4 Tips for Choosing Hong Kong Broadband Plans

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There are several types of broadband plans to choose from in Hong Kong. Aside from the traditional fibre broadband, 5G broadband is getting increasingly popular. If you’re new to Hong Kong, you might be confused and can’t make out which type of broadband is more suitable for you. Here are 4 tips to help you decide which broadband plan to go for!
1. Coverage
Fibre broadband is not available in all parts of Hong Kong. Some remote areas might not have reception or have slower internet. If you are always online for meetings or to watch videos, 5G broadband may be the better option for you. You won’t have to worry about lagging even if you’re living in a remote area as there is 5G coverage!
2. Installation
Installing fibre broadband requires wiring, which may take technicians one whole day of your day off to complete. On the other hand, 5G broadband is different as it does not require landlines. Simply plug and play without having to wait for technicians to come install and go online conveniently on your move-in day!
3. Access Locations
Many people need to have a private broadband in both their office and home. With 5G broadband, there are no location restrictions. You can bring the router wherever you go, whether it’s in the office or at home. It’s very flexible and convenient! On the other hand, if you want to use fibre broadband in both the office and home, you would have to subscribe to two broadband plans and go through the installation twice, which can be a hassle.
4. Contract Duration
Broadband plans in Hong Kong usually range from 6 to 30 months. Generally, the longer the contract period, the lower the monthly fee. But if you’re in Hong Kong for a short-term assignment, definitely go for the 6-month short contract as it’s flexible and convenient!
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