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Hiring a part time helper who does not have permanent residency or a dependent visa in Hong Kong can result in substantial penalties to both the employer and helper. Before hiring a part time helper you must check the helpers visa conditions to confirm that they are eligible to work part time in Hong Kong. If you are unsure we recommend you you seek further clarification with the Immigration Department. Alternatively, please contact Merry Maids for you part time helper needs.

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Long time partime job

District Kowloon
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: 62987995
ID: c8dfbe32-f2ae-4edb-83ea-219dafeb0cc3
Hi I’m catherine from Philippines, I’m looking for partime job around Kowloon area, I’ve been working in hk for 5years . Please message me in WhatsApp if u need my help ..

Thank you,
God blessed.

Looking for a partime job

District Midlevels Central
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: 97164947
ID: 833c14b8-b7e5-428d-ae83-fe10313fb681
Hi to all Employers!

Im looking for a partime work,can able to cook esp.western food!and all the household chores.

Hoursly partime

District Causeway Bay
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: B.julie
ID: 6e6973e8-5684-4707-a4f4-92656531cd0a
I'm b.julie from indonesian
Has been in hk almost 9 years,I have experience take care new born baby/ take care of kids,dog care ,dll.
I'm looking a partime hoursly,I'm available Monday to Friday can start working by 10 am ,feeling free
If u need my help please kiddly contact me by whattsap 54253235 nice to hear from u soon.
Thank you

Looking for a partime job

District New Territories
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: 91749089
ID: f53233e7-a302-404a-ad9e-179db63bc69f
Hello to all employers.. I'm looking for a partime job. I can do all the house works, like cleaning, ironing, washing, gardening, baby siting, and pets care available Monday to Saturday. Flexible time.. I preferred per hour and atleast 3 to 4 hours each time.. F you need help please contact me via whatsapp 91749089. Thank you!!!

Need a regular part time job

District New Territories
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: 90342491/69796458
ID: 30e4dd06-5a40-4c30-bbd4-e9b1fb24c5f0
Hello to all employers,
I am looking for a part time job every saturday at 10am to 6am.I've been working for many years as a domestic helper.I well experienced in cleaning, ironing and some other works.If you want to hire me please send a message in my whatts app(90342491)or call in my contact number stated above.Thank you and Godbless!

Looking for job as part time Babysitter

District New Territories
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: Orchid
ID: 4dd57260-10e7-45ae-b8b9-8be9866924a2
Several years of experience in caring toddlers/children for Hong Kong as well as Western families in Europe. See if I suit anyone's needs, please feel free to contact me.

Looking for a partime job.

District Happy Valley
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: 97057549
ID: d33433cf-36af-4193-8fe1-e4a0f6363e9f
Hello Sir/Madam...
I'm searching for a partime job this coming saturday from 9am up to 12pm i can do ironing and cleaning the house. If you need a helper please contact me in wattsApp for more details and early booking.
Thank you and God bless us!

Looking for a partime job.

District Quarry Bay
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: 98472820
ID: d5c9a875-c0f7-4555-a36a-ded5c2aa0d8e
Hi Sir/Madam...
Have a nice day to all employers...
I am a Filipina looking for a partime job, i've been working as a domestic helper in many years. If you need a helper for cleaning and ironing please contact me in WattsApp 98472820 for more details. I'm willing to serve for you.
Thank you and God bless us!

need partime job

District New Territories
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: 92406334
ID: 3c0174f6-ebdf-41bb-84a9-329c31b3ee0e
Hi Maam/Sir im looking a partime job every sunday, i can do all household choers,pls dont hisitate to whatsup me 92406334 thanks and Godbless

Looking partme job

District Wanchai
Posted 11/21/2017
Contact: 92050544
ID: 39a292a3-e488-4acc-af07-9332ee58402a
Hello I'm Maria Indonesian, I'm looking for part time job every Thursday ,Can do all general house chores, If you interested please WhatsApp me at 92050544,Thank You .