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Suppose you’re an expat or executive looking for a serviced apartment in Hong Kong. In that case, AsiaXPAT provides the most comprehensive directory of serviced apartments in Hong Kong. The options range from serviced apartments in Hong Kong Island, spanning all the key districts, Kowloon and the New Territories.

AsiaXPAT helps you secure cheap serviced apartments in Hong Kong by immediately sending your enquiry. The apartment property managers quickly obtain the enquiry so that you can get the best rental rates.

Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong

Other Hong Kong serviced apartment booking sites may stand between you and the owners driving up the total cost by collecting a commission and delaying your enquiry up to 48 hours.

Also, many of the serviced apartments in Hong Kong which are listed on AsiaXPAT benefit from exclusive offers throughout the entire year. Rather than visiting dozens of websites to search for these offers, we have provided a quick quote form. Once completed, it serves as a request for offers from all serviced apartments in Hong Kong.

Choosing to stay in a Hong Kong serviced apartment provides you with all the conveniences, comfort and many of the benefits of a hotel, but with a larger living space that feels more like home. Serviced apartments tend to be significantly more cost-effective than a hotel room. They also typically include house-keeping, a fitness centre, and a laundry room, some even offering breakfast.

If you’re looking for a long stay hotel in Hong Kong, extended stay serviced apartments are a great accommodation option for busy people. They allow you to enjoy a fully-furnished, fully-serviced apartment for short-term or long-term stays.

Whether you’re looking for a low-cost or luxury serviced apartment in Hong Kong, AsiaXPAT has properties that cater to every budget. Browse our comprehensive directory to find your ideal housing destination.

We have a wide range of serviced apartment options in popular expat areas of Hong Kong including Central, Mid-Levels, Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan and Kennedy Town. If you need a serviced apartment in, Kowloon or Hung Hom, we also have partners in these districts of HK.

If you are working in Wanchai, we have several serviced apartments in that area to choose from. Likewise, if your office is in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side, please visit our directory to find a range of properties available in that region of Hong Kong.

Choosing A Serviced Apartment: Hong Kong Neighbourhood Guide

Your company head office has just notified you. Your application for the job at the Hong Kong office has been approved, and you are excited about the move to Asia.

If you have never visited Hong Kong, you are no doubt spending hours online searching for information on your soon to be new hometown. You are probably looking for the lowdown on nightlife and restaurants, or if you are fitness buff, you are investigating the gym scene as well as hiking opportunities.

You have probably heard that rents in Hong Kong are the highest in the world. As expected, your initial apartment searches have yielded very tiny properties with very high monthly rents.

On the positive side, Hong Kong is a bustling city and expats in Asia work very long hours. They also tend to spend a great deal of time socializing after work hours. That means accommodation need not be a massive problem because you’ll mostly only ever be in your apartment to sleep.

A less massive apartment also means the rooms will be smaller and fewer in number, making them easier to clean! (assuming you don’t have a domestic helper).

And the best thing about living in a small Hong Kong apartment for a few years is that no matter where you live after you depart Hong Kong, any apartment or house will feel massive!
The one thing Hong Kong property agents will not tell you!

The first thing many expats do is seek out a property agent and look around town at various apartments in Hong Kong, to sign a two-year lease excitedly. Shortly after they move in with their belongings, they conclude that they have chosen to live in the wrong part of town.

Perhaps the location is not convenient for getting to work, or it may be a hassle getting back home after a big night out in town. At this point, home sweet home doesn’t feel so sweet; it feels like a prison cell, and the sentence is two years with no chance of early parole.

But fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon a handy document as you‘re browsing the internet for information and tips about moving to Hong Kong. You are now aware of the pitfalls of committing to an apartment before you know your way around the city.

There is a secret to finding an outstanding place to live once you’re there, though. It is to either rent out a serviced apartment in Hong Kong or find a nice long-stay hotel in Hong Kong for a month or two when you arrive in the city.

Make use of your time in short-term accommodation to meet people and work colleagues. They will provide you with insights about where to live in Hong Kong-based on their experience.

For instance, for many new expats in Asia arriving in Hong Kong, living on one of the outlying islands presents itself as an immediately captivating opportunity. Rent is cheaper, the air is usually cleaner, and there are plenty of green spaces. For most expats, particularly those without children, the charm of island living wears off after about six months of being a slave to the ferry schedule.

There is nothing more soul-sapping than having a few drinks late in the evening and not being able to jump in a cab and be delivered to your doorstep. Nope, when you live on an outlying island you get delivered to the ferry terminal, and you need to be there on schedule, or you get to sit and wait for up to an hour for the next boat. Then you are looking at up to 45 minutes on the boat, depending on which island you live on, and possibly a bus ride before you reach your doorstep.
On the other hand, you can choose to stay in Hong Kong at a serviced apartment or a long-stay hotel for the first couple of months. During your stay, you'll inevitably ask people for their opinions on where best to live; you may then be warned of the downsides of island living.

By not rushing into a long-term lease, you also get the chance to explore many of the unique Hong Kong neighbourhoods and get a feel for each of them.

