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Hiring a part time helper who does not have permanent residency or a dependent visa in Hong Kong can result in substantial penalties to both the employer and helper. Before hiring a part time helper you must check the helpers visa conditions to confirm that they are eligible to work part time in Hong Kong. If you are unsure we recommend you you seek further clarification with the Immigration Department. Alternatively, please contact Merry Maids for you part time helper needs.

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Looking for a partime work

District Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung
Posted 11/18/2017
Contact: Message me here
ID: 80663486-9122-4624-89f5-93ab8b8a3922
Hi! Good day to all employers! I’m Jenneth T. Galase, 33 y/o and I’m looking for a partime job. I had more than 4 years of working here in HK. 2 years and 4 mos with Chinese family with newborn and 4 yrs old and the reason for termination of our 2nd contract is that they relocated to China. I have finished my 2yrs contract with British family with 8 y/o boy. If you need some help everyday at morning, please feel free to message me here.. Looking forward for your messages...

Looking for a partime helper

District Causeway Bay
Posted 11/18/2017
Contact: 95486596
ID: 0a1c9b1f-907f-44e8-9797-e412aec289fc
Hello to all Employers ,

Im an honest, reliable and hard working helper who is in need of a regular partime in the morning.

I have been working as a domestic helper for almost 10 years, i am well experienced in all household chores, pet care, kids and elderly care , Babysitting, also loves to cook Chinese and western foods.
I can manage to work alone or can work as a team. I am also willing to learn new task if required.

Interested party can contact me in my mobile number 95486596.
I am available anytime for phone and personal interview. I am also willing to have try out if needed.

Thank you very much

part time

District Happy Valley
Posted 11/18/2017
Contact: 60146378
ID: 0e1e1e38-d2fd-4f70-8aeb-8a9e49608bf2
Hello employers,I'm helen,49 years of age and been working here for 5 years,im well experienced for household chores,I love pets but I love kids the most..Im available in wkdays at 2 pm till night..please contact me if you need my help,thanks

Looking for part-time job

District Midlevels Central
Posted 11/18/2017
Contact: 96038600
ID: b9291875-24ff-452a-8bb7-376679cd59e6
Hi looking for a regular part time job from Monday to Saturday. At least 3-4 hrs each visit. I have flexible time and I can accommodate you in your preferred day and time. I am reliable, punctual and honest person. I am well experienced in cooking.I can make yummy dishes as ur wish. taking care of babys and children. I am good at cleaning too. I can babysit in the evening until late night or stay over for the night. I have references if needed. If you need more details please don't hesitate to message or call me on Whatsapp 96038600 Thanks

I am looking for part time job

District Midlevels West
Posted 11/17/2017
Contact: Helper
ID: a565255e-dc3f-4839-924c-bb8dff4329ea
Hi mama /sir,
I am Sara.i live in sai ying pun.i have five years experience as a helper.
I am looking part time job everyday.
I can cook and can do every household work
I charge 75 hkd per hour
If you need my help please contact me
57198558 whatsapp me
56484404 call me
Thank you

Part time helper

District North Point
Posted 11/17/2017
Contact: 54414960
ID: b0928e5a-60d7-4b3a-9bca-94c946c997dd
Im looking of part time work on sunday, I can do all household works, just reach me in whatsapp


Looking for long-term part time job

District Kowloon
Posted 11/17/2017
Contact: 51649047
ID: a04b0357-2765-4b62-a2dd-7e633aa67895
Dear madam ,sir,
I am priyanka .i m looking for long-term part time cooking job I m perfect cook for Indiyan food , cleaning, and ironing.if any one need my help only kowloon side please
Contact my whatsapp number 51649047. Available time after 12pm to 10 pm thanks

Looking for a partime job.

District Quarry Bay
Posted 11/17/2017
Contact: 98472820
ID: 485ffa07-de3e-41f5-9b83-de6402c6d99c
Hello Sir/Madam..
Good evening to all...I am looking for a partime job tomorrow from 1pm up to 7pm... I've been working as a domestic helper for many years, if you need a helper I am willing to serve for you. I can iron and clean your house. My working rate is 75hkd per hour if you want to hire me please message me in wattsApp 98472820 for more details.
Thank you and God bless us!

looking for a part-time

District North Point
Posted 11/17/2017
Contact: 54134154
ID: 23e3ebc1-9359-4f35-99cc-905c24d790d1
hello good eve.
i am looking for a
partime on sunday
please whatsapp
me i you need help
God bless

part time needed

District Midlevels Central
Posted 11/17/2017
Contact: 64643921
ID: 48325ad1-c512-4554-b0c0-4396c07814a5
Hi good day for.oll Iam.Sri Lankan 10 year
working ICan Cook ican cleang babysitter ironing
take dog and other house hold work ICan work Monday to Saturday
If you like Contract Whatsapp 64643921 my mobile 94553076
MY name sara Thank