Decent Handbag shops in LouWu. SHOP Numbers Please!



POSTED BY cobblestreet (6 yrs ago)
Hi there. I would love some decent handbag shop numbers and their prices for AA quality handbags at Lou Wu commerical city. I am sick of my handbag lady as she is cranky and rude. I have heard of shop number 4089 that is quite infamous, but that was a while ago. Is this THE shop to go to for quality? and will I pay stupid prices there for what is essentially fake anyway. Or are there other little treasures at Lou Wu? I would love to know any current shop numbers and approximate prices please please please! Thanks


jackychen (5 yrs ago)
I live in Hongkong. There is a top fake handbag shop in shenzhen luohu commercail city,the boy manages the shop his name called KYLE,Checking out If youw want to know more about him.When you come to 4 floor,there will be a lot salesman or saleswoman hassle you,ignore them.They cheat foreigner,inside this place there are many small shops,but the but the best one for handbags is kyle's shop.His bags are top quality and expensive,and him english is quite good.Many of my clients from Australia go there and they are really satisfied with the quality and the price.

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