We’ve compiled a guide to the most popular neighbourhoods in the Hong Kong and Kowloon areas, along with various serviced apartments and long-stay hotels Hong Kong has to offer.
You are either going to love this area or hate it. The haters generally point to the billions of tonnes of concrete, hundreds of kilometres of pavement and nearly complete lack of anything green. Those who love this area will regale you with tales of how convenient it is living within walking distance of their offices in the central business district. Or how you can just hop on the mid-levels escalator after a long day at the office. Then make a pit stop at one of the dozens of excellent Soho restaurants before jumping back on and being transported to your front step.

Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong Central

The serviced apartments in Hong Kong Central include The Harmonium, Studio Plus, Urban Cube, City Loft, The Nest, Oootopia and Dash.
Causeway Bay
If you like crowds, this is the district of Hong Kong for you. Causeway Bay is one of the most densely populated places on the planet, and it is also one of Hong Kong’s premier shopping districts. And because shopping is Hong Kong’s favourite past time, this district swarms with masses of people during business hours. However, once the shops close for the day, Causeway Bay is one of the more tranquil places in Hong Kong.

Causeway Bay is home to the best-serviced apartments in Hong Kong. It includes Apple Studio, Studiostudio, Urban Cube, Studio Plus, Dash Suites, Como Como, Apartment O, The Mercury, The Elgin, Atria, Hanlun Habitats, The Bauhinia, The Platinum, The Staunton, ACTS House, Four Seasons Place and Mori Mori.
Happy Valley
This district of Hong Kong has neighbourhood pubs, hidden coffee shops, and some excellent restaurants giving it a real community feel. It is not difficult to understand why Happy Valley is one of the areas that the expats of Asia prefer to settle in when spending time in Hong Kong.

Happy Valley serviced apartment options include Eaton Residences, Happy Valley 88 and The Ellipsis.

Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong Happy Valley
Jardine’s Lookout
This leafy, upscale district is situated on the hillside above Happy Valley. It has superb views of the Hong Kong Harbour. Jardine’s Lookout is a quiet residential area comprising houses and both high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings.

Jardine’s Lookout serviced apartment options in Hong Kong include Kailash Apartments and Presidential Apartments.
Sheung Wan
This Hong Kong neighbourhood is adjacent to the Central Business district, making it a very convenient location if you work in Central. Sheung Wan has maintained much of its character, including the traditional Western Market and Dried Seafood Street. There you can still see wholesale shops bursting with dried scallops, abalone and other products from the ocean. In recent years, some excellent restaurants have set up shop in Sheung Wan along with upscale art galleries.

Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong Sheung Wan

Sheung Wan offers some of the best cheap serviced apartments in Hong Kong, which include Studiostudio, City Loft, B5 Serviced Apartments, and Metro Place.
Kennedy Town
Located to the west of the Sheung Wan, since the MTR subway line extended to this district a few years ago, Kennedy Town has slowly gentrified. It is home to a wide choice of great restaurants, coffee shops, galleries and independent shops. Yet it still has a feel of ‘old Hong Kong’.

Kennedy Town offers several great furnished apartments in Hong Kong, such as the Skyla and T-Residences.
North Point
Considered off-the-beaten-path in terms of neighbourhoods for expats in Asia, located on the Hong Kong island, North Point is only three stops past Causeway Bay, so not that out of the way. This district is worth taking into account as rents here will be considerably lower than in more popular areas.

Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong North Point

North Point serviced apartments include Victoria Harbour Residence and Studio Studio.
It is another district of Hong Kong that has recently been connected to the MTR subway line, making it a very convenient accommodation option. Pokfulam is a relatively quiet, very leafy neighbourhood and many of the apartments have spectacular harbour views.

If you’re looking for Hong Kong serviced apartments in Pokfulam, Rose Villas is a great place to check.
Quarry Bay
This district of Hong Kong is now considered a secondary business district with many tech firms and ad agencies having their offices here. As expected, a wide range of restaurants and bars have popped up to service the employees of these companies making Quarry Bay a great place to live.

Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong Quarry Bay

The best-serviced apartments in Hong Kong can be found here, at The Harmonium.
Back in the day, expats shunned the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, cracking jokes about making sure to bring your passport if you ventured across the harbour. No longer. In recent years, Kowloon, particularly the Tsim Tsa Tsui district, has evolved into another financial hub. A wide range of serviced accommodation options has emerged to cater to the finance professionals who want to live close to their offices.

There are several options for serviced apartments in Hong Kong in the Kowloon-side and long-stay hotels. These include City Loft, The Nest, Rosewood Residences, Dash, Oootopia, Hotel Cozi, The Nate, One Dundas, Madera Residences, The Humphreys, The Camphora, Gateway Apartments, The Harbour View Place, and K11 Artus.
Ask an Expat

If you have any questions about serviced apartments in HK, or about living and working in the city, AsiaXPAT stands at your disposal. Please visit our Ask an Expat forum where thousands of expats are standing by to offer advice and answers.