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POSTED BY samjham (9 yrs ago)
Hi, My mom has come over for a vacation , as she is too old she needs a wheel chair.I want to know if I could hire a wheel chair from any private or government hospital or any other medical instituition.

Would really appreciate any information .....



Wiz Bang (9 yrs ago)
trawl the classifieds, i just saw one being advertised recently ....

cara (9 yrs ago)
yes, you can rent them from the gov't hospitals.

drsung (9 yrs ago)
I know there is a place in shamsuipo, a charity organization that you can 'borrow' a wheelchair free for a short period of time if you have hkid (make donation whenever you feel like). It is within a real estate but I did not recall. You can walk down from the main entrance of Western Kowloon Center towards to seaside. pm me if you need more details. Very nice and friendly ppl.

I don't think anyone can just walk in a public hospital asking for a wheelchair. They are for patient dehospitalized and i think you need to return it asap.

Ed (9 yrs ago)

Donut Waver (9 yrs ago)
Call Hong Kong Red Cross on 2802 0021. You can then arrange rental and collection from one of their places that's nearest to you.

You'll be paying twice the price from a Gov't hospital!!

samjham (9 yrs ago)
Thanks everyone ....will try out all the places and see :)

cd (9 yrs ago)
The prince of wales hospital has a wheelchair clinic where you can rent wheelchairs, I presume the other public hospitals do also.

sammymojo3 (5 yrs ago)
Hi, Where can I buy on-line and have a wheel chair delivered in New Territories? My mother needs one and Im in UK. theres no one to help them. thanks

&&& (5 yrs ago)
Yes, a HK resident can rent a wheelchair from any govt hospital.

cara (5 yrs ago)
when we needed a wheelchair for our son, it cost more to rent one for 6 weeks than it did to buy one. and that was renting from a gov't hosp and buying from a private company.

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