"Smart Furniture" for Tiny Flats

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago
A piece of furniture that combines a bed, a wardrobe and a washing machine is among the space-saving solutions that Naimi Architecture has created inside this tiny Barcelona apartment.

The Barcelona- and Tel Aviv-based studio was tasked with making the 25-square-metre flat into a comfortable home for a single occupant. The solution involved sinking storage areas into the walls and creating "smart furniture".


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Ed 13 mths ago



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Ed 13 mths ago
LAAB fits kitchen, cinema, and gym inside a 30 sqm hong kong apartment

With house prices in hong kong some of the most expensive in the world, every square meter of available space counts. michelle and andy, a couple who desperately wanted to live in hong kong’s central district, commissioned the architects at LAAB to install a full kitchen, a large bathtub, a home cinema, a gym, cat friendly spaces, and plenty of storage into just 309 square-feet (28.7 square meters) of floor space.

To realize their ambitious plans, LAAB had to reconsider the traditional notions of residential living. ‘we began considering time as a factor, eventually designing the space around a ‘form follows time’ philosophy, which means that spaces open and close depending on the purposes needed at that particular time,’ explains the design team. ‘this is best demonstrated by the bathtub area of the apartment.’


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Ed 13 mths ago

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