No Summer Enjoyment is Complete Without Wine!

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Laithwaites Direct Wines always provides you with wine solutions. We believe nobody should forgo summer enjoyment just because most of us are being responsible and practice social distancing, we should still relax and take pleasure staying in. Laithwaites Direct Wines comes to your rescue. Wine shopping is now made easy as you can shop in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy quality wine delivered straight to your door.


Summer time has never been more delicious, especially when you let Laithwaites Direct Wines look after all your wine shopping. If you fancy some refreshing whites and barbecue-friendly reds, or you need a little luxury wine to pamper yourself especially during this trying time, Laithwaites has plenty of them, all of top quality, and available to you at an exceptional price. Visit our website to view your exclusive offers and gifts today.


In a market dominated by big brands and liquor chains, we will introduce you to passionate, craftsman winemakers and real estates you could actually visit. Being one of the world’s largest home-delivery companies of the kind, Laithwaites Direct Wines sends our expert team to taste more than 40,000 wines every year and cherry-pick around 1,000 labels, the most extraordinary flavours for wine lovers to enjoy. Better still, every bottle is covered by 100% money-back customer satisfaction guarantee – a risk-free way to discover wine preferences and excite your palate. Now you know with Laithwaites Direct Wines, you can taste great wines with absolute confidence.


Stylish and attractive, this stemless wine glass set is especially designed by Laithwaites Direct Wines’ founder, Tony Laithwaite, and delicately made by the renowned Dartington Crystal, master English glassmakers since 1967. Fit perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand, it helps all wine lovers enjoy wines brought by Laithwaites to the max. Today, you can own this beautiful pair of wine glass and enjoy your wine in style with purchase of any case in the dedicated website shown below. Cheers!

For more information or to place an order, please visit our website or call 8120-3826 and quote promo code “6903003”.

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