Ed Chooses the 3 Best Pizzas in Hong Kong

Posted by rstacey
I am an addict. I admit it. In fact, I am proud of it. And like all addicts I am driven to score hits of increasing intensity. When I find what I need, I gorge until I collapse, only to come to and find the craving has returned.
Going cold turkey for me involves reaching into the box for nirvana that has been seasoned by a night in the fridge.
Like Lance Armstrong, I prefer a cocktail of drugs. My favorites include spiced tomato sauce, premium Mozzarella, olives (nothing but the best Kalamata), a dash of anchovies (anything more and the buzz is ruined) – in moments of weakness I will ask my dealer to toss in a few slices of Chorizo.
In Hong Kong, with high-grade fixes available across the territory, one with my risk profile is always in danger of overdosing. It’s all about self-control.
This task has been extremely difficult and has forced me to loosen my belt a notch, but I’ve narrowed this contest down choosing the 3 best pizza restaurants in Hong Kong. I have further distilled this list to pure pizza essence by recommending my single favorite pizzas at each restaurant.
Here are the winners, in no particular order:
Motorino pizza, with outlets in Soho and Wanchai, brings together the best of New York and Italy with their mouth-watering thin crust classic margherita and authentic Neapolitan pizzas. My recommendation is the Sopressata Piccante pizza (Italian dry salami).
Another of our thin-crust style hall of fame HK pizza joints, 208 Duecento Otto on Hollywood Road, has got the formula. Their tangy sauce and crust cooked to perfection with a touch of crispness mingled with a nice bite works for me. My pizza pick here is the Diavolo.
Wood-fired pies are served best under the sunshine and fresh air of Repulse Bay. Crispy thin crusts, authentic Italian ingredients and flavours, bedded on a delicious sauce, get Amalfitana the nod. I’ll take the healthy choice and go with the Rustica adding anchovies.