest.I'm available /8am-8pm.Who needs my help just contact me through whatsapp or viber..52642043/53322316

Summer time domestic help

District Other
Posted 6/22/2017
Contact: Asiaxpat
ID: 1eab27b3-c27e-4319-b0d8-73fb4a6f6717
I am looking for a domestic helper who can work full time for the whole summer (now - September 4). Responsibilities will include:
1. Caring and watching over my two boys, aged 9 and 4;
2. Usual domestic work - cleaning, dusting, ironing, laundry, etc.
3. Minimal cooking
4. Grocery shopping, whenever needed
5. Other tasks, as and when they arise.

Salary is non-negotiable and paid on a monthly basis of HKD6,000. Meals will be provided in-house. For the month of June, salary will be calculated on a pro rata basis. Working hours will be from (roughly) 8am to 8pm, but flexibility of time is required. You will get Sunday off every week.

The duration will be divided between two districts: Jordan (June & July) and Hong Kong Gold Coast (Aug - Sept). Live-in option may be available, if notice is given.

Do get in touch if the above details suit you.
Thank you.

Looking for a Part time Job from July.1 to Aug.5

District New Territories
Posted 6/22/2017
Contact: Daissa
ID: 390fd00d-3487-403f-9efc-4e944df46c16
Hi I'm Daissa. A Filipino looking for a part time job from July 1 to Aug.5, 2017. I have been working more than.9 years in HK and can cook chinese, asian and western food. I can do some other household chores as well and take care a baby and kids. If interested pls.contact me in my no.94088451. Thanks and God bless.

part time needed

District Midlevels Central
Posted 6/22/2017
Contact: 64643921
ID: a5b01f10-c964-4135-acc6-a58d91bd85ce
Hi good day for.oll Iam.Sri Lankan 10 year working H.k ICan Cook
ican cleang babysitter ironing and other house hold ICanwork take dsg
icanmon to Saturday If you like Contract Whatsapp me 64643921 my mobile 994553076 MY name sara Thank

Searching pArt time job starting July 3 until July 15

District Kowloon
Posted 6/21/2017
Contact: 52642043 or 53322316
ID: 282ff60b-17ff-405e-a64f-497f795cc8f4
Hi good pm to everyone.I am Gina 40 years old ,from Philippine .I am looking a part time job..I can do household chores ,cleaning,baby sitting ,ironing and taking care pets.I am hardworking and honest.Who needs my help just contact me through whatsapp or viber@52642043 or53322325.I am available 8am-8pm..

looking for part time job

District Wanchai
Posted 6/21/2017
Contact: 52283573 priya
ID: 42b0d12e-792e-4ba5-937f-41651e7585be
Hi iam looking part time job
monday to friday
2 or 3 hours
12.pm to 3pm
every house works ..pet care
baby sitring cooking
if intrest pls call or send via asia expert masege

2 or 3 times a week

District Midlevels Central
Posted 6/21/2017
Contact: job seeker
ID: 42b8c238-3d1d-41a3-be89-1ddd5d08f7bc
Hello everyone. Experienced helper here looking for a part time job. Available to work for 2 or 3 times a week. Efficient in doing all kind of household work and pet care. Anyone, please leave a message if you'll need help. Thanks

lookig for stay in full time job

District Other
Posted 6/21/2017
Contact: 64222278
ID: 5c4f98fb-3b58-4e11-a909-6c90f8af73db
Looking for a small family.have a visa , please call

hi im filipina im looking for a partime job..if you need a help pls message me....thank you..

District Other
Posted 6/21/2017
Contact: 57289252
ID: 3d539255-0b2f-4771-8fb2-da8c1052df62

Part time helper

District North Point
Posted 6/21/2017
Contact: 57109764
ID: a126ae48-b37b-45d8-b253-1c41052921b6
Hi im looking for part time job every sunday! Im grace i can do cleaning, baby sitting, washing and other..im honest and hard working! Pls contact me at 57109764