Help please! We have bed bugs!

Posted by edhenders 5 mths ago
I am almost embarrassed to put this out there, but we have bed bugs!

No idea how, where or when this occurred!

I am utterly at a loss as to what to do. I have a lovely Simmons mattress which I ideally don’t want to throw away?!?

Not sure if the are in the rest of the house either?

I have been looking frantically for a remedy, or pest control company. There are literally dozens in Hk? And, often not with good reviews!

Does anyone have any advice they could share?

Many thanks

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Ed 5 mths ago
We've got a list of recommended pest control companies here
There are some expat recommended pest control options on this discussion 

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Sikhman 4 mths ago
Move somewhere else

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QueenieS 19 days ago
Hi! in case you did not find a Pest Control Company for bedbugs, I 100% recommend Nobedbugs-HK, is your only option if you have bedbugs. They do heat treatment, is a little bit pricey but totally worth it. Don't settle for the cheap guys, they will solve nothing, trust me, I tried... bed bugs are so difficult to kill.... :(

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