Andrea Bocelli’s Seaside Palace in Tuscany

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago
Buying an 8,000-square-foot villa is generally not a purchase to be taken lightly, but for celebrated opera singer Andrea Bocelli, when you know, you know.

“I made the decision rather quickly,” he recalls. “For a choice as important as buying your home, I think we have to call on not only our rationality but also our instinct. I sensed that this was the home where I would raise my children, and I bought it.”

Of course, it would be hard not to be instantly enamored of the pale pink manse, known as Villa Alpemare, which is set on an idyllic part of the Tuscan coast known as Versilia. “I really liked its location and the fact that it was an elegant yet unpretentious house—a welcoming home that is large enough for us to live and work in, make music, and host many friends,” Bocelli says.

The villa is certainly well equipped for entertaining: From after World War II until the late ‘90s, it was actually a hotel for those who wanted to visit the surrounding area of Forte dei Marmi.

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Ed 13 mths ago

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