How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy In Hong Kong

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Preparing to have a baby is not an easy task, but with Hong Kong’s excellent healthcare system and range of prenatal facilities, there’s no reason pregnancy shouldn’t run smoothly. Stay with us, as the city’s leading health insurance broker, Pacific Prime Hong Kong, shares tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy.
Think ahead on the costs
While doctors and hospitals in Hong Kong are known to be of great quality and service, so are the prices of private healthcare in the city. Most expatriates, and those who wish to have their maternity care in private facilities, should purchase maternity insurance beforehand - at least 12 months before getting pregnant to cover the costs of private maternity care in Hong Kong.
Baby delivery costs in Hong Kong private hospitals
The maternity health costs can run for a normal delivery from HK$32,500 up to HK$49,500, depending on the hospital, and up to over HK$60,000 for a cesarean section. These are, however, only costs of baby delivery, not including prenatal and postnatal care costs, including tests and doctor’s checkups. Private maternity insurance can cover all of these costs.
Pre-pregnancy health check-ups
Most doctors recommend that women schedule a prenatal check-up in the early stages of planning a pregnancy. Through this exam, a physician will ensure that the woman is healthy enough to carry a baby without posing any risks to mother or child.
At this stage, fathers-to-be are also encouraged to have a health check-up. That way, both parents can be screened for genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia. If there’s any concern about fertility, a sperm count can be conducted.
Prenatal care
During pregnancy, it is even more important to have regular check-ups and go through all necessary tests and screenings to ensure the unborn baby’s healthy development. Most expatriates in Hong Kong choose to receive prenatal care in private clinics as they offer more comfort, shorter waiting times, and no language barrier, as opposed to public facilities for pregnant women.
Postnatal care
The challenges - and excitement! - of having a baby certainly doesn't end after the delivery is through. Prepare ahead for post-pregnancy care by purchasing infant necessities, or even look for a nanny before your baby is born. Of course, it’s also important to be aware of potential healthcare concerns which can arise in the first months following birth. Arrange regular post-delivery check-ups, and use these appointments to discuss the physical and mental health of baby, mum, and dad.
Hong Kong Maternity Insurance Guide
Learn more about the pregnancy costs and procedures, as well as maternity insurance, in the free Hong Kong Maternity Insurance Guide, or talk to Pacific Prime Hong Kong directly about the best maternity hospitals and insurance options for you and your family. Pacific Prime has over 20 years of experience helping expectant families secure the best health insurance plans in Hong Kong. Contact us today to learn more.

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