Guide To Buying And Riding A Motorcycle In Hong Kong

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There’s nothing that compares with mounting your high-powered motorcycle, putting on your helmet, getting your motor running and heading out onto the highway. Motorcycle afficionados in Hong Kong are spoiled for choices in terms of wide-open highway rides.

Where to Ride in HK?
The HK Motorcycle Riders association has an excellent guide compiled by their members of the best rides in Hong Kong. Highlighted routes include the all-time favourite Shek O road, a twisting, winding ride that takes you to the splendid Shek O beach. There are several good restaurants in Shek O making it a great place to jump off your steed and have lunch.
Motorbike riders will also enjoy the ride from Central to Repulse Bay as the many sharp curves along the way ensure you keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the handlebars! You can lengthen your journey and carry right through on your bike to Stanley. Again, there are some superb restaurants on the Stanley Waterfront so stop for lunch or a snack.
If you are keen on motoring your bike to Kowloon side, consider the Clearwater Bay road. This is another favourite of HK motorcyclists.
Learning to Ride a Motorcycle in HK
If you are keen to learn how to ride a motorbike in Hong Kong, there are two excellent Motorcycle Instructions Schools that can get you up to speed. Both driving instruction companies recommended below have English language websites and instructors.
Leekin Motorcycle Driving School, established in the early 1960s’ has branches throughout HK including on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Wherever you reside in Hong Kong this will be a very convenient choice for your motorcycle riding lessons.
The Hong Kong School of Motoring (HKSM) is another excellent option for beginner motorcyclists to learn in HK. They also have multiple branches throughout the city.
Getting Your Motorcycle Rider License in HK
As with motor vehicle licenses, the Hong Kong Transport department recognizes motorcycle licenses from certain countries and will grant you a HK license upon provision of your existing driving permit.
Otherwise, even if you are an experienced rider, you will be required to sit and pass a written exam as well as a practical test. If you already have a valid HK driving license for a car, you will only need to pass the practical test.
Buying a Motorcycle in HK
You can often pick up outstanding deals on used motorcycles in Hong Kong by checking the Expat Classifieds. There are often low-mileage bikes for sale by expats who purchase them, stay only a year or two in Hong Kong, then sell them at huge discounts rather than ship them overseas.
Alternatively, just about every major motorcycle brand can be purchased new in Hong Kong including:
These motorcycle dealers will also be able to kit you out with all the latest riding gear from Bilt, Shoei, Revit, Fox, Oneal, Arai, REV'IT!, Dainese, Klim, Rynox, Alpinestars, Cortech and Joe Rocket.
Insuring Your Motorcycle in Hong Kong
We recommend you get in touch with Kwiksure in HK. They are an excellent online insurance broker and their capable staff will be able to recommend a cost-effective motorcycle insurance option.

If you have any further questions about riding a motorcycle in Hong Kong, please visit our Ask an Expat Forum.

 If you are looking for riding partners, we suggest you drop a post on our Activity Partner HK Meet Up channel.
The author, Paul Luciw, is the Founder and Managing Director of AsiaXPAT. 

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