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Leaving home to study abroad is a dream come true for young people. For many, the idea of learning a new culture, discovering a new passion, studying at a top international school and gaining independence is a rare experience. Parents often want their children to have this experience so that it broadens their minds and increases their chances of success. But in 2020, this dream came to a halt for many young people as the global coronavirus pandemic and border controls have made it difficult for them to enter the country.


Fast forward to 2021, there is a glimpse of hope. With covid-19 mass vaccination picking up speed around the world, international schools will soon be accepting overseas students for the new school year. Are you ready to consider overseas education for your child?


If you are researching and planning for your child to study abroad for the coming school year, start at the South China Morning Post’s Overseas Schools Festival on Apr 17. This virtual event provides the perfect platform for parents to explore world-class school options, discover the perfect curriculum for their child, obtain crucial tips on admissions and secure essential information on the future of their child's education at international schools amid covid19. REGISTER HERE






Exhibiting Schools


Over 30 highly sought-after international day and boarding schools representing Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, China and Brunei will showcase their curriculum, boarding options, school facilities, admission requirements and prepare to answer any questions you might have.




Panel Discussions


Deep-dive panel discussions focusing on the UK, Singapore and Thailand international education landscape, providing rare insights about overseas education during the covid-19 pandemic, boarding school challenges, A-levels in the UK and more.




1-on-1 Live Chats with Schools


Talk to your interested schools and find out the answers for all your questions about the country visa requirements, schools' safety measures in the pandemic, their curriculum, Covid-19's impact on studying abroad, schools' facilities and fees and more.


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